PULL OVER (Episode 5)

Manir’s POV

8:15 AM, the big wall clock glared at me.

Only God knows the incompetent soul my uncle employed as his personal assistant. I have a meeting for 10 AM at Lekki and made it down to here as early as I could from my place at Magodo and in all this time, no message, no call, nothing for me to know if I am wasting my time. Nelly had popped in earlier to apologize though but still, I can’t imagine why someone would be running this late for a meeting. I don’t believe in African time and I know my uncle hires only the best so I want to believe there is a life-threatening issue holding this person.

To while away time I have read news online. I try as much as possible to avoid blogs as they prefer to carry news that would make their page views increase which is mainly fake or controversial news. Today the main news was another kidnapping in Rivers State, a popular blogger and a musician exchanging words on social media, and the steady fall of naira to the dollar.

I am a man who sticks to timing and details. It has made me who I am. Ignore the fact that my great-grandfather started our family business; it was I who expanded it by multiple risky acquisitions which are now turning out to be the best decision ever. Some called me a young achiever when I hit my first billions at twenty-five and the media carried on about how easy it is to make money from money. If only they knew.

My father had been cut off from his family’s wealth without the public knowing about it and he made sure he did everything he could to begin a legacy. I still don’t know the real story behind my parent’s tragic death but I was six when it happened. My nanny, who revered my mother ran off with me and I experienced what it felt like to be poor for the next six years of my life. I did not know at the time though that I was in the arms of poverty but by the time my extended family found me, I had seen enough of the other side of life. That was what drove me until this day not to settle for less and to give to the less privileged. Right now, I am allergic to poverty and other traits that lead to it. There was only one friend, Bucknor Adeleke, I kept after all the reunion drama with my family from the other side of my life no one really knows about. My family tried to wipe it all out but there are still traces of my past life, which I am working on.

Speaking of Bucknor Adeleke, he is getting married soon and I have been called to be the best man. For someone else, I would not have thought about it twice, I would have given a straight no, but with Bucknor, all he had to do was ask. The few friends I have are moving off the single chart and I would have joined them were it not for the fact that I think I am looking for the fairytale love my parents had. All the women I keep changing and flipping on my sheets, none has captured my attention enough for me to give up most of his freedom. It’s not like I’m searching, I’m only twenty-nine.

The few friends I boasted to have earlier were as a result of one too many business deals, conferences and one from social media. Others were family, cousins and the likes.

I am always online chasing the news and making sure the news – the press – never chased me and that was how I met Queen_Zo. She is my favorite female so far. I never really could hold long conversations with Lagos girls, most of them were bimbos – after money and materials. Queen_Zo, on the other hand, is brains; from my chats with her and her posts, and beauty, from her ever-changing display picture and uploads. She was mostly available for chats but of recent has been acting flaky because of her new job.

I don’t know how this sound but while whiling away time, I chatted with Queen_Zo up and even she was on her way to work and didn’t have time to chat, unlike the PA I am waiting for who thinks the world revolves around her. As if conjured by my thoughts, through the glassed walls of the conference room, an apparition of Queen_Zo began walking towards the conference room.

She was dressed in corporate attire and although I work with women in offices and on the fields, on her it looked extraordinaire. A fitted grey gown that skimmed her knees, the type that made a man like me wonder if the neckline was that high, would the backdrop be infinitesimally low? But to my dismay, the apparition was wearing a fashionable dusty red colored jacket and was still heading towards my direction. The open toe heels too made a statement with white painted nails looking classy. She was holding a folder which was atop a laptop in her arm as she pushed the door to the conference room open. Now that she was closer, even though the jacket was trying to cover her curves, they were still visible, slight but appreciable. Her face had bones that were well sculptured to perfection. Her skin color was perfection, if she was materialistic, she would have used a chemical to whiten her skin, but this was perfection. If I didn’t know better, I would be thinking my thoughts of her conjured her up but she is real, she is Queen_Zo.

I was staring at real life Ainabe Ehizoya.

I just got lucky.

PULL OVER (Episode 4)

Yeah, yeah… Our Prince Manir has met his Queen_Zo of four years hide and seek social media friendship.

Do you have friends you have never met in real life that are your favorite people on social media?

Let’s see if her brain can configure what is about to happen. This story just got real.


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