TWISTED PATH (Episode 16)


Mohammed was lost in thought as the car navigate the route to the agency’s safe house. He thought about leading them astray but something told him they already knew where the house was. He had wanted to contact the agency but he was closely monitored. He knew they were trying to test his loyalty. He was sure Fatima would be a dead meat if they find her in the house. As he stared at the car steering just a hand stretch away, he thought about grabbing it and causing the car to crash. He would escape and ran to warn Fatima but what if he failed? They would both be dead and the mission would be jeopardize.
“Is there any problem?” Jamal asked.
“Not at all.” He replied.

“I know you might be feeling strange about what we are going to do but I can assure you it’s for the best,” Jamal said and watched as Mohammed swallowed hard.
“Let me tell you a story. When I was a new recruit, I was paired with this valiant warrior for a mission. There was an infidel who had killed a very important member of our group, we were sent to bring the holy judgment upon his family while he was away. We had finished with his wife and son and was about leaving when I noticed someone hiding under the bed. Her face was as bright as the stars, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

The tears on her face melted my heart and when I was asked what was under the table, I lied that there was nothing. The holy warrior came to check for himself and yanked the girl out. He put a knife in my hand and ordered me at gunpoint to stab her to death, By the time I was done, I hated myself and more importantly, I hated the man that made me do it, I wanted to kill him until later when I realized what important lesson he had taught me. It was you who told me never to place my selfish desire above the will of Allah and today I will return the favor.” Jamal said.

As Jamal narrated his story, an image of blood splattering on Jamal’s face flashed in his memory. The car suddenly pulled over and when he looked, they were already opposite the house. They all came down and he was pushed forward to bang the door while some of the guys had the house surrounded. As he knocked, he prayed with all the faith left inside him that Fatima would have gone to the agency or anywhere else.
Mohammed’s heart was pierced by Fatima’s sonorous voice answering and Immediately she opened the door, Jamal with one of the guys pushed their way in with guns.

Fatima was stunned to see Mohammed back with two other men. She never knew he could turn so soon. Maybe he had been playing the agency all the while and he was there to kill her to tie his loose end.
“Forgive me, I thought your beauty was exaggerated. I was wrong.” Jamal spoke.
“Who are you? What do you want?” Fatima asked.
“Fatima, I need you to calm down, we are not here to hurt you,” Mohammed said even though his facial expression betrayed his words.

She went for the back door but was caught by one of the guys outside, the two heavy slap that landed on her face made her lost balance. Pulled by the hair, the guy dragged her back inside. Jamal brought out a pistol and handed it over to Mohammed.
“You should be the one to do it,” Jamal said beaming a wry smile.
As Mohammed collected the gun, he heard two guns cocked and pointed at him. The choice was simple and at the same time complicated. He closed his eyes and pulled the trigger but surprisingly, nothing happened. Mohammed heaves a sigh of relief and Jamal erupted in long laughter.

“Welcome back holy soldiers.” He greeted happily.
Jamal pats Mohammed’s back as he led him out of the house.
“I told Sheik but he wouldn’t believe. Now you have convinced us all that you are back for good.” Jamal said.
“I only lost my memory, I never lost my faith,” Mohammed said.
“Don’t worry, your memory will come back very soon,” Jamal said as they got to the car.
Fatima was carried out of the house and dropped inside the car. The guys got in and drove away.

“They are leaving us, I thought we were going together,” Mohammed asked.
“She is going to serve Allah in a unique way,” Jamal said as they both watched the guys drove off.
“You and I have a different mission Mohammed, when we are done, this country will witness the biggest revolution in history,” Jamal informed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back at the agency, a plasma TV was streaming CCTV footage of what happened at the safe house. Watching the footage was the DSS director, Mr. Clement, and Mr. Waziri.
“I can’t believe this operation just crashed.” Spoke Mr. Waziri.
“It hasn’t crashed, this is just a minor complication.” Mr. Clement said.
“You called that a minor complication? Are you for real?” Asked Mr. Waziri angrily.
“This thing happened to our advantage, instead of having one spy, we have got two.” Mr. Clement explained.

“Are you so blind to see that the asshole turned on us? Only God knows what would happen to the poor girl.” Mr. Waziri argued.
“Enough both of you. We don’t have time on our side, activate Mohammed’s tracker, we need to know his every movement.” The director ordered.

TWISTED PATH (Episode 15)

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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