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The victim who happened to be a pretty young lady was rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment.

‘Doctor, what is her condition, hope she is going to be alright?’ Malik asked after the doctor had attended to their victim.

‘She had a severe injury on her head, but we are going to try our best on her’ the doctor replied.

‘Please doctor do your best, I don’t care how much the bill may cost, just make sure

she doesn’t die’ Jeffery said.

‘Okay, guys. Excuse me, I have another patient to attend to’ the doctor said before taking his leave.

‘Jeff you know this is your fault’

‘My fault? Aren’t you the one who made me lost my concentration?’ Jeff refuted.

‘If that girl should die, I will never forgive you’ Malik said.

* * * * * * *

Having paid the hospital to take care of her, they left. Now both men were back at the hospital the second day to check on the lady. They went straight to see her after the nurse said she is getting better. She was lying there unconscious with a bandage on her head. Malik walked to her bed and sat beside her, praying she opens her eyes, while Jeffery stood at a distance, getting himself busy with his smartphone. Suddenly the lady opened her eyes and saw the man sitting beside her.

‘Where am I? Who are you?’ she fired the two questions toward Malik.

‘You were involved in a car accident yesterday, we brought you to the hospital’ Malik answered.

‘Accident? What is an accident?’ she asked again.

‘What sort of question is that?’ Jeffery stepped in.

‘Stop it, Jeffery, miss, what is your name?’ he asked.

‘I don’t have a name’ she answered.

‘What the hell happened to you?’ Jeffery inquired.

‘Jeff please get the doctor here!’ Malik shouted.

The doctor came and ran a test on her. After a few minutes, he concluded that she is suffering from amnesia.

After concluding the test, the doctor told the nurse to attend to her while he ushered the two men to his office.

‘Doctor what did you say is wrong with her’ Malik asked after they got inside the doctor’s office.

‘She is having amnesia; a terrible memory loss and this had happened as a result of the damage on her head when she was hit’ he answered.

‘That’s serious. But doctor, hope she won’t be having any mental disorder?’ Jeff inquired.

‘No, from the test I did, I found no such thing. She just didn’t remember anything’. The doctor replied.

‘Have you seen any of her people?’ Jeff asked.

‘No one came here since yesterday’

‘Aside her memory loss is there anything wrong with her?’ Malik asked.

‘Nothing else, she is perfectly okay, just the wound on her head and it has been attended to, and she will be due for discharge in two day’s time’.

‘Thank you, doctor, but didn’t you find any form of identification or mobile phone on her?’ Jeff asked.

‘We found nothing on her except makeups. I’m thinking of reporting this case to the police if her parent didn’t show up’

‘That will be fine doctor, please do’ Malik said.

‘Doctor I think we should wait a little bit for her family to come before saying anything to the cops’ Jeffery objected.

‘Okay, I will wait two more days then’.

The two friends bade the doctor farewell before heading to their house.

Both friends got inside the car and were driving home but at a normal speed this time around. Malik was the one at the wheel taking all necessary cautions to avoid another disaster with Jeffery beside him. Absolute silence prevailed in the car until Jeffery broke it.

‘Malik, how could someone lose his or her memory just like that’ Jeffery asked.

‘It’s quite possible; didn’t you hear the doctor say she had a serious injury on her head?’ Malik replied.

‘It’s a pity, all that she had known, all her past life, her friends and family all forgotten totally?’ Jeffery said.

‘Not totally, in most cases, I have heard the victim eventually recall. I think it’s temporary’ Malik explained.

‘I can’t imagine what it will be like if such a thing happen to me’

‘Haa that will be a terrible case, I would just take you out of the country and have every psychologist on earth work on you’ Malik answered jocosely.

* * * * * * * *

It’s evening, two days later, Malik had suggested they go visit the girl at the hospital again but Jeffery had declined, saying they had done everything they should for the lady, they should focus on their work and not be distracted by her. After thinking carefully, Malik picked up his car key and drove to the hospital. Entering the room, he found her sitting down watching a movie on the television. It appeared that she has been perfectly healed but the bandage is still on her head. Malik saw her smiling at the humorous drama she was watching; he noticed her beautiful dimple revealed whenever she smiles.

‘Hi,’ He greeted.

‘Hello sir, it’s nice to see you again’ she replied.

‘Oh, so you remember me?’ he said surprisingly because he could not believe that she would remember him.

‘Of course, you came here days ago telling me I was involved in an accident.

‘Where is the other guy?’ she asked.

‘He is busy at home, I brought you some snacks’ he replied handing the small nylon bag he brought over to her.

