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DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 26)




DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 26)



He stared at his friend refusing to believe what his eyes were seeing… He blinked thrice and stepped forward to take a closer look, maybe the darkness that had begun to engulf the bushes were making him hallucinate.
“Another step forward and I will blow their brains off” Mark warned, cocking his gun…
Was he dreaming? Was he hallucinating? Was this the same introvert and fragile man he had befriended back in school? The same one he had helped pay his fees after he learned his parents had abandoned him??? No…
He shook his head refusing to accept reality…

“Mark!! Thank God you found my child… My princess… Come to me Fi, I’m sorry I scolded you. Daddy is sorry… Uncle Mark won’t hurt you… Come princess” he knelt on one knee and stretched out his arms, waiting for her to run into them, to hug her tightly and never let her go again…
“Do you think I’m here to save someone? You are so naïve, Arnold
… You have always been… ”
“What are you talking about? Why are you doing this?”
“Why? You have the audacity to ask me why???” He snarled and continued “my mother, that woman, she abandoned me and went ahead to marry your father… I was just a boy then..”

“What????” Alex and Arnold exclaimed
“Yes!!! When I grew up, I had searched for her everywhere and when I finally found her, she and her husband, your father, refused to give me my share of the property before they had that accident!!!!! I did all I could, begged them, threatened them but they refused… Instead, they willed everything to you!!!”
“You….you’re my…my..half brother?… B….but you were dead!!!. Mom told me!!!”
“Shut the hell up!! I didn’t die… But she refused to search for me after that day!!!!!”

“Listen, we can sort this out Mark please. Let them go” he pleaded stepping closer…
“No!!!!!” He fired the gun and Arnold ducked missing the bullet by a few inches… “You have always had everything I wanted… From my mother’s love to the money to women!!!!! Abigail!!! I Loved her dearly, but she chose you over me so I had to make her disappear… I chopped her into pieces and buried her… No one ever came to know… And then Amanda came along!! Sweet sweet Amanda!! Beautiful Amanda… We were good friends, I loved her too you know but after I introduced you to her, she chose you over me again!!! So I had to silence her too”

“What? No… This can’t be true!! It’s a lie… Amanda died because she had suffered complications after childbirth. You didn’t kill her!!!!” He shouted, shaking, tears clouding his vision…..
Mark laughed “And won’t you like to know who pushed her down the stairs while you were out of town huh? I tried to get her to elope with me but no!! She chose you over me again for the thousandth time… She should have died that day!!!!” He snarled
Arnold was angry now, his blood was boiling… It was him all along ….. The one he considered his friend…

‘I will kill you mark!!! I will kill you!!!!” He yelled and lunged forward to grab him when he pointed the gun at him and fired…
“No!!!” Helena screamed and lunged herself forward as the bullet hit her shoulder… She screamed in pain and fell…
“Helena!!! No!! No!! What have you done you monster!!!!!” Arnold cried out, as he gathered her in his arms… Brian the rest of the team lunged forward…
“Another step and this little bitch dies” he grabs Fiona who was crying uncontrollably and points the gun to her head.

“Let her go, Mark!!! Don’t you dare lay a finger on her!” Alex stepped forward.
“Oh yeah, I forgot.. As usual, you followed him here like the loyal dog that you are…..”
“Why Mark!!! Why? I never hurt you in any way… I loved you like a brother… Why??? Why did you have to kill Abigail!! It’s because of you that my wife left me!! She suffered complications because you pushed her down that stairs!! You moron!!!!!”
“Not just that pretty boy… Let’s just say I helped her die faster… You see, I drugged her drip while she was unconscious and no one noticed, not even you because you’re a gullible fool!!!!”

Arnold stared at him, shaking with anger as he clenched his fists…
He stared down at Helena who seemed to be still awake. He eased her to the ground and stood up, walking towards Mark with steady steps…
“I said don’t move!!!” Mark threatened but he continued walking towards him without taking his eyes off the gun that was pointed to his daughter’s head.
“I will shoot!! Don’t come any closer!!” He yelled stepping back as Arnold got closer…
“Don’t do anything stupid Mr. Bempong!!! Please!!” Detective Randolph cautioned but he paid no heed, anger had blinded him that very moment.

