Chase sat outside on the steps of the house. His eyes were fixed at the horizon as it got swallowed up by the warm bronze sunlight. The lustrous stars glinted in the sky, brightening it even more. He loved this moment when the moon and the stars would be gleaming above him and most especially whenever he was with her but sadly, he was alone, still waiting for her.

“Hi.” A couple passing waved at him as they passed, chuckling incessantly.
Hello.” He waved back watching them disappear somewhere around the house. He had missed that companionship. Somewhere Tori down, he could feel a hint of jealousy which he quickly ignored.

He had been so stupid, what exactly was he thinking by flirting with all those girls? Especially in front of the girl whom he was trying to take back. If anything at all he should be trying to impress her. The Shrink had said he should be low key and not do anything stupid, she had also said he should accept anything she wanted to do as long as he was comfortable with it.

But he was tired of this. He couldn’t even imagine spending another night without having spoken to her. He needed to speak with her and the night was falling fast, where could she be anyway?
Sometimes later, he could see her from afar as she walked towards the house. Her silhouette under the beautiful moon. Within the moment it took her to walk down to the house, he knew she was so much more than a pretty girl, she was his joy, love and the light of his life and he regretted every pain he made her pass through.

As she got to his front, she paused and confronted him. His stomach did a double flip. She was finally missing him and wanted to take things back, maybe he could start by telling her everything.
“Babe I miss…..”
“Chase, I need you to leave.”
They both said at the same time and then he stopped. What did she just say?
“What are you talking about Kaylie?”
She continued without looking into his eyes. “ I am willing to give you back your money, all I need is for you to leave or probably get another house.”
Chase frowned and stood up, he could feel the disappointment exploding inside him.

“ I am not going anywhere Kaylie, maybe you should cut whatever act you are putting up and let’s fix this.”
This caught her attention and she glared at him. “There is nothing to be fixed. You can keep flirting with all those sluts as much as you like but don’t ever….”
“Okay, so you were jealous?” Chase cooed, interrupting her.

“What? Jealous? Are you kidding me?” She snapped at him and continued. “ I don’t care what you do or who you flirt with, it is your life and your business, not mine!”
“Really? So why did you leave suddenly when I was with the girls?” He continued.
Kaylie stopped talking, biting her lips and standing akimbo. “You are crazy! Even crazier than I thought! You could mess with your life as long as you want. Drink yourself to stupor and even do crazy shits! Right now, it is not my concern anymore. You are dead to me!” With this, she walked past him and into the house.

Chase sighed as he realized what just happened. He had acted like a complete jerk. Could she be right? Was he really dead to her? How else was he going to let her realize that they could still make this work and that he was willing to do anything for them to fix this? He has never seen her like this before. She has never been this angry with him. He climbed down the steps and went the way she had come. He needed to clear his head.


Kaylie slammed the bedroom door angrily after her and sat on the bed. He was becoming a pain and she just hated him right now! How could he assume such a stupid thing, that she was jealous? Who cared about if he flirted with all the women at the beach? Afterall, was he not doing the same thing when he was avoiding her? What guts! What did he even take her for?

She reached into her purse and brought out her phone. She and Tori had exchanged numbers and she was the only one she could talk to right now.
The phone rang just once when she picked it.
“Sup babe, how did it go?” Tori asked from the other end.

“You can’t imagine what nonsense he was saying. First, he didn’t collect the money, he said he isn’t going anywhere but that is not even a problem, he kept going on and on about if I was jealous when he was with the girls and so on! What did he even take me for? Does he think I care about him still? Is that how naïve he thinks I am?”

She heard Tori chuckle and it infuriated her more. “Look, Tori, stop doing that, it’s not funny.”
The other lady was laughing out loud now. “Look, calm down okay. Do you want to come over, I have a lot of room here.”
“No, I’m not coming over. That will make him think he’s got some power over me, besides, I paid for this house too so I ain’t going nowhere. Talk tomorrow Tori.” After this, she ended the call and threw the phone on the bed. She grunted as she walked to the bathroom, she needed a warm bath else she might just go crazy.



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