TANGLE (Episode 3)



Malik was deeply troubled by what the doctor said, bringing a strange lady into their Lekki mansion will be a hard thing for him to do. Even if he wants to, what of Jeffery? He will never allow it. Malik couldn’t cease to blame himself for going to the hospital in the first place. Just a few moments he spent with the lady at the hospital he felt a strange bond binding his heart to her.

‘Hey you, what’s up?’ Jeffery asked when he saw his partner lying on the couch thinking with a bottle of wine and a half-filled glass cup on the table before him.
‘Oh Jeff, where have you been?’ Malik asked, regaining his consciousness and sat up.
‘I went to see a friend of mine’ he looked on the table.
‘So you started the fun without me? Okay, let me help you with this’ Jeffery took the cup and sipped its content down his throat.

‘If you want to drink, go get your own cup, don’t disturb me’ Malik complained.
‘This is too hot a drink, Malik how do you manage to drink this?’ Jeffery said after drinking a little from the cup.
‘This is not your thing Jeff, better stick to your whores, if you finish that cup no one in this neighborhood will sleep tonight’ Malik jeered.
‘I have an issue to discuss with you Jeff’
‘What is that?’ Jeff sat down beside his friend.

‘I went to the hospital today; the lady was still there Jeff. The doctor said no one came for her.’ he said with a huge sympathy shown on his voice.
‘And so what? What should we do about it? Can’t they talk to the police and find her relation?’ Jeff said.
‘They already did that but their effort was futile. The doctor suggested we bring her home and take good care of her, so she could quickly recover her memory’

‘What? Bring her here? What sort of nonsense is that? You are the cause of this Malik, I told you not to go there.’ Jeff said in anger.
‘I can’t just leave her there and forget just like that’ he replied.
‘So you can’t forget about her right? You are going to bring her and jeopardize our business, our reputation, and our safety? I never thought you are so softhearted’ Jeff said.

‘I know we can’t bring her here but I feel compassionate for her’ Malik answered.
‘Malik, what happened to you? When did you suddenly become so emotional, you know we have a huge project before us, I hope you know what is at stake if we lose our consignments. Look, if you value your life, you had better erase her out of your mind’ Jeffery advised before going in angrily.


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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