“I will shoot Arnold!!! Stay away!!” He yelled and cocked the gun as Fiona screamed…
Within a split second, Arnold lunged forward and kicked the gun away from his hands with his right leg…
“I will kill you!!! For every single person, you have taken away from me!!” Arnold hit him across the face and he fell, pushing Fiona to the ground along with him… He jumped on Mark and began to punch him in the face furiously…
“I will kill you!!! I swear!!!! You killed my wife, Fiona’s mother… Pig!!! Disgusting moron!!!! You filthy animal!! I was dining with the devil all along. You pervert!!!! Dimwit!!!!” He spat angrily as he continued hitting him, blood from Mark’s mouth and nose covering his fists.

“Let him go?!” Randolph lifted him away from Mark who continuously coughed out blood…
“Thank you!!” Mark muttered as Randolph helped him up…
“You welcome Buddy!!”
“What the hell!!!!!” Brian muttered as he stared at the two exchanging pleasantries… He frowned and stepped forward to handcuff him when he was stopped by Randolph…
“Don’t you dare touch him!!!”
They all stared at him, mouth agape, confused…

“He’s a cold-blooded criminal detective!! We need to take him to the authorities!!!” Christian, Arnold’s second bodyguard yelled.
“No one touches him!!” Randolph insisted pointing a gun at them while Mark stood behind him smiling ruefully… They stared at them wide-eyed, as realization dawned on them… Randolph was actually Mark’s accomplice. They had been working with the enemy all that while…

“Detective you? You’re his accomplice? God!!!” Brian exclaimed in shock
“Sorry guys. I’ve got nothing against you but I was just doing my job”
“And dear brother, your stupid house help was being nosy and poking her nose where it didn’t belong so I had to silence her… And well Musa, was just some precautions I took…… And trust me, I don’t regret anything because you took everything away from me!!! You were always the perfect one… The son our mother chose over me. The one who gets all the ladies drooling over him and rushing to his feet to lick them. And the ones that I loved dearly, they chose you over me again and again including Helena dammit!!!!!

You had assured me you felt nothing for her but that night, I saw you two busily having sex!!!!! You have always taken what’s supposed to be mine, my mother, the inheritance, the women, the fame, everything!!!!! So in return, I had to take away every loved one of yours one by one You have no idea how good it felt to see you cry and break down like a little child…….. I’m not done with you, Helena!!! You fooled me, and I will make sure you pay!!” He spat and turned.

“Let’s go Randolph” he ordered and they both disappeared deeper into the woods…..
“Luckily I had called for back up. They are probably surrounding the whole place… Let’s go!!” Brian told Christian as they ran after Mark and Randolph…….
“Helena are you alright?” Arnold asked turning. She winced as she sat up, leaning on a rock
‘Yes, it was just a scratch” she smiled.

Arnold sighed and walked over to where Fiona lay, wiping the tears that dropped from his eyes. He hadn’t realized he was crying as he watched his supposed best friend and half brother talk about him with so much hatred and disdain. Was it his fault that Mark was unsuccessful? Was it his fault that the women preferred him? Was it his fault that Amanda chose him?
He sighed and squatted, patting Fiona…

Strange enough, ever since she had fallen down she hadn’t stirred or said a word.
“Fiona my love daddy is here… Fiona?” He called softly but she still didn’t stir.
“Fiona dear” he called again and lifted her off the ground. He touched her hair and rubbed it lovingly. Then he felt something wet on his hands… He looked down at his hand and stared in horror….. He looked behind her and saw blood spilled on the rock where she had hit her head when she fell…

