Trauma (Episode 6)


Jummy was disoriented at the sight of blood dripping out from Thomas’ head. When she eventually pulled herself together, she went to get the first aid box and stopped the bleeding before she and Thomas’ house help took him to the hospital.

Bayo and Tolu were sitting opposite each other in a restaurant, having their lunch. Bayo gently grabbed Tolu’s hand on the table.
“Am happy to have you as my girl Tolu, you are my one in a million? ” Said Bayo.
Tolu blushed elatedly.

“Bayo I fell in love with you the first time I set my eyes on you. My heart belongs to no one else but you” Tolu replied.
“But Bayo, an issue has been bothering me about this our relationship” Tolu continued.
“What is it? Tell me” Bayo asked.
“It’s about Jummy ” Tolu replied.
“What about her? ”
“You had feelings for her. A few weeks ago you were running after her. Hope you didn’t turn your attention to me because you couldn’t get her? Are you sure am not your second option? I don’t want a situation where you will decide to leave me for her later” She explained.
Bayo smiled.

“I understand your fear but I need you to understand that whatever feelings I had for your friend is gone. I have my eyes on you and you alone”.
“Are you sure ?” she asked.
“Absolutely, I can never stop loving you, ” He said.

The girls were getting ready to sleep late Sunday evening when they heard knocks on the door. They were alarmed. Who will visit them at this ungodly hour of the night with a good intention? Bisi armed herself with the turner as she motioned for Tolu to open the door. Bisi had almost hit the strange visitor when the door creaked open until Tolu screamed “Jummy”.

She stepped in and dropped on the bed tiredly.
“Jummy why have you decided to travel at this hour? Can’t you make it tomorrow?” Tolu complained.
“Am sorry, am having test very early tomorrow morning” she explained.
“But when you know that, you should have left earlier,” Bisi said.

“I couldn’t, something terrible happened ” She explained what happened to them with tears.
“This is so sad. Hope he has gotten better? ” Tolu asked.
“Yes, he has. I left him in care of his house help” she replied.
“But Jummy, why can’t you just let him make love to you? Didn’t he deserve it? After all, he is your fiancee ” Bisi inquired.
“You don’t understand. We have never had it before, I was a virgin before I got raped ” she explained and her friends were bewildered.

Trauma (Episode 5)

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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