Trauma (Episode 9)


Juwon and Jumoke were sitting under the shade of a tree talking.
“Jummy, you are so wicked. How could you think of such a thing let alone doing it? ” Juwon rebuked her.
“When I heard about what they did to you, I felt so sorry for you. I was looking for you all over the school before I saw you there. I wanted to approach you but didn’t know what your reaction would be so I watched you. When I saw you approaching those guys, I knew you were up to something so I followed you. If not for my timely intervention, who knows what would have become of you? ” He said.

“You have no idea what he took from me,” Jummy said.
“I understand, he raped you. What he did was evil but you don’t fight evil with evil” he explained.
“He ruined my life. He stole my virginity and made me lose my first love” Jummy said almost in tears.
“What !!! ” he exclaimed.
“I never had any serious relationship until I met Thomas. He had everything I could ever wish for in a man. When we started our relationship, I made him understand I was a virgin and that he would have to wait for the right time. He agreed and our relationship grew stronger for four years until that monster made me lose him. He broke up with me last week” Jummy explained.

“Oh sorry, I never knew it was this deep but all the same, what’s done is done. You will have to continue leaving your life ” he said.
“But where do I start from? Where would I find someone like Thomas? ” she lamented.
“Just keep on leaving your life. When the time is right, love will find you” he advised.

Jummy tried giving her full concentration to the book on the table before her but she couldn’t. She had been having this slight headache and dizziness since she woke up that morning. After taking some pills, she should have relaxed at home instead of going to the library but she couldn’t. Her exam was just three days away and she couldn’t afford to fail, not when she had only a few months to complete her tertiary education. Her heart leaped for joy as soon as she saw Juwon strolled in. Eventually, she had found someone who would help her make sense out of the jargons she was reading.

“Huuum, the book worm” Juwon joked.
“You guru calling me a book worm. Abeg sit down, you have a few things to explain to me ” Jummy said.
He sat down and started tutoring her. Jummy was half listening and half thinking. A week ago she wouldn’t have granted him the privilege of standing before her let alone sitting down talking. But this guy is cool, she had been so rude to this guy. As she was thinking, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach.

“Juwon please you will have to excuse me, I need to visit the toilet, ” she said.
” OK then ” Juwon replied.
She stood up and started walking towards the library toilet. She had only taken a few steps before she was totally overwhelmed by dizziness and she slumped.

TRAUMA (Episode 8)

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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