“Fiona wake up!! Don’t do this to me, please… Fi, please wake up… Open your eyes!! No… No… God no!! My little girl. Fi, wake up!!!” He screamed hugging her tightly to him as he cried painfully…
“Princess wake up, please!!! Fi, open your eyes!! Talk to me!!! I need an ambulance!!!!! Stop staring and get your ass out of here!!!” He yelled at the guard that was left behind……


“Shit!!!! We’re surrounded!” Randolph exclaimed as they heard sirens nearby…
“What do we do?” Randolph asked panting heavily as he wiped his forehead with the back of his hand
Mark smirked “escape of course”
“But how? They are getting close. We won’t be able to make it out alive. We should surrender”
“Surely you’re gonna surrender but not me” Mark stated and without giving Randolph a chance to think or speak, he grabbed him in a way that he stood behind him with his hands around Randolph’s neck…

“What are you doing?” He exclaimed in terror.
“Shut up!!” He instructed and began to move backward as he saw several men in uniform emerging from the bushes.
“Sorry buddy but I got to do this” Mark stated and began to shoot in different directions moving backward with Randolph’s body pressed to his in the form of a shield. As the men began to shoot at Mark, he made sure to keep Randolph pressed to him as he moved thereby, receiving the bullets… Randolph yelped and groaned as the bullets hit him in different parts of his body, blood gushing out of every wound the bullets were causing…..
Getting to a safe distance, he released his grip on Randolph’s now lifeless body and dropped him.

“Well, you didn’t expect me to save Both you and I right? Oh well, thanks for all the help but you are of no use to me anymore… Fare thee well” he muttered staring at the dead body for few seconds before dashing further into the woods……
As for Helena and Arnold, he was going to come back for them, no doubt… He would rather die harming them than to stay in hiding while they rejoiced! He thought angrily as he continued running.

DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 25)


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Romance Stories






It was the next morning,on a Friday when Marcus and Fraser set out towards the location their mother had sent them using the GPS. It was a friday and they were supposed to be getting ready for school instead,they decided to sneak out at six am to go search for the supposed shop where they’ll get the tracker.


It was seven am now,and they still hadn’t arrived. They needed get back and plant the tracker before Alexa wakes up to use the car.
Her lectures started at nine am and she will leave from home probably at eight so they had one hour or less to get the device and return without any glitches
“Oh my God Marc, where have we landed ourselves?!” Fraser whispers moving closer to his brother.
Marcus looks up from his phone and that’s when he realises where they currently were.
They were in a slum now.
So many uncompleted buildings occupied.
As they walked further,the stench of alcohol and smoke hit them so hard like a hurricane.
Oh God, who’ll be smoking and drinking at six am in the morning?
The answer to their thoughts were gotten when they came across five scantily dressed men sitting around a table,alcohol and a stick of cigarette in each hand as they played something that looked like chess.
“Don’t look. Let’s just keep going” Marcus whispers back,grabbing his brothers hand as they quickly and swiftly walk past the group of men.
They heaved a sign of relief when they successfully passed by without being noticed.
But their anxiety only increased when they again came across more men,dangerous looking. This time,they were about ten in number,each had a girl seated on their lap.
From they way their eyes were scrunched close, it was obvious what was happening was more than just sitting down.
Fraser noticed that one of the men had their jeans hanging down his legs while the Lady seated on his laps had her short skirt pulled up as she grinded against him.
He scrunches his nose in disgust. They were all openly having s*x without shame. What was it called?
An orgy. Did those girls have no sense of dignity?
What sort of neighborhood was this?
Taking their distraction as their cue,they slowly slip between them.
One of the men opens his eyes and notices the intruders in his territory but he was way too distracted with the lady squatting in between his legs and doing wonders with her mouth.
He throws his head back,groaning in pleasure,completely forgetting about the boys. Heaving a sigh of relief, they rush away,far from their sight.
“Look! There’s the shop. It’s the only shop in this neighborhood” Fraser points to the only small shop they had come across.
Walking over,they introduce themselves and give the shop keeper Alice’s name. Without asking more questions, he pulls out a tiny box housing the device and hands it to them.
“You have your supply. Now leave” the shop keeper dismisses and they nod scurrying away immediately.


