Kaylie got to her house and started packing her stuff immediately. She was determined to leave tonight.
She packed her shoes and some important stuff while ignoring the pictures she had initially assembled to bring with her. They were their pictures together but she didn’t need that. She absolutely didn’t need anything that would remind her that she had been so stupid to have fallen for the wrong person again. It was just her luck as all the men in her life were just the same. Selfish and a great liar!
Finally, she zipped up her traveling bag and glanced around to check what other things she must be leaving behind. As she did, her eyes fell on a picture on the bed, one of which she had ignored. It was her first picture with Chase on their first month anniversary.
They were at a beach and she was holding him from the back when the picture was taken. She looked surprised and excited at the same time as she hugged him from the back. He, on the other hand, looked quite comfortable and relaxed as she smiled.
For a short moment, she stared at the picture and then reached out to take it. She watched him closely, especially the expression on his face. He looked happy, so what went wrong? When did he stop being happy with her and why was he even begging her tonight?
Kaylie sighed and looked at the time. It was almost time for her to start going to the bus station. She planned to take a night bus so that she could sleep all through the night and by morning. Sleeping here tonight would only make her stay awake throughout the night and she was tired of that. She needed a vacation, a place she could be alone and think about her life. She actually needed to think about why the wrong ones have been coming her way for a while now. She was going to figure out if she was the problem and find out a way to solve the problem. She was so tired of allowing men to mess with her.
Taking one final look at the room, she stood up, grabbed her bag and walked out of the room.
Chase collapsed on his bed as he got to his room. He felt completely drained, yet there was this feeling of fear somewhere.
If he hadn’t spoken to the driver, probably he would have just gone to her house directly and he would have started pleading all over again.
He sighed. How did he even get here? oh yea, he had been mopping around because he found out his Ex had gotten married. But who wouldn’t have felt so bad when someone makes you feel like a failure? She had no specific reason except that he was inadequate. This was someone he had spent a year with, someone with whom he was ready to spend his whole life and she just bailed on him, just like that.
His mind drifted back to the day-July 7th 2015. It was supposed to be his happiest day.
That morning, he and Anne had spent time sending several messages to each other. He kept recounting how they had met and how everything had clicked perfectly.
They had met on Facebook. You know the kind of friend you are always chatting with because they get you perfectly? That type you can’t end the night without telling her everything that happened to you in the day? Yes, that was how Anne was to him. She knew everything about him and he was a great talker. Even though she didn’t tell him much about her, he liked her all the same, she was a great listener. They stayed in the same city so they decided to finally meet.
All this happened while he was spending his last one year in school and Anne was working as an intern in a pharmaceutical store.
When he saw her on Facebook, he knew she was beautiful, but seeing her in real life, she was the type that would grace the front of a billboard magazine with her flawless black skin and her tall, slender body.
The date had gone perfectly well and they had shared a kiss, making them officially a couple. They became closer and soon, started planning on moving in immediately after his education and before he knew it, he asked her to marry him.
They were already living together before they started planning their wedding so he didn’t understand how he must have missed all the signs that she was clearly distracted or not interested in getting married to him. He had thought they were actually on the same page. How could he have missed that!
He remembered his wedding day-he thought it was going to be his happiest day but now it was a day that kept haunting him for many months.
He remembered waiting at the altar, looking at his bride as she walked in, in her beautiful white gown. She made his heart skip as he watched her walk closer. Everyone in the chapel was looking at her and he was thinking of how lucky he was to have such a woman in his life.
They finally met at the altar with their hands joined. He smiled at her but she hadn’t returned her smile. He thought she was nervous. He had been so stupid to have thought that.
That was all he got and before he knew it, she was running out of the chapel. Chase still remembered the shame and disappointment that exploded inside him as the congregation stared at him.
From that day, her number was switched off and no one knew where had gone. The worst part was that she had packed every single one of her belongings from the house.
