A black range rover sport car, navigated the smooth expressway at a high speed. Seeing the car outside, people may assume by the way of driving that anyone at the wheel of the car is either drunk or not in a sane state of mind. Inside the car we find a man in his late-twenties driving but perfectly okay and another man of the same age with a tattoo on his arm, sitting beside him.  Just mere looking at the two, one would quickly grab the in-depth meaning of the word ‘Rich’.

Both men fidgeted their head as they dance to the loud music from the car player. The tattooed guy turned down the volume of the player. ‘Jeffery who was the girl I saw you talking to at the club?’ the tattooed man inquired. ‘Which girl was that?’ ‘The one you left me for, while we were at the bar’ he specified. ‘Oh that hot girl, her name is Janet’ Jeffery answered. ‘Have you two known each other before?’ Tattooed guy asked again.

‘No we didn’t, I just met her there. Malik where are you driving at with this series of questions?’ ‘It seems I have seen her before’ Malik answered. ‘Where?’ Jeffery demanded ‘I don’t know, Jeffery am afraid that one day your womanizing would land us into trouble’ ‘What are you saying? Do you think am stupid enough to open my heart to any girl? They are like orange Malik, I suck their juice and throw them away’ he explained.

‘Jeff you had better minimized your frolicking with these girls, they may cause your downfall’ Malik advised. ‘You talk as if I am the devil and you are a saint, I womanize and you are a drunkard who is holy among us?’ Jeffery said angrily.

‘All am saying is that you take caution, due to the nature of our work’ Malik warned.
‘Stop saying nonsense joor’ Jeffery put on the volume of the player.
‘Am I the one saying nonsense?’ Malik said after turning down the volume of the player to make sure his voice is heard.

‘What exactly is your problem Malik?’
‘You are my problem Jeff, you have become too reckless these past months’.
‘If my crushing around women is your problem, then fuck off’
They continued their argument, this caused Jeff to lose his attention and their car knocked down a pedestrian standing by the roadside.



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