If someone had told me I’ll one day be seated waiting inline to be interviewed for the job of a personal chauffeur to my arc enemy,I swear I would probably have cut their tongue and shove it down their throats. But no.
Fate seems to have something different in store for me.
And that’s why,sadly as early as 6:00am,here I am seated amongst twenty other applicants wearing a suit and tie waiting for my turn to be interviewed. When in fact,I should be asleep in my bed.
For God’s sake it’s only six am!
I’ve been waking up at four am for the past one year and now that I’m a free man,I still wake early?
Ha! Someone shoot me now!
I groan loudly making the guy seated next to me turn to stare at him. I glare at him and he turns away. Good.
I fidget with my fake moustache, feeling eyes on me. I turn.
A lady is staring at me.
I smile flirtatiously and she blushes instantly.
Oh!! Even with my fake mustache, it feels good to know I haven’t lost my charms. I wink at her and she blushes harder..
Okay William, you’re here for an interview not to flirt.
Great. I turn again and relax in my seat as I wait for my turn.

I adjust the extremely suffocating necktie as I wiggle in my seat, my precious soft butt beginning to hurt. I’ve been sitting on this hard chair for close to thirty minutes with this man asking me rather ridiculous questions if you ask me.
I mean,hello! It’s just a chauffer job.
“So Mr. Gordon.” The man begins,another set of questions.
Yep,you heard right. I changed my surname to Gordon but maintained my first name.
“Why do you need this job?” He asks and I almost insult him..
This is the most stupidest question ever. Why do we all need a job?
If not to earn some money.
“Well,Mr Dante, I need this job because first of all because I need to earn a living to support my sick mother and my education as well.
I say truthfully.
“Hmm. There are more than twenty applicants out there. What makes you think I should consider you for this job instead?” He questions and I purse my lips.
“Well..” I drawl out..
That’s such a good question. I need to be smart.
“Firstly, because I need the money which I’ve already mentioned. Secondly, I’m a pretty good driver. For two years, I drove race cars and not to brag or anything but I was pretty good,the best if you’ll say but I had to quit racing cars on my mother’s insistence because during one of my races,my brakes were tampered with and I suffered severe injuries” I explain and I notice a faint smile on his lips..
I guess I’m the only applicant who has raced cars.
“And..” I continue.
“I’m a very good fighter too. Why do I say this? Because I know for a fact that working for a wealthy and powerful family like the Wallace’s is a really big deal with risks involved. Wealthy families can be attacked at any point in time, since it’s part of being wealthy and just in case such occurs, I need to be prepared to protect my bosses”
Approval shines in his eyes at my explanation.
Damn it Will, good job. I pat myself mentally. I think I just landed myself a job.
“That was quite impressive and convincing. You’re just what I’ve been searching for. congratulations Mr Gordon,you just got the job.” He extends his hands for a shake. I shake him as a wide grin spreads on my face.
“Here, sign” he gives me a paper and I go through before signing.
Wow. 350cedis as monthly salary?
Ah,this job is such a good luck..
I sign and hand it back to him.
Damn,that was easy.

After ringing the doorbell more than thrice,the huge gate slides open. Hmm. I see.
Electronic gate.
I step through and the gate automatically closes on it’s on.
I glance around the large compound which was beautifully decorated with different coloured flower plants at the edges by the way. The perks of being rich.
I take advantage of this to glance at the cars.
I could see a closed garage which I’m sure may be housing two cars at least but I could see four cars on the compound.
A white range rover. A black sedan. A jeep. And a Ferrari.
Wow,cool. I smirk.
“Who are you?” The voice I’ll recognize anywhere asks and I turn, my heart doing stupid double flips. I rub my chest.
It’s been a year since I last saw her,maybe that’s why my heart is beating so.
Yep,it must be it.
“Ugh” I reach into my pocket and retrieve a paper Mr Dante asked me to give my ‘boss’.
Sheesh. Gagging.
Reluctantly, Alexa takes the paper and I swear her soft long delicate fingers graze against my skin as she took it,sent sparks up my body.. I ignore it,yet again.
I wait patiently while she reads it.
“I’m William Gordon. Your new chauffeur. At your service ma’am” I bow courteously.
She nods. She didn’t recognize me.
This is going to be fun.

