The victim who happened to be a pretty young lady was rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment.

‘Doctor, what is her condition, hope she is going to be alright?’ Malik asked after the doctor had attended to their victim.

‘She had a severe injury on her head, but we are going to try our best on her’ the doctor replied.

‘Please doctor do your best, I don’t care how much the bill may cost, just make sure

she doesn’t die’ Jeffery said.

‘Okay, guys. Excuse me, I have another patient to attend to’ the doctor said before taking his leave.

‘Jeff you know this is your fault’

‘My fault? Aren’t you the one who made me lost my concentration?’ Jeff refuted.

‘If that girl should die, I will never forgive you’ Malik said.

* * * * * * *

Having paid the hospital to take care of her, they left. Now both men were back at the hospital the second day to check on the lady. They went straight to see her after the nurse said she is getting better. She was lying there unconscious with a bandage on her head. Malik walked to her bed and sat beside her, praying she opens her eyes, while Jeffery stood at a distance, getting himself busy with his smartphone. Suddenly the lady opened her eyes and saw the man sitting beside her.

‘Where am I? Who are you?’ she fired the two questions toward Malik.

‘You were involved in a car accident yesterday, we brought you to the hospital’ Malik answered.

‘Accident? What is an accident?’ she asked again.

‘What sort of question is that?’ Jeffery stepped in.

‘Stop it, Jeffery, miss, what is your name?’ he asked.

‘I don’t have a name’ she answered.

‘What the hell happened to you?’ Jeffery inquired.

‘Jeff please get the doctor here!’ Malik shouted.

The doctor came and ran a test on her. After a few minutes, he concluded that she is suffering from amnesia.

After concluding the test, the doctor told the nurse to attend to her while he ushered the two men to his office.

‘Doctor what did you say is wrong with her’ Malik asked after they got inside the doctor’s office.

‘She is having amnesia; a terrible memory loss and this had happened as a result of the damage on her head when she was hit’ he answered.

‘That’s serious. But doctor, hope she won’t be having any mental disorder?’ Jeff inquired.

‘No, from the test I did, I found no such thing. She just didn’t remember anything’. The doctor replied.

‘Have you seen any of her people?’ Jeff asked.

‘No one came here since yesterday’

‘Aside her memory loss is there anything wrong with her?’ Malik asked.

‘Nothing else, she is perfectly okay, just the wound on her head and it has been attended to, and she will be due for discharge in two day’s time’.

‘Thank you, doctor, but didn’t you find any form of identification or mobile phone on her?’ Jeff asked.

‘We found nothing on her except makeups. I’m thinking of reporting this case to the police if her parent didn’t show up’

‘That will be fine doctor, please do’ Malik said.

‘Doctor I think we should wait a little bit for her family to come before saying anything to the cops’ Jeffery objected.

‘Okay, I will wait two more days then’.

The two friends bade the doctor farewell before heading to their house.

Both friends got inside the car and were driving home but at a normal speed this time around. Malik was the one at the wheel taking all necessary cautions to avoid another disaster with Jeffery beside him. Absolute silence prevailed in the car until Jeffery broke it.

‘Malik, how could someone lose his or her memory just like that’ Jeffery asked.

‘It’s quite possible; didn’t you hear the doctor say she had a serious injury on her head?’ Malik replied.

‘It’s a pity, all that she had known, all her past life, her friends and family all forgotten totally?’ Jeffery said.

‘Not totally, in most cases, I have heard the victim eventually recall. I think it’s temporary’ Malik explained.

‘I can’t imagine what it will be like if such a thing happen to me’

‘Haa that will be a terrible case, I would just take you out of the country and have every psychologist on earth work on you’ Malik answered jocosely.

* * * * * * * *

It’s evening, two days later, Malik had suggested they go visit the girl at the hospital again but Jeffery had declined, saying they had done everything they should for the lady, they should focus on their work and not be distracted by her. After thinking carefully, Malik picked up his car key and drove to the hospital. Entering the room, he found her sitting down watching a movie on the television. It appeared that she has been perfectly healed but the bandage is still on her head. Malik saw her smiling at the humorous drama she was watching; he noticed her beautiful dimple revealed whenever she smiles.

‘Hi,’ He greeted.

‘Hello sir, it’s nice to see you again’ she replied.

‘Oh, so you remember me?’ he said surprisingly because he could not believe that she would remember him.

‘Of course, you came here days ago telling me I was involved in an accident.

‘Where is the other guy?’ she asked.

‘He is busy at home, I brought you some snacks’ he replied handing the small nylon bag he brought over to her.

She took it and brought out its content, which was two meat pies and a plate of ice cream.

‘What is this?’ she inquired.

‘They are food, this one is called a meat pie and the other one is ice cream.

This is how you eat it’ (Malik took a bite from the pie).

‘It tastes good, thank you sir’ she said after eating a bit.

‘You are welcome, have you recalled anything that happened to you before yesterday?’

‘No I haven’t, I have tried several times but I just can’t remember’ she answered.

‘Okay just give yourself a little time, you will soon remember everything. Let me go see the doctor, I will be right back’ he said before going out.

He found the doctor relaxing in his office.

‘Good evening doctor’

‘Oh Mr. Malik, how are you?’ the doctor greeted.

‘Am fine sir, I just checked up on the lady and she said she still remembers nothing’ Malik said.

‘Yes Mr. Malik, we have tried our best but to no avail and no one came for her’.

‘What do we do now?’ Malik said.

‘I told the police but they couldn’t find anything to do. Since she is feeling better now, I would suggest you take her home and look after her’ the doctor advised.

‘Take her to my house?’ Malik asked.

‘Yes sir, it’s the best for her situation. She needs to spend time around people so her memory could come back, please help her till the end’ the doctor said.

‘Okay doctor, I will think about it’ Malik answered.



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