“Hi, Anne.” He said hoarsely. She was still beautiful but not as when they had met and she looked older and thinner and seemed to have lost her shine.
She was in a blue gown. Before, he had always thought blue made her eyes pop, but now they had some sadness and regret in them.
She looked really happy, surprised and guilty at the same time. Just as she wanted to talk, someone interrupted.

“So, are you taking the house Miss Anne or …?” It was Taylor. He stopped as he recognized Chase. “Oh. I think I know this face somewhere…?”
Chase didn’t want things to get more complicated. If he remembered he had come with another woman earlier before booking for another room, it might seem as if he was jumping from one woman to the other.
“Yea, I called last night to book a room…”

Taylor frowned. “Oh, you are Mr. Chase and, wow! You know each other, how perfect.”
“Yea, the issue is I….”Chase started but stopped as Taylor kept on walking.
“He was the one who wants to share the house with you ….” He said to Anne who looked all the more surprised and excited.
“Oh..that is so good, what a coincidence, we used to be a couple and we are just reuniting…”

‘Wow, that’s a good one. Okay, I guess everything is settled….about the payment.” Taylor said,
“Urm, wait…” Chase started but no one was listening to him again.
“Take my card, take all the payment, I will be responsible for everything.”
“Wow! How generous.” Taylor exclaimed as he took the card.
“It’s the least I could do,” Anne replied, smiling at Chase who was now thinking of the Torip mess he had just landed in. Before he knew it, she was hugging him. At first, he was so startled, it got to him by surprise. Slowly, he eased his way out of her grip, before Taylor handed her, her card.

“Anne..”He started, she was looking at him, paying attention. “I really need to tell you what is really going on.” He continued. The lady nodded, indicating she was with him. Right that minute, he turned his head slightly to another angle for no reason and that was when he found Tori and Kaylie, looking at him from afar off and his voice trailed off.


“What the hell is he doing with that lady, with the way she just hugged him?” Kaylie demanded. “I thought he left, why is he with that woman?”
Tori was confused, she didn’t even know what to say. How could Chase be so stupid as to hug another woman right in front of them when Kaylie was just coming back to her senses? Why do people have to make so many things so complicated for themselves? Tori wondered.

“Well, urn, I don’t know, obviously he never left …yet,” Tori replied. Wondering what was probably going through her friend’s mind.
“So, he left our place to be with some other woman?” Kaylie asked again.
Tori could sense the hurt in her voice. “I don’t know babe but I think you made it pretty clear from the start that you didn’t want him around you so why are you hurt?”
Immediately, Kaylie smiled. “Hurt, who says I’m hurt?”
Tori shook her head. “You are jealous aren’t you?”
“Of course not!” She replied instantly, why would I be jealous?” She was walking ahead of Tori towards the beach.

Tori almost laughed out. Kaylie was still being stubborn and she was still acting proud and pompous, not wanting to deal with and face the truth of still being in love with Chase. Quickly she took out her phone and began to type a message to him.
“What did I tell? I asked you to stay. Now you are running things but this might just be a good way of making her accept that she still has feelings for you. Try to make things more interesting.”

She quickly sent it and watched as Chase took out his phone and afterward, he was walking away with the lady towards another direction.
“Are you not coming?” Kaylie shouted at Tori who ran to catch up with her.
As they sat by the seashore, Kaylie was all quiet.
“Are you sure you are okay babe?” Tori asked and she nodded.
‘Sure, why would you think I’m not?”

“Well, maybe because you are awfully quiet, I hope the whole Chase moving on thing is not making you feel guilty.” It was a tricky question and she waited for her response.
For a while she said nothing. Kaylie only smiled. “You know I dated one idiot one time that later came to tell me that he was cheating on me?”
“Wow, that was cruel.”

“Yea, I got over that. So whatever Chase thinks he is doing, it is not affecting me.”
“ Well, it shouldn’t because you know that would not be fair on him right? I mean you know since you have been unkind to him and…”
“Will you just keep quiet!” Kaylie snapped at her. Tori could feel she was getting angry now. “Yes, I said I didn’t want to see him again and all, but he made me take that decision. I was angry with him and I wanted to punish him.”
“Tori sighed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you angry.”

“No, I’m not angry.” Kaylie retorted, cleaning her face with the back of her hand. ‘I’m just saying you should stop blaming me for what he made me do.”
Tori smiled with primed lips. “So you are totally okay when Chase is having another girlfriend?”
She nodded. “Of course.”
Tori could tell she was lying but she didn’t want to push. “So will it be okay or will it be weird if all of you are friends?”
Kaylie made no response. She dipped a hand into the soaked sand and brought out a pebble which she threw into the sea. “Why do we have to be friends?”
“So you don’t want to be friends with Chase and his girlfriend?”

“Then that will mean you are still angry and Chase will think you are jealous and that will actually make him happy.”
“I don’t care what Chase thinks!” Kaylie snapped at her.
Tori had no idea where she was going with this twisted plan of hers but wherever she was going, she was enjoying it, and she really hoped it would make things better for the two couple.


“I don’t care what Chase thinks okay? He can do whatever he wants to do. I will do whatever I need to do.”
“What exactly do you mean by that Kaylie?”
Kaylie was quiet again. Tori was driving her crazy with all these stupid questions. The truth was that seeing Chase with some other woman just when she was earlier feeling guilty for being mean to him made her angry. She had been so stupid. Maybe if she hadn’t been so strong headed and so bent on taking a stupid break, maybe things would have actually worked for the best between the two of them. Now her only desire was to see him, want and beg for her back.

“I think he’s trying to make me feel jealous by hooking up with a girl so soon…”
“Okay, hold your horse’s soldier. What if they are not hooking up? What if they are just friends, have you ever thought about that?”
Kaylie shook her head. “No, they are not just friends. He can’t leave a house we both paid for to come and be snuggling up with some lady at the beach and now you are telling me they are not just friends.”
Tori smiled. “Well, since you’ve got everything really settled out. What crazy plan did you come up with?”

“I think I need to make him want me again.”
Tori scoffed. “Are you kidding me? Why would you want that? All these while that he was trying to make things right, you didn’t give him a chance.”
Sincerely, Kaylie had no idea where she must have come up with the plan but she was just so angry that she wasn’t thinking clearly.
“At the party, do you remember the people I must have hooked up with?”
Tori was quiet for a while, “Yea, like seven, why?”
“I think I need to really hook up with one of them.”
Tori gasped. ‘Why on earth will you want to something that stupid?”
“Because I’m going ahead with my original plan.”

“What plan exactly?”
“To have fun and let him know that I don’t give a damn about whomever he is hooking up with.”
Did Tori look at her suspiciously? “Really?”
”Yea, it’s not a big deal, if he can replace me, I can replace him too.” She glanced at Tori who was looking at her with pity.
“Stop looking at me like that.” She snapped at her.





  1. @tobi. Well done more ink to your pen. But please upload another episode before I kill Anne in my head.

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