“So, dear ladies, if your man has been showing these six signs that I just mentioned, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to end things, sometimes, you need to make him see reasons why he needs to fight for you and why you belong together.

We all know that men can be so tough sometimes, but the truth is, they also develop cold feet once in a while. When this happens, they chicken out and we start asking ourselves, did I do something wrong…was it the way I spoke to him? Did I laugh too much? Did I overreact? Am I over thinking things and so on like that.

I tell you, it can be really frustrating but if you love him, you need to make him see you are hurting. You need to confront him. If he tells you what is actually going on with him, then you can choose to stay or to leave. You have to stand up and take charge. If he is not picking your calls, why don’t you try and surprise him with a call? Hold on, we got a caller on the line…hello….who is on the line…?”

Kaylie listened as the TV presenter went on and on…it was like the lady knew what she was passing through. She was finally watching the show.
When she discovered Chase had left, she wasn’t sad or disappointed, she was filled with rage and she began to think of several things. How he had hurt her and still left when she was sleeping? How was she even able to fall asleep? Why didn’t she lash out at him? She realized the T.V was off and she had switched it on again. Then, she realized the Heart and Soul show was on.

She has never been a fan of the show, but for some reason, the presenter was able to connect with her in everything she said. She had listened to every single word. For some reason, it seemed to calm her down a little bit and it gave her the strength to pick up her phone and dial his number.

He didn’t pick the first two rings and the third went directly to the voicemail. Checking the time, she realized it was just some minutes from 12:00 PM. She had slept for two hours! Well, she didn’t have enough sleep last night so it was quite understandable. She debated on giving him another call but she changed her mind. The next morning, she decided to do that.

By the time she left the house, it was still drizzling but she didn’t care, she just had to see him.
Ten minutes later, she was in front of his house. She could see his car was still packed, that would mean he was still around.

She turned off the ignition key and took another look at herself. Dipping a hand into her bag, she brought out her lipstick and applied to her lips generously, then she shut her eyes and did what she had done in a while….
“Please let it not be what I’m thinking, please let our relationship be good.”

She has heard from several people how they felt better after saying a short prayer but she didn’t feel better, she actually felt more anxious.
Taking a Torip breath, she stepped out of the car and walked towards the front door, it had already stopped drizzling.

The door opened immediately she was about to ring the doorbell. He noticed he was just going for his run as usual with his earphone and a bottle of water. She could see the surprised look on his face as he spotted her.
“Wow! Babe. What are you doing here?”

“Just to check on my boyfriend and spend some time with him since he has been so busy these days.”
“I was just going for a run but you can come inside,” he replied, opening the door a bit wider so she could come in. He hasn’t even tried to kiss her…

She went in and sat on the couch. The house looked clean as if he hadn’t been spending much time there, if he has, it would have looked untidy but it probably was just her imagination.
Chase locked the door and sat next to her.
“You didn’t tell me you were coming, what if I had gone out.”

She sighed, trying to control her emotions. “I would have gladly waited for you to come back; you know I still have your spare key.”
He smiled. “Well, sorry I had to leave yesterday, you were asleep and I didn’t want to wake you up.”
Kaylie smiled painfully. “Really Chase? Since when do you not like waking me up?”

Chase frowned. “What do you mean? Is everything okay?”
“I should ask you that Chase. Are we okay?”
He frowned. “Are you okay?”
Kaylie thought for a while, should she be gentle with this?
“The question is if we are okay. Chase. I mean, are we still in a relationship or am I the only one in this?”
Chase smiled and took her hands in his. “Baby, why do you worry yourself too much?”

“Chase, please, I need to worry okay?” she snapped at him. “I feel like you have been avoiding me lately, I have been through this kind of a thing before. I know the signs so please, just tell me what the problem is. I can take it.” She tried hard to blink back the tears that were now forming in her eyes.

He sighed and pulled her closer to him. “Baby, I don’t know what signs you are talking about and clearly, you have been thinking too much, you are seeing signs where there are none. You need to take things easy.”
“Okay. So, I need to take things easy?”
“So, explain to me why you have not even kissed me since I got here.”

Chase was quiet for a while, then he smiled. “Baby, believe me, everything is fine, I have just been distracted lately and I’m sorry, I promise to make it up to you.”
Kaylie sighed as she stared Toriply into his eyes. “I don’t want to lose you, Chase.”

He brushed a hand through her hair and replied. “I don’t want to lose you too. Everything is fine, believe me. I am still happy with you and I still want to be with you.”
Kaylie gave an exasperated sigh and leaned her head against his chest as he pulled her closer.
“I love you, Chase.”
“I love you too.”



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