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Fiction Stories

THE LAST VIRGIN (Episode 13)




THE LAST VIRGIN (Episode 13)


In that very moment, as the full moon stood proudly in the middle of thousands of stars in the dark sky,Valerie was lost.
And Annamarie had taken over.
Finally regaining her memory.
From the very first thing that led to her untimely death to the circumstances that led to her having to be reborn into the human world.
She felt free again.. After being entrapped in that godammed hole where many souls were wandering about,no one saying a word to the other, she was finally free to be back into the human world.

THE LAST VIRGIN (Episode 12)

Physically, she was just eighteen but technically, she was several years old save for her first body which had most probably rotten until her bones were left six feet under.
But it didn’t matter. No it f*cking didn’t.
Because right now,she was back in a new fresh body and that’s all that mattered..
Not knowing she’d just killed someone, Valerie jumps off the balcony and lands on both feet with strength she didn’t know she had.
But still very well aware of the fact that she’d gained some powers, her worries were pushed aside.
And again,without noticing Max’s body near her because of her immense rage, she passes by him,walking past the open gates and out onto the streets on bare foot,her hair flowing in all directions.
She had no idea where she was going at 12midnight but her legs seemed to know where to take her because they moved on their own accord.
The only thing that gave her solace was her mission for revenge.
It was to kill or be killed and this time..
Oh this time,she wasn’t going to be the one to get killed. That,she was completely sure of.
And she was gonna make sure of it.

Valerie didn’t know how long she walked but the moment her feet stopped moving,she knew she’d gotten to her destination.
And so,she stood,at the bank of that same lake she’d arrived four weeks back.
And she waited.
Not long after she arrived, she sensed a presence behind her.
Valerie turns to face him.
She bows.
“Lord Hades”
The man stares at her,gritting his teeth.
“Annamarie” he answers
“Valerie. It’s Valerie Kent now” she corrects him
“Very well. Valerie” Hades nods.
“Thank you. You fulfilled your part of deal” Valerie smiled a little.
‘And you just broke one rule!’ Hades was tempted to shout at her but he didn’t.
He only nodded and remained quiet.
It seems she still hadn’t realised she’d just murdered an Innocent person.
Hades stares at her.
He had clearly told her there were consequences if she broke one rule.
Grave consequences.
But what he didn’t tell her was that, for each rule that she broke, there was a different consequence allocated.
So if she broke all the three rules, she would have three dire consequences to deal with.
But seeing as she broke one, she was gonna face it,nevertheless.
He shakes his head.
Stupid girl!
She hadn’t even bothered to ask him what consequences she’d face if she broke a rule. No matter how many times he repeated to her that there were consequences involved, Annamarie never asked him once.
Her hatred, anger and thirst for revenge had blinded her so much that she either forgot to ask him what her punishment will be if she broke a rule or she just didn’t care enough to ask because she was too confident she’ll never let him down.
But alas! Overconfidence was the beginning of a man’s downfall.
And just like he’d told her years ago,second chances or forgiveness wasn’t in his dictionary.
And so, he was gonna punish her just as much. But, her loved ones were gonna pay for it.
That is what you get for making deals with the devil. You take one percent from him,he takes a hundred percent in return.
And by the time Valerie realises she’d broken a rule,it would be too late and he, would do nothing to help because he death with rules.
Only rules
“Go home Valerie” Lord Hades finally says.
“I shall come to you In due time”
“Okay” Valerie bows and watched him disappear before making her way back home.

