TWISTED PATH (Episode 17)


Fatima felt something strange tingling her body and when she opened her eyes, a man was on top of her with his fingers tracing its way through her body. She wanted to fight him off but realized her hands and feet had been tied. As the man noticed she was about shouting, he forced her mouth open and stuff some pieces of rag inside. Fatima tried to scream but her voice wouldn’t come out, she watched in horror as the man explored her body with his mouth. His hand reached underneath her gown and was about ripping off her pant when someone suddenly came in.

“Hamza” Someone called.
He stopped and looked behind him to see the man who had called him.
“What is it?” He barked.
“The Sheikh ask me to fetch the prisoner.”
Hamza got up and button his trouser.
“We will finish our business later.” He said to the half-naked Fatima before leaving.
The man who had just came in unlocked her chain and removed the rag in her mouth.
“Get up now.” He ordered at gunpoint.

Fatima gathered her broken self up, tied her torn clothes together and led while the man directed her from behind. She literally dragged herself all the way till she was asked to stop behind a giant door. The gunman knocked and the door opened revealing a big sitting room. Fatima was led in and made to sit in front of a dark-skinned man in his late sixties with a heavy beard and his head covered with a turban. Flanked by two heavily armed guards, he enjoyed his sumptuous meal.

“I can see someone is making a toy out of you ?” The man said gazing her torn clothes.
“Am sure you enjoyed it, didn’t you?”
Fatima’s mind was far from the question, she was busy wallowing in her thought trying to figure out how she would escape. A slap landed at the back of her neck and jolted her out of her thought. Tears formed in her eyes as she gazes at the bearded man again. The man said something in a strange language and his men laughed.

“What is your name lady?” He asked.
“Fatima .” She replied.
“I was told you are a healer.” He asked again and Fatima nods her head in response.
“You are lucky you have a relevant skill. You will take care of my men’s wound.” Sheikh said.
“Take her to the ladies room.” He ordered and Fatima was dragged away.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jamal and Mohammed trekked a few meters before taking a taxi at the bus stop. Countless questions raged in Mohammed’s mind as they sat quietly in the taxi but the paramount one was where Fatima was taken to. He wanted to ask but restrained himself so as not to show that he has affection for the girl. He prayed in his heart for her safety.
The taxi stopped at the gate of a hotel, they both alighted and went in. He was surprised when Jamal booked a suite and got the key.

“What are we doing here?” Mohammed asked after they were fully settled.
Jamal opened the leather bag he had been carrying with him all day, brought out a parcel and threw it to him. Mohammed opened it immediately and saw different photos of a beautiful lady.
“What is this?” Mohammed asked.
“That’s our mission,” Jamal answered.
“Who is she?”
“Her name is Rosaline Balogun, a student of Flendid University.” He replied.
“How does she relates to our overall mission?”
“Don’t worry yourself about that, just make sure you get close to her. Make her fall in love with you.”

“Am I supposed to be playing Romeo and Juliet with a girl when there is a war out there for us to fight?” Mohammed complained.
“I need you to understand something, every war needs a weapon to fight it. This girl is our weapon and we have sent you our warrior to get it for us.”
“When do I get started?” Mohammed asked.
“Right away but firstly you need to create a new identity for yourself. Use this credit card to get whatever you need. All the information about her is in the parcel.”
Mohammed took a long look at the young lady in the photo, he couldn’t figure out how such an innocent looking lady would be the terrorist’s secret weapon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Abeeb gallantly entered the director’s office. Inside seated the director himself and Clement.
“Agent Abeeb, I know you are aware that Mohammed has been sent in.” The director said after the necessary salutations.
“Yes, sir.” Replied Abeeb.
“We have reasons to believe he is going astray, we need you on the field to monitor and handle him.” The director said.

“We understand through surveillance that he is still in the city. You have to track him down and make sure he didn’t try anything funny.” Mr. Clement handed him a tablet.
“Alright sir, I will give it my best,” Abeeb assured.
“Remember this is a covert mission, you need to be discreet about it.” The director warned before Abeeb left.

TWISTED PATH (Episode 16)

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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