DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 21)




“Please sister. Just this once” Emilia pleaded
“No. I said no” she refused.
She wanted to remain indoors for as long as she could. It had been two days after that incident with Arnold and she felt heartbroken and dejected.

Well… It was not as if he had proposed love to her so she had no right to have been mad but still…nevertheless, he had led her on. He had asked her on a date twice, waited at her house just watching her for close to a week and they had shared a few passionate kisses… She had thought their friendship could go beyond but well…

Sighing, Helena turned on the bed hugging the pillow to herself…
“Please sister… I really need to go for my lectures today else I would have been the one to go buy the groceries… Just today please!” Emilia pleaded.
“I said no. Go for your classes and buy them on your way home”
“But what about dad. You know he needs to eat before any of us.”
“Okay fine” she sighed dragging herself out of bed.
“Thank you. I love you” Emilia kissed her on the cheek and rushed out……


And so here she was, after buying all she needed walking around just to buy the only thing left, cucumbers and much to her disappointment, she chanced upon Arnold coming out of a club with a half-naked lady, touching and wiggling herself at him…
Her heart catches in her chest when he spots her and their eyes meet… They gazed at each other for a few seconds and she turns to walk away forgetting what she had to buy…


“Helena please wait!!” He catches up with her and grabs her arms.
She turns and yanks his hand away forcefully
“What do you want?”
“Listen we need to talk. I can explain. Hear me out” he pleaded
“I didn’t ask you for any explanations, Arnold. I don’t own you so you owe me none” she turned to leave

“Pls don’t go yet. I’m really sorry about the last time. I’m sorry. Let me make it up to you please. I’m really sorry”
“You’re the famous architect Arnold Bempong and I, am just Helena Sampson, a mere primary teacher. We are worlds apart Arnold. You know what, never mind. I’ve got things to do” she snapped and walked out on him leaving him to watch her walk away till she was out of sight…


Arnold hissed as the sun rays shone in his room, making his eyes hurt… Pulling the duvet away from his body, he made to sit up when the pain pierced him.
“Damn!!” He cursed as his head throbbed. Opening his eyes, he looked around and spotted the empty bottle of liquor…

Oh yes!! He remembers now… After he left the club, he had gone to pick Fiona up from his neighbor’s house and upon arriving home, he had dialed Helena’s number a couple of times but she didn’t answer. Feeling miserable he had poured himself just a glass of liquor and had ended up gulping down the whole bottle, got drunk and fell asleep.

And now, it was morning and his head was throbbing badly… He shut his eyes and winced in pain trying to stand on his feet… He was having a terrible hangover after getting so drunk the previous night.
Just then the door burst open and Fiona runs into his room and jumped on him, he was thrown off balance and fell with her on the bed…

“Good morning daddy” she greeted kissing his cheeks… He didn’t reply…..
Looking around, she spotted a picture by his bed, it was the photo of a beautiful fair woman whose eyes were as big as hers and nose as pointed as hers… She picked it up and looked at it closely…
“Is this mummy?” She asked…

“Yes Fi, it’s your mother” he replied without looking at the picture.
“Can I keep it? Please?” She begged, sitting on his stomach.
“Yes, yes” he answered impatiently, the pain in his head increasing with each question she asked…
Fiona looked around the room, hoping to find another picture of her mother when she spotted a frame on a wall. It was the picture of her father, he looked much younger then with a few others. She stared at the faces closely one after the other and then she gasped when she recognized the killer. He was standing behind her father, smiling

“Daddy look!! It’s him!!! Daddy!!” She exclaimed tapping him as the images of the night of her nanny’s death played in her mind
“Get off me Fi, sit on the bed” he instructed ignoring her.
“Daddy look at him… The man… Nanny Grace… Him!!” She said much louder pointing to the picture, fear gripping her.

“I said get off me, Fiona. My headaches. And stop shouting, you’re making it worse” he grimaced…
“Daddy look at him.. Please!!! The man!!!! Knife….blood!!!” She stammered still pointing at the picture.
Arnold who wasn’t listening was getting impatiently cursed under his breath. He needed some lime juice, his head was aching and Fiona’s shouting was making it worse.

“Daddy!!!! Look!!!”
“Shut up!!!! Shut up, Fiona!!! Shut the hell up!!!!! Can’t you keep your mouth shut?!!! Don’t you know when to shut up? Arghhh Christ!!! Get off me and get out!!! Now!!!!” He shouted and she shrieked, jumping down, the photo falling from her hand and breaking into pieces…
“Daddy” she whispered, choking.

“Shut up and leave!!! Now!!!” He shouted again as the throbbing in his head increased…..
Fiona runs out of the room, climbed down the stairs and out on to the compound… When she got to the gate, she looked around, the new security guard was nowhere to be found… Wiping the tears that clouded her vision, she pulls the gate open and runs out onto the street………..



Arnold feeling much better now, he sat by the dining table to eat the breakfast he had prepared…
“Fiona!!! Come down for breakfast” he called out but there was no answer… Taking out his phone, he dialed a number and places it to his ear.

“What do you want?” The sharp voice came
“Please, Helena just hear me out. I just need an hour to talk to you. I promise you after this, I would never bother you again. I promise”
“Just this last time. Please”
He heard her sigh”okay. Where do we meet”
“Crosby’s restaurant. In an hour”
“Thank you… I..” He was saying when she hung up…

He smiled, at least she had accepted. He was going to tell her the truth, of his fear of losing another loved one, it started with his parents, then his first girlfriend, then Amanda, Grace, his gateman, and now he didn’t want her to be the next. He sighed and started to eat when he remembered…

“Oh no…Fiona” he muttered…
He had yelled at her earlier that morning, maybe that’s why she hadn’t come down for breakfast…
He needed to apologize and buy her lots of chocolates… He reckoned she loved them and he used them to appease her …

Chuckling, he gets up and heads upstairs towards her room. He knocks, once, twice, thrice,… answer.
“Fiona princess? Breakfast is ready” he still got no reply.
“Listen honey daddy is sorry. I shouldn’t have scolded you like that. Come out now, daddy is sorry. I will buy you lots of chocolates and take you anywhere you want.. You know you’re daddy’s only girl.”

He waited for an answer but got none. He sighed.
“Fi? Fiona dear? I’m sorry. I promise never to scold you again”.
He knocked again, twice…no response. He turned the knob and pushed the door open
” you know you can’t stay angry with daddy for too long and…..” he pauses when he sees the room empty… “Fi? Where are you?”

He walked into the room, checked the bathroom, she wasn’t there… He stepped out and checked the other rooms including his study, she still was nowhere… He checked the whole house and runs out of the house, checking the garden, summer hut, and backyard but there was no sight of her…

“Fiona my dear.. Where are you. Please come back” he whispered.
He didn’t want to think of the worst happening to his child. He could feel fear creeping into his heart which had already begun racing wildly………


Tired of trying to find her way home, she sat under a tree, hugging herself and crying. She was hungry, thirsty and tired from the scorching sun…
“Daddy!!” She sobbed resting her head on her thighs…


Whistling and walking around with an earpiece in his ears, he stops when he spotted her. He moved closer and recognized the little girl who was crying….. He smiled “bingo!!”
Finally, the prey had walked into his waiting trap. How nice!!!!!
He walked closer “hello princess.”
Fiona lifts her head and when she saw him, fear gripped her and she began to scream……..

DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 20)



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