She took it and brought out its content, which was two meat pies and a plate of ice cream.

‘What is this?’ she inquired.

‘They are food, this one is called a meat pie and the other one is ice cream.

This is how you eat it’ (Malik took a bite from the pie).

‘It tastes good, thank you sir’ she said after eating a bit.

‘You are welcome, have you recalled anything that happened to you before yesterday?’

‘No I haven’t, I have tried several times but I just can’t remember’ she answered.

‘Okay just give yourself a little time, you will soon remember everything. Let me go see the doctor, I will be right back’ he said before going out.

He found the doctor relaxing in his office.

‘Good evening doctor’

‘Oh Mr. Malik, how are you?’ the doctor greeted.

‘Am fine sir, I just checked up on the lady and she said she still remembers nothing’ Malik said.

‘Yes Mr. Malik, we have tried our best but to no avail and no one came for her’.

‘What do we do now?’ Malik said.

‘I told the police but they couldn’t find anything to do. Since she is feeling better now, I would suggest you take her home and look after her’ the doctor advised.

‘Take her to my house?’ Malik asked.

‘Yes sir, it’s the best for her situation. She needs to spend time around people so her memory could come back, please help her till the end’ the doctor said.

‘Okay doctor, I will think about it’ Malik answered.


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TANGLE Episode 26




Tangle episode 26


‘Helen is this really you?’Jeffery asked.
‘Am sorry for leaving you guys’ Helen said solemnly.
‘Why did you change your mind?’ Malik asked.
‘Because I need some money to take care of my mom. She tried her best to raise me with the little she has, so I think it’s time I pay her back but I can’t do that by selling fish. I need real money, please guys help me out’ she begged.

‘But you insulted me on phone just now’ Malik said.
‘Me?’ Helen asked surprisingly. She ransacked her pocket and bag in search of her mobile phone but she couldn’t find it.
‘Oh, I left my phone at home. It must have been aunty Sikira who talked to you. She was infuriated when I told her I was leaving’ Helen said.
‘Thank God you are back, girl but before you can start working with us officially you have to talk to our boss’ Jeffery said.

The chairman called at exactly seven pm and they all sat down beside the TV.
‘Good evening sir’ they greeted.
‘Evening my loyal employee, I can see the new lady is here’ the image on the screen said.
‘Yes sir, her name is Adebimpe but we call her Helen’ Malik announced.
‘Am very much happy to be part of your workers’ sir’ Helen said.
‘Ok but you must work hard to earn my reward. Guys let’s talk about our next business.

This operation is simple but delicate. A guy will arrive at the airport in Lagos by 2 p.m tomorrow, he will be carrying several luggage but I need you to get me one thing from him, his bread’ the chairman paused.
‘Bread?’ Jeffery asked to be sure he heard right.
‘Yes bread, Helen you will help them distract his attention, I heard this guy has an eye for good looking girls. Guys please make this a clean job, steal the bread and replace it with another. He mustn’t know you stole from him.

‘Okay sir, but once we have the bread what do we do with it?’ Malik asked.
‘I will call you 7 p.m tomorrow to give you further instruction. Guys, please do this job perfectly, I won’t tolerate any mistake. Good night’ the Chairman vanished from the screen.
More information about the man they were to rob including his picture was sent to them via email.

TANGLE Episode 25

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

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TANGLE Episode 25




Tangle episode 25


He knew it was his only friend knocking so he rose up and made for the door.
‘What’s happening Jeff?’ he asked after opening the door and seeing his friend at the doorstep.
‘The Chairman wants to speak with you’ Jeffery announced.
Hearing this, Malik was stunned. He hasn’t been able to decide what to say to him concerning the issue of this girl yet.
‘Tell him I went out, I will call him later’ he replied.

‘He is on a video call and I already told him you are in your room’ Jeff said.
‘Okay I will be with him in a few seconds’ he said and Jeff went away.
With his heart pounding, he followed his friend to the sitting room.
On the screen of their flat screen television is the image of a man whose face was displayed in shadow.
The two guys sat before the T.V
‘Good afternoon sir’ they both chorused.

‘Hello my boys, how are you doing’ the image on the screen greeted.
‘We are fine sir’.
‘We have a huge work to do. Malik, I haven’t seen what I told you to send and where is that your new employee? I will like to have a word with her’ The Chairman asked.
Malik was dumbfounded he never thought he could request to see her.
‘She —, Hemmmm’ Malik gibbered in fear.

