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Chase knew what he did was wrong but it was better than keeping quiet and watch her think of many things. He couldn’t possibly tell her what was wrong without her having some doubts about him. The silence treatment was not his plan but it was just what happened and he was tired of it so he had to leave.

He had no exact place he was going actually; he just needed to clear his head somewhere and being with Kaylie wasn’t the best place for that.
He couldn’t stop seeing himself at the altar that day. This was a day that was supposed to be the happiest day of his life which became the most embarrassing day of his life when his fiancé had ran out of the church, leaving him at the altar.

Now, she was married to someone else, maybe he was the reason why she had run away in the first place. The problem was, he and Anne had been what everyone thought would be the perfect couple. They were so in love with each other or maybe it was just his imagination.
Could it mean he wasn’t enough for her, after everything they had shared and done together for a year of their courtship?
If she could feel he was inadequate then, what about now when he was just standing back on his feet gradually? Would Kaylie not feel the same way later on?


All the time Kaylie was in the cab, she couldn’t stop replaying the scene in her head. How they had been all over each other before he got whatever it was he got on his phone. This was exactly one of the reasons they no one must break the code and that he has done that, it was affecting her.

She sighed and sighed until she could sigh no longer. She began to wonder what he must have probably found out about her. She has never in her life ventured into pornography, so it wasn’t possible that someone had sent a video in which she was involved with another person. She has never cheated in her past relationships and even though she had been cheated on, she has vowed never to do such, so there was no way someone would send a message about her being a cheat or maybe it was another thing entirely. Why was this happening when they were so close to moving in together?

“Chase, why won’t you talk to me?” She said to herself, throwing her head back, her eyes shut and arms akimbo.
“You said what?” The driver addressed her.
She realized she must have spoken too loud. “Urm…sorry, I wasn’t talking to you.” She replied and after a while.

“Are you okay miss?” the driver asked, looking at her from the front mirror.
She thought for a while. She actually needed someone to talk to and speaking with a stranger might be a good idea.
“Why do men block out the women they claim to love from sharing in whatever thing they are going through?”

The man smiled.
“It depends on what they are going through at that time,” he replied.
“I don’t understand.”
“Well, you see, men are strong beings and we sometimes don’t like sharing our weaknesses, it makes us feel incapable if you understand me. But like I said, it depends on what the man is going through. For instance, are you sure you didn’t do anything to make push him away because if you are the cause, he wouldn’t want to come out and tell you directly until you wait patiently for him to voice it out at his own time.”

“But how do I know if I’m the cause when he is pushing me away?” Kaylie asked, again, the frustration was gradually getting to her.
“Has he been happy lately?”
“Yes, we have been so happy together.”
“Then you need to be patient. It might not be you. Give him some time.”

“Thank you,” she sighed before her mind drifted to a few months back when their relationship had just started.
The restaurant was always a special place for them as it was the place they had reconnected after grad school. They were both in the same class and had been good friends until they all graduated and lost contact until seven months back when she had run to him while he was having his breakfast here. She had just been through a messy heartbreak with Richard. Having him close to her once again like the old time helped her gain her confidence back and somehow, they had their first kiss in that same restaurant. Shortly after, they decided to go on an official date and it has been beautiful ever since.

The restaurant was their special place and this was why they had planned to always come here every Saturday morning and spend quality time together.
“I guess this is where you are going, right lady?”
The driver interrupted her thoughts. She was so lost in thought without realizing they were in front of her house. She paid, opened the door and stepped out of the car. Slowly, she shut the door after her and kept on watching the car as it drove out of sight. She walked towards her porch slowly, knowing full well that it was going to be the longest Saturday in a while.


Kaylie opened her eyes and found her breakfast already in the tray beside her bed. Only Chase could be as romantic as that. She heaved a sigh of relief as she finally accepted that everything was back to normal. He has gone back to his usual self and everything was the way it used to be. She was glad. Gathering the blanket with her, she shifted a little towards the stool and stretched her hand to lift the cup of coffee to her lips. As she did so, Chase entered. He looked quite sweaty in his pyjamas and sneakers. She could tell he had been running.

“Morning babe,” he said, removing the earphone from his ears and advancing close to her to kiss her on the lips.
“Eww! You are such a brute! You stink! Go take a shower!” she shouted at him, screwing up her nose He only laughed and rushed to the bathroom.
After he had left, she sat upright to enjoy her coffee and her breakfast.