He checked his social media, his status still read ‘engaged to Anne Landria,’ and there was no recent update from her ever since then. He sent several E-mail messages and Facebook messages, he got no response from her either.
He was very disturbed until two days later when she had uploaded a picture of herself, in Paris with some other man, changed her status to ‘complicated’and then replied his Facebook message with-“I’m sorry Chase, you didn’t deserve that, you were just inadequate.”
It made him furious. So all the time they had shared was nothing? He sent several messages to her only to realized that he had been blocked. Tired of everything, he left there and decided to go back to East-End, where he had grown up. He wanted to start all over in a friendly environment. Everyone who knew him with Anne all felt sorry for him and he was tired of the pitiful look he got any time he went to the store.
Getting back to the town made him realize how much he had missed the environment. His parents were both dead a long time ago and he was the only child, so he had no reason to come back there but he did. When he got back to the town the second day, Lyn’s restaurant had caught his interest and he was very hungry. He couldn’t even remember if he ate at all since two days back when his bride had bailed on him.
On getting inside, he could see there were few customers in the restaurant, two couples, two men and one single lady who looked like she was having quite a rough day. That was when he had found her after 7 years when they had all graduated.
For some reason, he was happy to have found a friendly face and someone who wasn’t feeling sorry for him for getting dumped on his wedding day, someone who clearly didn’t know anything about him at all, for the past few years.
The driver had said he needed to think about his whole life and his decisions and here he was, thinking about his Ex. The truth was, he has never actually given himself time to mourn over the heartbreak.
Being reconnected with his college classmate, lab partner, and friend was the antidote he needed at that time. She gave him the distraction he needed and soon, he gradually stopped thinking about Anne and instead, he started spending more time with Kaylie and finally asked her out.
Everything was going fine between them until he got a Facebook notification on his phone at Lyn’s restaurant. Someone on Facebook had just shared Anne’s picture. Her hand was raised up for everyone to see her left fourth finger, on which was a shiny diamond ring and beside her was a guy all in suits. They looked so happy and at that moment Chase felt someone had just stabbed him from the back.
All these time of spending time with Kaylie gave him little time to remember Anne and seeing her happy with some other man and getting married, was like a blow across his face. He couldn’t handle it. The shrink was right, he needed to deal with his past if he ever wanted things to be right with Kaylie.
He wanted to make things right with Kaylie. He had messed things up for both of them and he couldn’t even begin to say how sorry he was but, he needed to do something first.
He stood up and walked to the couch where his laptop lay. He switched it on and typed ‘create a Facebook account.’
He had a plan, he was going to create a new Facebook account and would then add Anne up, then he would give her a piece of her mind. After this, he would fly to Hatteras Island and try everything possible to get Kaylie back.

A few hours later, the bus stopped. It was still very early in the morning and the guides were already waiting for them at the park.
“Hatteras Island Beach House no 7 please?” One of the guides asked each of the passengers as they stepped out of the bus. A young man all suited up as well.
“Yes please, that’s me,” Kaylie shouted and the guide looked up at her excitedly, helping her with the bag.
“You are welcome, ma’am.” The man said, please call me Taylor, I am here to give you all the help you need throughout your stay.
Kaylie smiled with gratitude. “Thanks, Taylor. So where is the house?”
“Please follow me. I have a car that will take us there, it’s not far at all but we don’t want our customers to stress themselves. I believe you are very tired.” Taylor stated and she followed him.
“I hope you will be glad to know that your partner is around as well.”
Kaylie thought she heard wrong. “My partner?”
“Yes. Remember you said in your E-mail that you were coming with someone.”
“Yes but…”
“Yea, he is here as well, in fact, he just got here some minutes ago. I was surprised you didn’t come together, so he said he had taken the flight. I had to tell him to wait so I could come to pick you and we can all go together.”
Kaylie could feel the anger boiling inside her again….as they walked to a red Toyota Camry, standing beside the car and looking extremely cute in the blue shirt she had bought him on his last birthday and, a pair of Fendi sunglasses was Chase.





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