At home,Valerie sat at the dinning table ignoring the litter of empty wine bottles,used disposable cups and plates everywhere.
She had gotten home earlier and found everyone who arrived for her party had left save for a few who were being interrogated by the police who’d arrived.
She was hearing someone had fallen from the balcony and died.
But she didn’t who it was.
Maybe she’d find out when the police came to interrogate her because she knew they’d come.
It happened in her parents home after all.
Kayla was no where to be seen,neither was Max. But that was the least of her worries.
Max might have run after seeing her transforming.
Her worry was how to find those four bastard and make them pay.
“Valerie!” The loud voice causes her to jerk. She turns to find her father staring at her angrily
“I’ve been asking you a question for the past minute. Where the hell were you all this while?”
“Not now dad. I need to sleep. Been a long day” she sighs
“Yea I’m sure it’s been one hell of a long day considering someone died in my house and on top of that, you’d suddenly gone MIA and no one knew where you were!” Patrick yells
“Dad let’s talk tomorrow please”
“I’ll talk to you when I damn well please young woman. This is my house! And now it has become a crime scene. Now tell me where you run off to!”
“Not now”
“Answer me young woman!”
Valerie clenches her fists. Patrick was still screaming at her and it was riling her up.
She was getting mad. She wanted to rip his head off so he could shut up!.
At that moment,the consequence of her breaking the first rule was happening. Yet she had no idea. She was getting thirsty.
Thirst for blood. For Patrick’s blood. Her eyes rests on his neck,seeing the veins popping out as he continues to scream at her for being irresponsible and shit.
Valerie wondered what it’ll feel like to drink blood from his neck.
Would his blood taste delicious?
Was it thick?
Unknowingly, she gets up walking towards him till she was in front of him.
She grips his neck and lifts him up as easily as you would lift a book without warning.
“Shut the f*ck up for once will ya?” She sneers at him
Patrick gasps as his legs were now dangling in the air.
“Hmm” Valerie sniffs his neck.
His blood smelt delicious alright.
As if on cue,Valerie’s two front teeth began to shift and crack as it started growing into fangs just like ones of a vampire.
Her front teeth continues to elongate until they touched her lower lips and it stops.
At that moment,the price where Valerie’s loved ones had to pay for her breaking the rule was at work.
Without thinking, she sinks her fangs into Patrick’s neck and begins to draw out blood from his veins, drinking.

Kayla who’d just been interrogated by the police makes her way inside the house to look for her friend one more time.
She walks through the living room and then branches into the kitchen.
Maybe her friend was hiding somewhere crying after realising her boyfriend had died on her birthday..
Oh how was she going to comfort her? She thinks.
Nearing the dining table, Kayla stops in her tracks,staggering back at the sight before her.
Hanging with legs dangling in the air was Patrick and her best friends face was buried in his neck.
OK now WTF?!
“Valerie?” Kayla calls out.
Valerie turns and that’s when she saw it.
Red thick blood was dripping from both sides of Valerie’s mouth and…. her teeth….
Jesus! Her front teeth was elongated like a vampire and coated with blood.
Was she… Was she drinking her father’s blood?
“Arghhhhh!!!!!” Kayla screams and turns on her heels running as fast as her legs could carry her.
Valerie growls loudly before dropping Patrick to the floor. He falls with a thud.
Valerie begins to chase after Kayla.

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Fiction Stories

THE LAST VIRGIN (Episode 12)




THE LAST VIRGIN (Episode 12)



As early as six am, Eugene was already up,his hands tucked behind his head for support as he stared at the ceiling,his mind deep in thoughts.
Eugene sighs, having enough of the brain Battle,he lifts himself off the bed and makes his way to the adjoining smaller room where the old woman occupied..

