“I don’t understand.”
“I mean, let her have whatever fun she wants to have here. if you keep getting in her way, things won’t work out. Meanwhile, I think you really love her and she is just so angry, so I will advise you t chill out and have fun by doing just one thing.”
His face brightened up. “One thing? What thing is that?”
Tori sighed and looked around. “Come, let’s take a seat.” Together they walked to a nearby seat which was quite empty.
“Whatever you were doing at the beach that day, probably to make her jealous, that will yield no result. It will only infuriate her further because you were the one who hurt her so you don’t get to make her feel bad for breaking up with you.”
“So what do I do?”
“I can arrange how you two can meet. Don’t explain anything about what or why you did what you did initially, I mean whatever led to the breakup. She clearly has no interest in that. What you can do that is to tell her that you are sorry you were trying to mess up her vacation before but now that you see that she’s having fun, you are happy for her and that you are no longer going to pressure her again. Let her know that you are cool with it. Then once that is out of the way, you can start having your fun too, by being friendly with her while making her feel jealous at the same time. “
Chase was quiet the entire time. Everything sounded really interesting and if it could work, he could totally see them getting back together. “So, how do we start.”
“First, I am her bestie right now and she must not know that I am working with you. I’m only doing this because I know how lucky she is to have a man that cares about her and I know she may never have a man like you. But why did you do what you did?”
Chase smiled. “ I was a jerkass, my ex-left me at the aisle…”
Tori gasped. “Wow! That’s cruel.”
“Yea and without any explanation or head up, then she blocked me on our social media, I rushed into my new relationship with Kaylie without giving myself enough time to heal. So when I discovered that she got married, it broke my heart and I couldn’t handle it. I was so stupid, I should have just healed, I should have told her , but I didn’t want her to see me as being weak, I didn’t want her to think maybe I wanted to go back to my ex or that she wasn’t enough for me because she is all I need and I love her so much.”
Tori smiled and sighed. Taking out her phone and pressed the play button…Chase could hear himself.
“Yea and without any explanation or head up, then she blocked me on our social media, I rushed into my new relationship with”
He realized she had recorded what he had just said right now.
“What are you doing? Why did you record this?”
She shrugged. “Well, in case we may need it.” She replied and continued. “If you had told her all this, all this drama wouldn’t have occurred. Being in love can be such a pain sometimes.”
Chase chuckled. “You have never been in love?”
“I have with my cat.” She replied with a laugh.
“That’s ridiculous.”
‘I’m just kidding. Never been in love, don’t want to. There are so much pain and so much drama. Just too much. I can’t handle it.”
“But it can be the sweetest thing when there is no drama.”
She nodded. “Well, so I have heard.”
After this, they were both quiet for a while.
“You sure Kaylie wouldn’t be missing you? I will hate if she comes out here and finds you with me.”
Tori snorted. “You worry too much Chase and that’s cute but believe me, with the attention Kaylie is getting there, she won’t realize I’m gone till in the next two hours. “
“Really? “
“Yea. I think its been a while, she partied or had so much fun, or get drunk.” She quickly added.
“She’s drunk?” Chase almost exclaimed, now standing up.
“Calm down Chase. Yes, she is drunk but she is happy and she isn’t worried about anything. Once I leave this place in the next twenty minutes, I am taking her from there and bringing her over. So get your papers ready, you are writing a letter to her and I will drop it by her side so she sees it in the morning. When she does, be sure not to be home.”
Chase was getting excited already. “You think it’s a good idea not to be home when she wakes?”
‘Yes, Genius!” She replied, glaring at him. “That is the plan. Go do whatever thing you need to do. You need a break too. Once she wants to come around and want you back, she will approach you by herself.” Tori stood up. “She mustn’t know that I am helping you okay?”
“Yea. Got it. Thank you so much for doing this Tori, I really appreciate it.”
The lady smiled, bent slightly to kiss him on the cheek before walking away.
As soon as she was out of sight, Chase stood up and began to head back to the beach house. He needed to get his writings prepared. He felt some vibration in his breast pocket. Dipping his hand in the pocket, he brought out his phone. When he saw who was calling, his heart skipped a beat. Kaylie was calling, why would she be calling? Did she overhear everything that transpired between him and Tori? Had she been watching them all this while?
He pressed the receive button.
“Hello, baby…”
“Hahaha.” you wish, come over here, she is dead drunk and I can’t carry her. “
Disappointment melted somewhere in his body as he heard Tori’s voice over loud music, she was practically screaming, else, he wouldn’t be able to hear him.
“Ok, I’m on my way.”
He turned back, taking the route Tori had taken when she had gone back. It was easy to find, especially with the loud music. He was able to squeeze himself in, looking around for the two. He saw Tori’s hand as she kept waving it somewhere around the stage where a band was playing. He was surprised to see Kaylie lying on the floor, her eyes were closed. Panic seized him and he rushed to the front, pushing people out of his way.
Seconds later he had hurled Kaylie on his shoulders while Tori ran after him.
They were now outside, heading towards their beach house.
“Are you sure she is just drunk?”
“Not just Chase, dead-drunk. I wonder how many bottles she took when I came out and met you.”
“You could have stopped her!” He said, raising his voice.
“Look, it wasn’t my fault, she wanted to get drunk, it was part of her plans.”
“Still, you could have looked out for her and not allow her to drink so much. And what is this she is wearing? Is it part of her plan to dress up as a prostitute as well?”
Tori snorted but was quiet. They were both quiet throughout the rest of the way.
Once they were in Kaylie’s room, Chase lay her carefully on the bed and then pulled the blanket over her.
“She is going to wake up with a crazy migraine tomorrow for sure,” Tori said, pulling a chair.
“Well, at least maybe it will teach her a lesson,” Chase replied, looking at the room that they both should have shared. It was large and decorated in pink and white. Marble floor, king-sized bed, a very large TV screen and a beautiful ocean view from the window.
“Beautiful right?” Tori asked, reading his mind as he was checking out the room.
“Yea.” He replied.
“So have you written the stuff?”
“Oh, I will do that quickly….” He said, walking to the table in the room, found a pen and a jotter, tore a sheet out and began to scribble some things down.
After some seconds, he placed it at the front of the mirror where it could be easily spotted by her.
“So I guess we are done here,” Tori said, standing up. Dipped a hand into her purse and brought out Kaylie’s phone, Chase watched as she scrolled through it, she pressed something and then locked the phone, placing it on the note by the mirror.
“What did you do?” Chase asked curiously.
“I removed something to make this whole drama more interesting.” She replied. “Shall we?”
“Yea.” He replied and they both walked out of the room, quietly shutting the door behind them.



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