‘Sorry sir she isn’t around presently, she is in her house’ Jeffery intervened.
Malik cursed his friend for stepping in.
‘Okay, how do I see her ‘cause she has an important role to play in this next operation?’ the chairman said.
‘We will call her here this evening so you can speak with her, and about her biodata, Malik suggested we do a thorough investigation on her so we hired a private investigator to work on it. The result will be out tomorrow’ Jeffery quickly spoke before his friend could say anything.

‘That is a brilliant idea, just make sure I get the data tomorrow and I will call you 7 p.m today make sure she is around. I can’t give out the detail of the operation if you all are not present. Good day,’ Chairman said.
‘Good day sir’ they chorused again and the image vanished from the screen.
‘Thanks so much for saving my ass Jeff’ Malik said.
‘I saved both our asses, now how do we get her here before 7 p.m?’ Jeff asked.
‘Let me call her mobile phone number’ Malik picked up his phone and dialed her number.

‘Hello Helen, how are you?’ Malik greeted on the phone.
‘Who is this?’ The voice on phone asked.
‘This is Malik please come over here now we have a serious issue to discuss’ Malik said.
‘Malik or what do you call yourself, you think you can order me around because you have money? Look, I have already erased you people from my life, I suggest you do the same and don’t ever call my number again’ the call ended.

Malik was taken aback by what he heard, he checked the number to be sure he didn’t dial a wrong number but it was Helen’s number indeed.
‘Is she coming now?’ Jeff asked.
‘No, she insulted me saying I should never call her again’ Malik explained.
‘This girl doesn’t know what she is into. Let’s go over to her house’
‘That won’t work, this is half-past five and the journey to her area is about three hour’s journey, we won’t be able to pick chairman’s call at seven’.

‘So what will you suggest we do now?’ Jeffery asked
‘I haven’t got any idea’ Malik answered.
They both started thinking of what to do.
Suddenly the door opened and someone stepped into the house with a traveling bag. They were both surprised to see Helen standing before them.


TANGLE Episode 24

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

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TANGLE Episode 24




Tangle episode 24


Malik weighed both suggestions and concluded that the second one made more sense.
He assured himself that Helen would stay with them, with this he slept off.
The morning soon came and Malik found himself over anxious to see Helen but she didn’t come early. It was well past noon while both guys were playing poker that they saw her came into the house. Before Malik could say anything to her she burst into tears and ran into the room.

The emotional guy Malik was stunned by what just happened.
‘Why would she not even greet them? Did something happen to her mom?’ Malik thought.
Jeff, as usual, wasn’t moved a bit by this; instead, he focused on the game he was playing.
‘Jeff, what do you think happened to her?’ Malik asked.
‘How would I? I got no idea and besides its none of my business’, Jeff answered.
‘How could you talk like that? I got to go see her’ Malik said but before he could stand up, Helen came back in.

Malik was astounded by what she was holding. It was a traveling bag he presumed to contain all her things.
‘Guys, words will not be enough for me to show my appreciation to you. Without knowing me or where I came from, you took me in and accepted me into your home. I would have loved to continue living with you but I have to take care of my poor mom. Sorry guys I have to go’ she confessed with tears gushing down her pretty face.
Malik was too sober to say anything in reply. Helen was making her way for the door when she suddenly felt a hand held her back.

‘Please don’t go’ Malik said holding her wrist but she broke free and left the house.
Malik almost burst into tears as he watched Helen leaving the house.
‘So now that your girl decided to leave us, what do you plan on telling Chairman’ Jeffery asked.
‘I don’t know yet’ Malik answered.
‘You don’t know? Why don’t you tell him all about her so he can take care of her’ Jeffery suggested?
‘What do you mean Jeff? Do you mean the chairman should send his boys to kill her?’ Malik asked.

‘Yes, she has become a leakage which must be sealed’ Jeff answered.
‘Why are you this heartless Jeffery? Don’t you have a human feeling at all?’
‘Oh am heartless? Do you know what the Chairman will do to us once our information leaks out from your jewel? He will order our assassination to cover his track, that’s what he always does. Are you willing to risk our life for hers?’ Jeff asked angrily.
Without answering the question, Malik went into his room.

TANGLE Episode 23

Two hours later Malik was in his room smoking and drinking heavily. The habit Helen’s presence had denied him, he now resulted in it as a means of reducing the pressure on his shoulder. His friend was right about all he said but he couldn’t bear the thought of losing Helen. How is he now going to do it?’ He thought.
Series of knocks sounded on the door. He knew it was his only friend knocking so he rose up and made for the door.


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

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