Trauma (Episode 3)


Jumoke walked in to the class looking melancholic. A group of girls sitting at the back greeted her and she replied them abruptly before walking down to her seat. 

“Ha haa what is wrong with this girl today? Can you see the way she replied to us as if we have been fighting before ” one of the girls said? 

“I wonder oooo, she is even looking as if she lost a fortune in a bet game ” another lady replied.

“What she lost is more than a fortune. Didn’t you girls hear what happened? ” the third girl asked. 

“What happened? ” the other two girls chorused. 

“Tade got back at her for what she did. She got raped in her apartment on Friday night, ” she explained.

“Oh my God, no wonder she is looking like that. I really feel sorry for her.” One of the girls said. 

“Why do you pity her? She got what she deserves. Am sure with what happened, all her ‘I too know’ attitude will reduce.” the third girl replied.

Jummy’s ear caught what the three were saying. She placed her head on the table and began to weep silently. Suddenly a hand tapped her, she wiped out her tears before bringing up her head to see who tapped her. She realized it was Juwon the guy who had been trying to clinch with her. 

“What is it Juwon? ” She fired. 

The guy looked at her surprisingly, he noticed her red eyes. 

“Have you been crying? What happened?” He asked but Jumoke replied her with a hiss before putting her head back on the table. 

He took a sit beside her. 

“Jummy why? Please tell me what happened. If there is any problem, maybe we can figure out a way to solve it ” he pestered her. 

“Leave me alone, ” replied Jumoke. 

“What ever it just takes it easy. It may not be as bad as you think but no matter what it is, remember being here for you any time any day. My shoulder is always yours to lean on. “ 

“Let me be” She shouted at him and all the eyes in the class were trained on them.

Jumoke who was lying on the bed was jolted out of her thought when the door opened and her two friends came in.

“Welcome girls” She greeted. 

Bisi noticed traces of tears on Jummy’s cheeks. 

“Are you still crying over this issue? ” She asked. 

“What? ” asked Jumoke asked. 

“There are traces of tears all over your cheeks” She answered. 

Jumoke’s phone rang but she ignored it. 

“Won’t you pick the call, it’s from Thomas. ” Said Tolu.

“I don’t want to talk to him right now,” Jummy replied. 

The phone started ringing again and she was persuaded to pick it up. 

“Hello Darling, ” she said. 

“Good evening my love, how has the day been? ” asked voice from the phone. 

“It was fine ” She answered.

“You don’t sound fine, what is it?” asked voice on phone. 

“Am having an head ache ” She lied. 

“Oh sorry my dear, have you taken any pill? ”

The call went on for minutes till it finally ended. 

“When will you tell him what happened?” Bisi said. 

“I won’t, he mustn’t know,” Jummy replied. 

“Why? Isn’t he your fiancee? ” Tolu asked. 

“You girls can’t understand ” she answered.

TRAUMA (Episode 2)

Written by oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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