TWISTED PATH (Episode 18)


The ladies’ room was nothing like Fatima imagined. What she thought would be an abode for her was just a big open room housing over thirty female, both young and old. There they all sat on the bare floor murmuring like a colony of bees. A foul odor was coming from the latrine dug around somewhere.

The moment she was thrown in, the guard jammed the door shut without listening to the women shouting at them. Some young ladies rushed to her and started seizing what she had on until an older woman shouted at them.

Fatima looked to her left and found the corpse of a young lady lying around. She asked what happened and was told the lady had died overnight of an unknown illness. They had called on the guard to take the body out but no one would answer. Fatima tore from her dress and covered the dead lady’s face with it.

She found a spot for herself, sat down resting her back against the wall and struggling too and tried to breathe not as much of the tainted air as possible.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A fancy sports car drove into the campus of Flendid University. Behind the wheel was Mohammed looking handsome in designer clothes and a new hair cut. As the car nosed towards the way to the faculty of art, he stole a glance at photographs on the seat next to him. He still hasn’t found how the lady relates to the terrorist’s mission.

He drove the rented car to the car park and killed the engine. He took a swig of the can drink he had bought. Mohammed had read from the file that Rosaline would be having a test in one of the buildings far ahead. His wristwatch informed him that he only had twelve minutes to wait before his target walk out.

Mohammed took the few minutes he had left to reminisce. He was still only unable to remember anything except for the occasional flashes he couldn’t make sense of. His mind also went to Fatima, even though he knew there was a high possibility that she would have been killed, he still had a strong inclination that she was alive.

After he had completed his task, Jamal should have trusted him enough to take him to Sheikh and then the security will do their work. He touched the tracker at the back of his neck. Ever since he had been scanned and told he was clean, he had been worried that maybe the tracker was no longer working. If the tracker had stopped working, how would the agency locate him when he got to Sheikh.

Suddenly he saw student streaming out of the hall and he braced himself to get a positive ID. After seconds of scanning through the crowd, Mohammed saw her walking out in the company of two other ladies. Immediately they entered a car and drove off, he followed at a safe distance. Mohammed followed the car to a restaurant and he watched as it’s three occupants got down and strode inside.

He waited for a while before he alighted from his car and moved towards hers. When he realized no one was watching, he brought out a knife and used it to puncture one of the tyres.
As he got back into his car, he felt a cold nuzzle of a gun kissing the back of his neck.

“Any hasty move, you are dead. Let me see your hands.” Abeeb threatened.
Mohammed looked through the rear mirror and saw that it was Abeeb.
“Agent Abeeb, what are you doing here?” He asked.
“You are going to pay dearly for turning on the agency,” Abeed said.

“I didn’t turn on the agency, I wasn’t taking to the base as we have anticipated. They won’t fully trust me until I complete this operation.” Mohammed said.
“What is it about?”
Mohammed slowly reached for the photograph and handed it over to Abeeb.
” Her name is Rosaline Balogun, they said the girl is a secret weapon to win their war. My mission is to get close to her.” Mohammed explained.

“Where is your partner Fatima?”
“They took her away, she would probably be taken to the base.”
The Ladies came out and found one of their car tyres deflated.
“See I need to go right now,” Mohammed said and Abeeb withdrew the gun from his neck.
He came out of the car and acted as if he was really going to the restaurant. He took a cursory look at the disappointed ladies.

“Are you ladies having any problem here?” He asked.
“We have a flat tire and we need to get to somewhere urgently.” One of her friends responded.
“If you ladies have an extra tire, I could fix it for you.” He proposed.
“Oh, thanks so much,” Rosaline said.

As Mohammed was changing the tires he could notice one of the ladies secretly eyeing him. When the Job was done, he gave them his fabricated business card and went his way.

TWISTED PATH (Episode 17)

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

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