My footstep was light as I walked briskly into the psychiatric hospital. Every single nurse I met on my way kept shooting greetings at me, it wasn’t my first time there. They were all used to me coming around. My foot led me to the door of room thirty-five. Before I could get my hand on the knob, the door opened and a man in a white overall stepped out.

“Oh Mr. Murphy, good morning” he greeted.

“Morning doctor, how is it going?” I replied.

“Very good Mr. Murphy, the patient is recovering gradually. He is now a lot better than when he was brought here,” he said confidently.

“Is that so?” I asked surprisingly.

“Yes, come in and see for yourself,” he said before he pushed open the door and beckon to me to come in with him.

Once inside, I saw him; the patient cladding the light blue uniform of the hospital, lying on the bed chained down. He was fully awake but completely calm, the hair on his head

stood out one by one. His lips were moving but no audible sound came out.

“Hey Dave, look who is here, ” the doctor said trying to draw his attention but he didn’t respond.

“See Dave your friend is here to see you” he announced again but this time, Dave only shifted his gaze from the wall he was facing to us but still didn’t utter a single word.

The doctor tried to speak again but before he could, Dave shouted at him.

“You fool can’t you see am busy? Am having a meeting with Mandela and you keep diverting my attention, do you want to make Mandela angry?” Dave shouted sending saliva flying all over the room.

“I think we should let him be for now” the doctor suggested as he strolled out of the room leaving me inside with Dave.

I watched as he continues whispering ‘God knows what ‘ to the wall. This isn’t the David we grew up together, David the brave, David the most intelligent, David the son to be proud of, how could he turn to this with just half a tablet of Magavin?

Magavin was one of the powerful narcotics we take while we were in school. Then, to us being a big boy is not about how many bottles of alcohol you can take but how many tablets of Magavin you can add to your drink. I was the best drinker among us followed by Usman and Titus but David was a teetotaller.

On that fateful day, we were having our graduation party. Everyone was happy to be finally out of the claw of our wicked lecturers. David was happy, perhaps he shouldn’t be

but he had no reason not to, after all, he was graduating with a first class. We all sat down drinking what we thought was best for us. We three had our strong drinks laced with Magavin while David maintained his chilled coke. I didn’t know what came into my mind and made me make such a silly proposition, maybe it was the fact that seeing my best friend drinking ordinary coke disgusted me. I needed him to be a man like us so I brought up the idea of putting a tablet of Magavin in his drink which he must drink or else we would nickname him Pansy. The other two supported it but reduced

the quantity to half of a tablet. We dropped it into his coke and urged him to drink it. He refused at first but when I was about to publicly declare him a Pansy, he gulped down the drink. 

The effect of Magavin is always instantaneous but in David’s case, it wasn’t. We

weren’t surprised that the drug had no effect on him at the party, after all, it was just half of a tablet. The party ended and we all went to our different homes. I received a call early morning the second day that David has been acting strangely. I didn’t take it seriously at first but it was when I got there that I realized my best friend was at the edge of sanity.

All that was seven years ago, I am now a successful lawyer, happily married with three kids, Usman turned out to be a bank manager while Titus is in America earning his dollars but David the first class student is here in an asylum just because he took half a tablet of Magavin.

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

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