The night was longer than usual. He couldn’t even catch enough sleep so when the sharp shadows cast by the metallic blinds started fading, he sprang up. There was only one bathroom and he needed to quickly use it before she would wake up. That was the only room that separated their rooms. He stood up and tiptoed towards the entrance. He didn’t want to wake her just yet.

As he got to the bathroom, he realized the door was locked, indicating someone was in there, he grimaced then listened attentively to be sure someone was there. Indeed she was, he could hear her movement. Well, this would be a good time to check out her room. As he got to the door, he realized it was locked too.
“Come on!” He almost shouted but the doorbell rang. He thought of who could possibly be at the door. He wasn’t expecting anyone, perhaps she was. He waited for the bell to ring for a while.

“I’m coming,” Kaylie shouted from the bathroom.
So she was expecting someone, he thought, maybe he could check whoever it was out. He walked towards the front door and opened the door. He was surprised to see a lady he had seen with her at the beach the other day. She was tall, red lipsticks and in tight jeans and a pink top that had pictures of people kissing.
“Hi.” She said, smiling and eyeing him seductively. “ I see we met finally.”
“Hi. I’m Chase and you are….”

“Oh, I’m sexy Tori.” She replied with a wink, raking him with her eyes. “You are even sexier without your clothes on.”
Chase smiled. “You are not bad either, Sexy Tori.” He said, opening the door wider for her.
Tori stepped in. “You’ve got a lovely beach house.” She said, sitting down with her legs crossed, admiring the house.
I will be right out of Tori. Gimme a minute, I’m taking a shower..” Kaylie shouted from within.

“It’s okay baby, please take your time,” Tori shouted back.
“Uhn!” Kaylie exclaimed, sounding quite surprised. “You are in already?”
“So, tell me, Chase..” Tori said, ignoring Kaylie’s question. “What does a lady need to do to buy you a drink?”
Chase smiled and before he could reply, Kaylie came in. She had only her white towel, covering her wet body.

“What are you doing, come into my room,” Kaylie said to her, waiting.
“I am good here actually,” Tori replied but Kaylie went to pull her from her seat. “I, Chase, we will continue later.” She quickly said as Kaylie dragged her to her feet.
Chase couldn’t help but smile as they both dragged each other to the room. He could overhear their conversation.

“What were you doing talking to him?” Kaylie said angrily.
“Come on, he’ really cute and I’m a nice person, besides, if you are no longer interested him, I can hook up with him right?”
“You are unbelievable! You are supposed to be my friend.”
“Of course I am your friend, look, will you mind shutting the door, cos I’m sure he can hear our conversation.”
Shortly after, Chase heard the door being slammed and he chuckled to himself. Afterward, he stood up and walked to the bathroom to take a nice shower.


Kaylie fasted the hooks of her bra and began to pack her hair. Tori was unbelievable.
‘Come on, I was only having fun. You said you weren’t interested in him.” Tori said, folding her arms.
“I did not.” Kaylie snapped back.
“So you still like him?”
“Stop it, I haven’t even thought of the possibility of whether we are still coming back together, in fact, I don’t want to talk about anything right now.”
Tori smiled and spread her arms. “Aye, aye captain. Whatever you say, so what’s the plan for today?”

“Well, how about hooking up with cute men, remember your initial plan?”
Tori laughed out. “Come on, I thought you are not into that kind of a thing.”
“Well, someone thought he was trying to make me jealous yesterday at the beach and I need him to know that I don’t give a damn what he does with who. It is his life as far as I am concerned.”
“hmmm.” Tori cooed, looking at her suspiciously. “Are you sure you are trying to prove to him that you are not jealous or to yourself?”
Kaylie glared at her. “To him of course.” She checked herself in the mirror one last time. “ You see, I have always been a good girl all my life, I have never done anything outrageous or formidable. All my life I have always been in a serious relationship and they have all sucked the life out of me. I am so tired I need a little fun. I am here to have that fun and I am not going to allow him to mess things up for me.”

