Trauma (Episode 10)



Juwon was terrified as he saw his friend fell down unconsciously. He quickly rushed to her trying all means to revive her. Other students who around also came to help and together they took her to the university’s health center.

Jummy opened her eyes hours later to see Tolu and Juwon patiently sitting by her side. When they realized she had woke up they were happy.
“What happened to me? ” Jummy asked as she noticed where she was.
“You have nothing to worry about, how are you feeling now? ” Juwon replied.
“I feel so weak, I hope this sickness wouldn’t weigh me down I have to study for my exams, ” Jummy said.
“Don’t worry you will soon be alright. Let me go fetch the doctor” Tolu said before heading out.

“You really don’t need to stay with me Juwon, you should have gone back home since my friend was here,” she said.
“No, my mind won’t be at rest knowing I left you unconscious ” he replied.
“Thanks for staying then ” Jummy appreciated.
Tolu came in together with the doctor.
“Jummy how are you feeling? ” asked the doctor.
“My body is so weak, I can hardly sit up” she replied.
“Have you been feeling any symptoms lately? ” the doctor asked again.
“I have been feeling dizzy and having been resisting the urge to throw up ” she answered.
The doctor checked her eyeballs and her palm.

“When last have you seen your period? ”
“That would be about three weeks ago” Jummy answered.
“I will have to run a few tests to determine what is wrong ” he explained.
“Please hope I won’t be staying long, cause I have an exam next tomorrow,” Jummy asked.
“Don’t worry you will be discharged tomorrow, I don’t think your illness is a big deal” the doctor answered.

Two days later, Jummy came home from school looking so morose. Her friends who sat down outside the house gossiping noticed she wasn’t alright. As soon as she entered the room, she broke down on the bed and started sobbing.
Her friends came in and met her in this awkward position.
“What is it again Jummy? ” Bisi asked.
Jumoke dipped her hands into her bag, brought out a paper and handed it over to Bisi.
“My life has been totally ruined, I branched at the health center after my paper. The doctor gave me that” She explained in tears.

Bisi skimmed through the paper.
“Jesus Christ !!! Oh no, this can’t be” Bisi shouted as she decoded the message in the paper.
“What is it? Please don’t keep me in the dark” Tolu said.
“Am two weeks pregnant Tolu. Am done for ” Jummy answered.

TRAUMA (Episode 9)


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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