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She shifted uncomfortably in her seat as her hair was being combed roughly. She frowned
“Emilia easy arrrghh!!! Did I force you to make my hair?”
“Relax sis. Just a few touch-ups”
Helena groaned and shifted again as her phone beeped. She tapped on the screen to check it
“I’m waiting for you. I hope you won’t stand me up” the message read. She smiled and placed the phone back down.

“Done!” Emilia said as she stepped back for Helena to get up. Straightening her strapless, flare knee-length white dress, she picked up her purse and dashed out.
“Bye dad” she waved when she got to the veranda where her father was sitting smiling at something while he typed on his phone.
“Don’t be late!!” He called after her
“Sure dad!”
She rushed to the bus stop to catch a cab when her phone rang.

She frowned. It was from Mark. Switching off her phone, she pushed it into her purse and sat into the taxi that had pulled up in front of her…….


Helena was welcomed with a warm smile from Arnold as he took her hands in his and ushered her into his house.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t take you out because I can’t leave Fiona alone here”
“It’s okay”
“You look beautiful and I love your hairstyle”
“Thank you”
“Come on. Let’s go” he said and they walked to the farthest part of the compound where he had partially left and allowed grass to grow there. There were different kinds of flowers; some in vases and the others grew at the edges of the compound making it look like a mini garden.

At the center of the well-mowed grass were three sets of blankets sprawled on it with two baskets one which contained drinks and the other, food. Helena moved closer and fixed her gaze on the red petals scattered carefully and neatly on each set of the blanket.
“It’s beautiful,” she said

“Have you ever heard of a picnic at night?” he asked
“Well then welcome to your first-night picnic’
She laughed “You’re impossible Arnold”…
She was still looking around the serene environment when she froze……
Walking into the house was Alex and Sally followed by Mark and a fair Lady. He was smiling at her while he walked towards her with his arms wrapped around his companion’s waist.

“Hello there!!” He greeted Arnold as they shook hands, his eyes not leaving her….. She looked away, his gaze making her feel uncomfortable.


“So, you really like that guy?” Helena asked Sally as they sat on one of the blankets
“Yes, I do. Besides, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. Christ!!!!! He’s like a gorilla in bed” Sally exclaimed before taking a bite of the chicken thigh on her plate.

“Dear Lord Sally!!! You slept with him already?” Her eyes widened in shock.
“Yes. Like three times” she shrugged
“In less than a month? You’re an official slut, Sally!!”
“Oh yeah? See who’s talking. You had sex with Arnold barely a week after you met him. By the way, I forgot to ask. How was it? The sex and all”

“Well… was wonderful… Err…let just says I loved every bit of it” she blushed reminiscing over the events of that night
“Mmmm Helena, you’re blushing like some….. You love him don’t you?”
“I don’t know. You know I’ve made bad choices when it comes to choosing a man”

“Yea and that too five consecutive times” Sally scoops a spoonful of rice into her mouth.
“Yes and…” Helena trailed off when she saw Mark walking towards them.
“Excuse me. Can we talk?” He said and pulled Helena up without waiting for an answer and walked her into the corner. She looked around searching for Arnold but he seemed to have gone inside with Alex to get more drinks.

She flinched when she felt him grab her left arm
“I asked you out on a date and you stood me up for my friend?”
“You didn’t ask Mark. It was more like an order and I hate to be ordered around. Besides you have a partner” she answered referring to the lady he had walked in with
“I came with her because you stood me up. I’ve been begging you for over a month now. Why won’t you accept me? Am I not handsome? I have a good job. I can take care of you”

“I’m not interested, Mark. How many times should I tell you? Stop pestering me”
He sighed. “Why? Because you prefer my friend instead? What does he have that I don’t huh?”
Helena rolled her eyes, anger slowly building up in her
“Why can’t you accept me? What does he have that I don’t?” He repeated.

“Because Arnold is much more of a man than you!! ” she replied sternly.
Mark released her and stepped back, her words reminding him of someone. SHE had said those same words to him several years ago and now even Helena was saying it. It all felt like a déjà vu.

Suddenly anger flashed in his eyes as he stepped forward and grabbed her arm again much tighter this time and pressed her back to the wall.
“You’re hurting me. Let me go!!” She winced but her pleas only made him tighten his grip on her. He bent his head and sniffed her neck.

“You smell so good, Helena. So good. I can’t wait to have you in my bed. Be my woman beautiful and I will treat you right. I promise you” he said in a raspy voice as he bit the flesh on her neck lightly and sucked. His hands roamed over her body, squeezing her roughly as his lips trailed her neckline.

Holding both her hands over her head against at the wall, he let his free hand roam around her inner thighs. Forcing her legs apart, he let his hands go higher searching for her core.
“I want you so bad baby. I could take you here and now”
Helena tried to free herself from his grip but he was way too stronger for her petite body.

“Don’t do this. Please. Let me go..” She choked on her tears…..
With his hands roaming over the entire body, she cocked her neck and sank her teeth into his cheek refusing to release it until she tasted his blood on her lips.
“You bitch!!!! Ouch!!! How dare you bite me!!” he growled covering his face. She kicked him in the groin and took to her heels, running as fast as her legs could carry her until she bumped into someone.

“Why are you running?” She heard Arnold ask…
“He…Arnold… He wants to hurt…… He… There…” She stammered while she pointed at the corner from where she was earlier.
“Who? Who’s there? Who wants to hurt you?” Arnold asked staring at her shaking body.

“Talk to me? What happened? Why are you shaking?” He asked again but she kept mute
“What is it?” Sally asked approaching them…
“There… He wants to…..” She trailed off when she saw him staring at her from a corner. It seemed no one noticed him… He left where he was standing and approached them

“Arnold… He…” She stopped and took to her heels, pushing the gate open and running out as fast as her legs could carry her. She could hear them behind her screaming for her to stop but there was no stopping for her, not when Mark was still around. He was a psycho…

“Helena stop!!! Please!!” She heard Arnold behind her. He seemed to have gotten close…
Soon, she began panting, gasping for breath, her vision getting blurry.
She felt herself fall, not onto the ground but into his arms. She could hear him calling out her name but she couldn’t speak.

Forgetting she was asthmatic, she had run like a sprinter and now, she could feel immense pain in her chest as she gasped heavily for breath…
“Breath Helena, breath!! Please!!!……inhaler… Where’s your purse… you have one??…. Say something!!” He cried out. Looking at her condition, he didn’t need a soothsayer to tell him she was having an asthma attack…..

He brought out his phone and dialed a number.
“Yes..hello…give the phone to Sally now…….yes Sally please check your friend’s purse……she’s had an attack……what do you mean there’s no inhaler…… Arrghh!!” He hung up and shoved the phone into his pocket…

She was still gasping for breath but much slower now…
“What do I do God?!!!” He cried out in frustration as he watched her close her eyes, her mouth slightly opened… Then he did the only thing he could think of, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
Bending over, he locked his lips with hers and began breathing into her mouth…

DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 18)



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