“Hi, babe” Chase said, leaning against the red car as he spotted her with the guide. She was still in the same cloth she had worn last night that would mean that she had gone home straight to get a bus down there.
She stared at him, looking displeased as her brows bustled together.
“What are you doing here?” She demanded with a hand on her waist.
He sighed. “Baby, we both paid for the house remember?”
The guide looked lost as he watched the drama before him, there was major tension between these two and he wouldn’t want to get in between.

“Okay guys, please, let’s just quickly go to the house, settle down and finally you can trash out whatever you need to trash out?” He shrugged with a wide grin. The couple looked at him and then shrugged as well.
“No problem,” Kaylie said, opening the back passenger’s seat and climbed in, taking her big traveling bag with her. Meanwhile, Chase took the front seat beside the guide who was also going to be their driver and in a few seconds, they were on the move.

*********** **********************

Kaylie put her bag comfortably on the seat beside her as she looked out the window. She needed to focus on something aside from the man that was sitting in front of her. She wasn’t going to allow him to mess up her vacation. What was he doing here anyway? Did he think he could just show up and act as nothing happened? He even had the guts to come with the idea that they both paid the rent together! What guts!

“Okay Kaylie, you need to calm down!” She said to herself as she breathed in slowly and then exhaled sharply.
That minute the guide turned up the radio in the car…
“So how far before we reach our desKaylietion?” Chase asked the driver.
“We are almost there Mr.Chase., less than one minute.” The lad replied with a smile.

“Are you okay there Miss?” He asked Kaylie, looking at her in the front mirror but Kaylie already tucked a pair of earphones in her ear. She just didn’t want to hear Chase’s voice ever again.
She wasn’t listening to anything in particular but she wanted to create that impression that she wanted to be left alone. As far as she could tell, they both seemed to have understood that part as they were both quiet. Now she was looking out the window.

The road spread before them like a tarmac ribbon with a white line running down the center, unbroken, unlike the potholed concrete.
There were many trees each by the side of the road, moving fast behind them as they drove quietly.
For a minute, she forgot that Chase was completely in the car with her. They were approaching the beach, she could already feel the dense atmosphere. Shortly after, the car made a right turn.

As she stepped out of the car, she could feel the sands shifting under the pressure of her boot. Even though she has not seen it, she could feel it. few miles away from them was the ocean, alive with millions of sea dwellers and constant motion. She spread out her arms excitedly to smell the salty breeze…she wanted to soak it all in. she could hear the movement of the waves as they moved with force like an overflowing bathtub and they die down immediately as they started all over again.

“Urm…I don’t want to interrupt your magical moment miss but you need to see your house.” The lad said quietly into Kaylie’s ears and she snapped her eyes open at once, blushing slightly with a smile.
“Sorry, I got caught in the moment.” She said apologetically as she followed the lad. That was when she found Chase again and her countenance changed. She had simply forgotten about him.

The house was like all the beach houses she had seen online, it was small but cute with walls brilliantly painted in white. There were coconut trees all around the house, forming a kind of prodigious pattern.
Kaylie watched as they climbed the steps that were made of beautifully carved stones and on getting to the entrance door, the guide inserted his key into the lock and then pushed the door open.

They stepped into what Kaylie could have termed the most beautiful beach house she had ever seen. Everywhere was white and completely flawless. The room was warm, a fireplace was definitely somewhere close. The chandelier was low enough to be touched. Velvet drapes framed the window while the lace inner curtains remained drawn, allowing the morning light a sort of escape into the room.
“This is beautiful,” Kaylie said.
“I couldn’t agree more,” Chase added as he looked around the room, unaware of the look Kaylie just sent him.

“Well, I’m glad we are now on the same page,” Taylor said with a satisfied look.
“Just out of curiosity, how many rooms are in here?” Kaylie asked she wasn’t ready to spend the 14 days with Chase.
“Well, there is just a single king-sized room like you requested…”
“What?” Kaylie shouted but Taylor continued.
“However, there is another room which is quite smaller.”
“Well, thank you, Taylor. That will do. So how about the keys?” She continued and Taylor brought out a bundle of keys from which he removed one and handed to her.
“You mean there is just one key?”
“Yea.” He replied with a nod. “This is supposed to be a couple’s thing and it doesn’t matter who gets the key.”
“It’s okay Taylor, you have been so helpful, you can go now.” Chase quickly put in.

“Okay, thank you. Have fun.” Taylor managed to say. “If there is any problem, please I will just be a call away.”
“Thank you,” Kaylie said firmly as the lad dispersed.
“So…babe I…” Chase started but Kaylie hushed him.
“Shh!” She started. “For these 14 days, you don’t exist to me. I broke up with you remember and even though I have no idea what game you think you are playing showing up here, I want you to understand some things clearly.”

Chase sighed as he listened.
“You must not talk to me. You must not look at me. You must mind your own business and I will mind mine. Stay at your own end and I will stay at mine. Got it? Good.” With this, she carried her bag as she walked further into what looked like a passageway.
Chase watched her disappear and sighed again. This lady was going to make things more difficult with her stubborn attitude. But this could be fun, both of them staying under one roof without talking? Well, he would see how that would work out.

A minute later, she came out again. She must have probably found the bedroom as she was now in a pair of bikini and a brown pair of sunglasses.
“Baby, seriously, we don’t need this drama…”
Without saying a single word, she left the house and slammed the door behind her.

Chase dropped the bag in his hand and sat on the leather couch for a while. Then on an impulse, he brought out his phone and dialed a number.
“Hello, yea, it’s Chase. I am there, at the beach house. Yes, she is here too…….She’s not talking to me, gave me a bunch of rules, not to talk to her, not to be all up in her business, for the 14 days… Okay. Should I go with the flow? Alright, I will do that. Thanks.” He put the phone back in his pocket.

“Kaylie, you want to play? Well, it’s game on.” He said to himself before standing up. He needed to go find his own room. There was no doubt that the small room was going to be his.





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