THE LAST VIRGIN (Episode 11)

Stopping In front of her door,he knocks twice.
“Eugene?” Her frail voice calls out.
“Yes” he confirms
“Come in”
Eugene pushes the door back as he steps in side and takes a seat on the mattress near her.
She stares at him.
He puffs out breath
“Umm. I just wanted to ask a few questions” he scratches his head.
The old woman nods giving him the go ahead.
“Umm. Where are my parents?”
The old woman sighs.
“They died years ago, when you were just a boy. I’ve been taking care of you since”
“Oh” his face falls.
“And did anything happen for me to lose my memory? Why can’t I remember anything?”
“I’ve been waiting for you to ask me this for so long”
“Well?” He probes further
“You were involved in an accident. We almost thought you weren’t going to survive but alas..” Her eyes light up.
Eugene scrunches his eyebrows.
“Yes. Your best friends and I”
Best friends? He wondered.
If he had best friends then why hadn’t they come to see him till now.
It’s been a month already right?
He sighs.
F*ck! This was hella confusing.
No matter how much his grandma had been trying to explain things to him each day for the past month, his brain was still having a hard time getting a hang of everything.
It was like his brain was desperately trying to refuse everything.
He sighs, rubbing his face.
He could feel a headache coming just thinking of this.
Ah! He groans.
“I’ll go take my bath” he lies scurrying out of the room immediately.
He needed to be alone.


Kayla squeals behimd me,ranting on and on about God knows what as I grumble under my beeath in annoyance padding back towards the kitchen to pour myself another glass of milk.
“Ahhh! I’m so excited” Kayla squeals again.
Oh God! This girl could scream for Africa.
I turn to face her,with another glass of milk In my hand.
“Shhh,keep it down will you? Mother is asleep upstairs”
“Oops.. Sorry” she bit her lip and remained quiet, but only for a few seconds until she squeals again, grabs my hand and pulls me upstairs towards my room.
I quickly tighten my grip on my glass as I stumble behind her.
I scowl at her but she was too excited to notice.
I let out a sigh, rubbing my temple.
“You know..” I glance at Kayla as she busily rummages through my bag,pulls out a notebook and pen and begins to scribble.
“Any outsider would think it’s your birthday and not mine” I finish,gulping my milk.
“Hmmm” she replies absentmindedly still scribbling.
From the way she’s numbering stuff,I’m guessing she’s making a list of things we’re going to do today.
Leaving her to her work,I lean back against the wall,my mind drifting to Mr stranger again.
I sigh.. When will I see him again?.
“Hey!” Kayla’s voice pulls me out of my reverie.
I glance down at her petite form.
“What’s got your mind occupied?”.
“Nothing. So what are you doing?” I move to sit near her,trying to Change the topic..
She stares at me suspiciously for a moment before breaking into a smile, obviously pushing any suspicious thoughts to the back of her head.

I stare at my reflection in the mirror for a moment before picking up a red lipstick and applying.
I smack my lips together to evenly spread the lipstick after which I tie my hair into a ponytail..
Done,I take a step back to overlook my appearance, smoothing my palm over the soft silk of my off shoulder white dress that hugged my body more than I would like.
I let out a sigh, biting my lip.
It doesn’t really feel it’s my birthday. At all.
A sudden knock on the door interrupts my thoughts
“Come in”.
“Hey,you ready?” The door opens as my father steps in.
“Yes but dad don’t you think..”
“Not a word Valerie” he cuts ne off
“The party is already starting downstairs. So not a word. I know you’re worried about celebrating your birthday because of your mothers condition but trust me,if she could speak, she’d tell you to go have fun. You turn eighteen only once in a life time child,so go. I’ll be upstairs with your mom. Just go have fun,your friends are waiting”
I fidget with my fingers.
How do I tell him I’m more worried about what might go wrong tonight than my mother’s condition?..
It sounds selfish I know,but I can’t help this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach.
It’s like I don’t want this party to happen in the first place.
“Hey” father nudges me.
“It’s Almost 8pm,you should get going”
“Yes. Right” I mumble
“And happy birthday love”
I smile “thanks dad”
“Now go.” He turns towards the door,walking out.
“Here goes nothing” I take in a deep breath before following him out,the loud buzzing music filling my ears already…