“Well…” Tori started, standing up and moving to the mirror. “You have no problem about that as I am a whole package of fun. I just got to know of a grand party that Hatteras Island is holding for their customers, so, why don’t you come to my place instead. Then from there, we can go together. ”
“Wow! That will be so cool! Can you please check out the clothes I can wear.”
“I already checked everything and there is not even a single one that you can wear to this party,” Tori replied, arms akimbo.
“Are you sure? Cos I know….”

“look, everything you have there are either long sleeve or too many buttons. No wonder you are suffering from heartbreak, you need to be more fun Kaylie, show more skin, in fact, let’s go to my place, I will teach you how to be fun. First, we will go to the beach, walk around a little bit and once it’s evening time, the party would start”
“Coming from a fun person whose sister and boyfriend cheated on.” Kaylie retorted on purpose.
“That was mean but I love it. Cheats are always cheating no matter how much fun you are. Now enough, come with m.”


Chase realized they were both gone and then stepped out of his room. He thought of switching on the TV for a while but changed his mind. Taking his phone, he went to sit on the couch. Then he switched it on and navigated to his Facebook messenger. He discovered he had six messages.
Out of curiosity, he clicked on it, they were all from Anne Statham. His face hardened as he realized she must have unblocked him. Two nights ago, just before he had come here, he had opened a new facebook account and had added her on Facebook to drop a message he should have dropped a long time ago. It was short and precise-I forgive you-from the man you abandoned at the aisle. He did this because he needed to fix things up between him and Kaylie, right after that he deleted the account and he hadn’t even bothered to come on Facebook until tonight. He began to scroll through the six unread messages.

I’m so sorry Chase, I shouldn’t have done what I did.
Hello Chase, are you there? Tried your new account, nothing.
I have paid dearly for everything I did to you and I really am sorry.
Hi, thinking we could meet at Hatteras Island.
You are not saying anything, I need your number, please. Can we meet at Hatteras Island tomorrow, please?
I’m coming to Hatteras Island next week? Can we see and talk? please reply.
He couldn’t believe his eyes when he read the last line. He read it again- I’m coming to Hatteras Island next week,? Can we see and talk? Please reply.

“What the hell?” He muttered to himself. What in God’s name was she coming to do here?”
He shut his phone immediately. What could she possibly mean by those messages?
“I have paid dearly for everything I did to you and I really am sorry”
Did something happen to her or her husband? He sighed. This was a bad coincidence. The ex that left him at the aisle would be coming here and his girlfriend who is not speaking to him is here as well, this is so twisted. He opened the phone and switched it on again. His facebook messenger came alive and he began to type a reply under Anne’s message.
“Don’t come. I already forgave you, there is absolutely no reason you should come. I won’t be coming.”

Then he sent it, put off the phone and heaved a sigh of relief. He was grateful for having seen the message. What if he hadn’t seen it? What if she just appeared there. It would have been a total disaster no doubt.
Just then a call came in, it was from the bartender, the shrink’s sister.
“Hey, big man.”
He smiled. “Hey you too, whatsup?”
“I’m good, just wanted to check if you got home safely last two nights, you were pretty drunk and heartbroken.”

“That was so nice of you, thank you so much. My heart is healed and I am very okay.”
“That’s good. Alright. Be safe. So my sister got invited by some people at Hatteras Island to add some sort of psychic glamour to whatever is happening and I know you are there as well, so in case you see her please tell her to call me.”
Chase’s face brightened up. “Oh my God. She is here?”
“Yea, she got there last night, you didn’t know?”
“No, I didn’t. Wow! This is good; I could actually see her and talk to her.”
“Oh! Are you still having a problem with whatever happened the other night?”
Chase sighed. “Yea, just a tiny bit though but now that she is here, I think all my problems will be solved, I will find her and get back to you.”
“Okay, thanks.”
Chase ended the call and sprung up immediately. This was good. He could see her, and tell her what he was facing right now, he badly needed someone to talk to before it was too late.



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