It was a sunny Friday afternoon David was sitting under the shade of an umbrella enjoying the cool beach breeze. A bottle of soft drink lay on the sand beside him as he ruminates on his life. It’s been three weeks since he was forced to come home from the states by his father, to help run his mega church. Although he had been raised as a Christian and he had devoted his life to the lord but being a shepherd wasn’t what he wanted. He would have settled for just being a motivational writer but his father won’t take that for him. He needs him to be active in running the church not sitting behind a desk all day.

David lifted the bottle beside him and took a sip. As he dropped the bottle, his eyes suddenly fell on something: the fresh yellow skin of a lady’s thigh. He instantly took his eyes off the bizarre sight to protect his mind. Instead, he fixed his gaze at the kids running around playing football. His gazed unconsciously shifted from the kids back to the direction it was before but this time he wasn’t seeing a bare skin anymore. His sight beheld a fair skin damsel cladding a short lovely gown.

David kept his gazed fixed on her admiring her beauty as she chats and laughs with her two friends. Suddenly she looked in his direction and caught him staring at her. David was filled with guilt, he quick kept his eyes away from her and took another sip from the bottle to wash off his guilt. David again found himself staring at the damsel again. This time she was taking pictures with her friends. He started imagining what it would be like to talk and laugh freely in such a public place. David almost froze when his eyes met that of the lady again. Feeling uneasy, he brought out one of the books he had brought with him and started reading. However hard he tried, his mind was miles away from the book, he found it so difficult purge his mind of the picture in his brain. Using the book as a camouflage, he again stole a glance at pretty lady but was surprised to find her staring directly at him.

“David, you have had enough of all these nonsense. You need to compose yourself in an ideal manner.” he cautioned himself as he forced his mind to focus on the book he was reading. He had only been reading for a few seconds when he heard a voice.
“Hello Mr” came a sonorous voice that drawn David’s attention from his book. Standing before him was the damsel.

“Ex xxxcuu se me ma ” he stammered.
“What do you want? ” the lady questioned.
David was shocked by the lady’s question, he opened his mouth to talk but words failed him.
“I caught you staring at me three times, you are stalking me and it’s kind of annoying” the lady blurted.
“Am so sorry ma ” that was all he could utter. Guilt swallowed him as he watched the lady walk away.
“David you are a fool, see how you embarrassed yourself in such a public place” he reprimanded himself.


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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