“Hey!!!!” I grab another glass of whisky which Kayla had successfully snuck in and gulp it all down.
The drink burns my throat as it makes it way towards my stomach.
I scrunch my face and shake my head.
Damn! This stuff is strong but it works perfectly when it comes to taking away ones problems..
I feel light headed,dizzy but good.
I grin.
I feel like I can even fly.
I giggle at my thoughts.
I feel hands wrap around my waist.
“Hey beautiful” a husky voice says behind me.
“Dance with me” he adds and I giggle again..
Oh dear,I must be getting drunk.
“My pleasure” I reply as we begin to dance much too close for comfort but I do not mind..
Not at all.


I grab more whisky downing it,ignoring the burning sensation in my throat..
I do not know why but I’m beginning to feel more alive by the second..
I don’t even know what the time is.
But as long as people are dancing, kissing and grinding in each corner, I’m sure this party is gonna last till mama calls..
I turn to go and find my next dance partner when someone grips me and pulls me away from the party.
Ah,so much for having fun.
I whine as I’m being pulled till we reach the balcony attached to my bedroom..
“Hey!” I whine turning to face my captor only to come face to face with Max.
I scowl at him.
“Happy birthday love” he moves in to kiss me but I pull away..
How dare he ignore me for a month and then suddenly appear here to kiss me.
The cheek of it.
“F*ck off!” I stagger backwards.
He sighs pathetically
“I’m sorry love. I know I…”
“Oh cut the crap Max! You don’t get to come here all of a sudden…” I trail off…

“Baby… I..” Max’s words were lost into oblivion as I stagger backwards, a familiar emotion I haven’t felt in almost four weeks surging through me again.
Oh no. Not again. No no no.
I clench my fists. My head is beginning to ache.
The world is spinning.

Max stops talking when he realises Valerie was acting strange. He takes a step towards her but she steps back, holding up her hands
“D..don’t come.. Near.. Go..” She stammers, holding her neck groaning.
“I said go! Run! Get out of here!”she screams, sinking to floor and letting her hands fall to her sides.
That was when he realised it.
From where her hands was covering was the crescent shape underneath her ear he’d always thought was a tattoo.
He watches as the half moon shape begins to reconstruct itself on her skin,bit by bit,little by little
Max watches in horror as the half moon shape suddenly turns into a full moon shape.

The moon shape begins to glow on her skin.
“Run! Go!” He hears Valerie scream as she tries to control whatever was taking over her body but he was too shocked, too dumbstruck at what his eyes were seeing that he couldn’t move an inch.
An invisible wind suddenly blew,sending Valerie’s hair which was tied into a ponytail flying in all directions.
The ribbon holding her hair in place suddenly tore,her hair falling around her shoulders.
Valerie screams.
She opens her eyes.
Max let’s out a scream at the sight of her eyes.
They were changing color.
And.. And so was her hair..
Her hair was turning bright red.
He tries to move,but it was too late.
“V.. Va..Valerie” he whispers.
Valerie gets up from where she was kneeling and faces him.
Her palm were igniting with fire.
“Valerie what is…”
Valerie could no longer control the force overtaking her body..
Annamarie’s anger towards her death years ago had reignited.
And the sweet Valerie had vanished.
And right now,any man was her enemy.
And the guy before her was her enemy.
She was back. Annamarie’ was finally back.
Back after fifty godamn years for revenge.
She wasn’t Valerie Kent.
She was Annamarie. And she was back,for good.
Her eyes blazes with hatred.. Her anger causes her to flip her hair.
The force sending Max flying off his feet.
He screams.
She flips her again,unable to control herself and Max was once again thrown against the walk..
Except there was no wall on the balcony.
Max trips from the edge of the balcony and slips.
Max lands from the three storey building to the floor.
His head hitting the floor first.
He was dead even before he fell.
His neck was twisted at an odd angle,eyes wide open void of any life.

Lord Hades jumps off his seat,the ground shaking with his terror.
Annamarie had just killed someone..
One rule had been broken.

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