Trauma (Episode 5)


Tolu came in beaming with a smile as she met Bisi lying on the bed busy with her phone.
“Hello baby girl, it has happened, ” she said joyfully.
“What happened? ” inquired Bisi.
“Can’t you guess it” replied Tolu.

“Abeg tells me the reason behind your excitement, ” Bisi said.
“He finally said it, he eventually said he loves me. I can’t believe it ”
“Wait, don’t keep me in the dark. Who are you talking about? ” Bisi asked.

“Bayo of course, haven’t I told you how much I love him and wished he could be mine? ” replied Tolu.
“But I thought he is only into Jummy, remember he once told us to help him talk to her,” said Bisi.
“That was then, besides Jummy already got Thomas, ” answered Tolu.

“Are you sure this guy really loves you or he wants to date you because you keep throwing yourself at him? ” Bisi asked.
“What’s all that? Are you trying to insult me? ” She flayed.
“Am so sorry I sound harsh but am only trying to advise you to be more careful” Bisi pleaded.
“Please stop it. When I need your advice, I will ask. ” Tolu said angrily.

Jumoke was deeply asleep on the bed while Thomas lay beside her unable to sleep. He drew closer to her and started caressing her cheeks. His hand later traveled down to her bare arm and from there it penetrated into her bosom. She suddenly woke up and saw what Thomas was doing.

“What is it? Please leave me alone ” She flared up.
“Come on sweetie, let me have you tonight” Thomas whispered.
“Am not interested, let it be some other time ” Jummy declined.
“No I want you now, have been craving for it since all these days, let’s do it now ” he insisted.

“Baby please give me more time, I still have some things to figure out, ” said Jummy.
“I can’t wait to have you anymore ” with this, he got on top of her and started kissing and caressing her passionately.

Jummy tried all she could to get Thomas off her but she couldn’t. The event of the night she was raped played in her memory. She managed to grab the flower vase on the table beside the bed and smashed it on her fiancee’s head.

Trauma (Episode 4)

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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