It was a week since the last issue at the restaurant and it was like nothing happened. He hadn’t said anything to her and he had just gone back to his normal self. She actually felt stupid for thinking too much, she was certain that she had probably gotten a wrong clue and that everything was fine. She wasn’t going to mess things up by asking him questions, everything was fine and she was fine with that.

Their anniversary was coming up the following week and she was already planning towards it. It was their sixth month in the relationship and to her, it meant a lot of things.
“What’s that smirk on your face for?” Chase asked as he stepped out of the bathroom.
Kaylie burst into laughter as she sighted him. His black spiky hair was wet and he was holding the towel in his hand while the water dripped from his naked body.

“What the hell are you doing Chase?” she screamed, covering her face with her left hand. “Would you get that sight away from me?”
“Like you don’t like it?” Chase teased. He was coming closer to the bed and hugging her from the back while she tried to beat him off, laughing excitedly.

“Get off me! You are so wet! Stop it Chase! Outch!”
Finally, she was lying on her bed while he was lying fully on her, kissing her.
His lips were wet and cold against hers but she still enjoyed it anyways. His hands drifted to her hips, pulling her closer and as a response, she locked her arms around her neck. His tongue was doing some wonders in her mouth and she shuddered when she felt a tingly sensation in between her thighs.

“I want you so badly right now,” he murmured into her ears.
His eyes were glazed over.
“So what are you waiting for?” she whispered back and pulled him closer.
He kissed her and she kissed him back. As his hands came over to her hair, she pushed them back. “No touching,” she said.

Then he flipped her over so she was on top of him while he lay on his back. She brought her fingers to his lips and kissed him again, in a slow process. She wanted to enjoy every bit of it but she wanted him to also enjoy it.
Slowly, she moved to his jawline, neck, and collarbone. She was kissing every inch. She could feel as he struggled to keep his hands down from touching her.

She chuckled. Now she was placing soft butterfly kisses down his abs and chest.
“Kaylie,” he whispered her name.
She could hear his desperation to use his hands and it was taking all of his strength not to. She smiled, straddled him and took his hands to her hips.
“Your turn,” she said in a whisper to his ears, biting his earlobe.
Gently, he flipped her over and instantly buried his head into her neck. His hands roved all over her body. Their breathing became fast and rough.
In the next minute, he was pulling off her pajamas, kissing from her legs to her toes.

Her back arched in anticipation for where his fingers would soon reach. Her head rocked against the pillow and she moaned.
“Now, please. I cannot take this anymore,” she pleaded.
Then she felt him slow down as his breathing reduced.
“What’s that?” he asked.
For that short moment, she wondered what just happened. She straightened up and sighed. It was the flier of their vacation which she had kept as a surprise. This was the wrong timing.

“Oh! That’s Hatteras Island,” she replied, pulling him closer to her. She was kissing him again but he pulled away.
Kaylie couldn’t believe this. She watched as he reached for the flier.
It was the plan she had been working on, to celebrate their half of year anniversary. She was hoping they could get a beautiful beach house at Hatteras Island to spend their vacation.

Chase stared at the flier in his hands, it contained the picture of a beautiful landscape surrounded with water, beach houses and tall trees. His countenance changed immediately.
“Where did you get this?” he demanded, dropping the flier.
“Someone showed me yesterday at the saloon and I thought it is a great place to start our vacation,” she replied.
“Vacation?” he asked, looking confused. He was in his trousers now and was wearing his shirt.
“Yes love, for our anniversary next month, half of a year,” Kaylie replied proudly while expecting his reply.
“I mean it is a nice idea but you could have told me before planning this.”

Kaylie was surprised. She quickly picked up her pyjamas. This was not what she had pictured some minutes ago.
Kaylie watched as he buttoned his shirt and began to wear his sneakers.
“Are you going somewhere? Thought we were supposed to plan this together.”
“Oh, now? Sorry babe, I have other plans,” he replied. “I will call you later.” Then he came closer, kissed her roughly on the cheek and left the room.

Her heart sank as she watched him leave the room. What the hell just happened again? Did he just bail on her? She hoped not because it wouldn’t make any sense and for the record, this wasn’t making any sense too. All of a sudden she lost her appetite.

“Is he not as excited as I am? Am I overdoing things and what is actually happening? I thought we are actually fine!”
She was probably overreacting; it’s possible he had a plan like he just said. She was willing to go with that but deep down she could feel something was actually off between them.
Later that morning she washed, got dressed and decided to hit the saloon.


Chase slammed the door after him as he settled in the car.
What was happening? Why did she have to pick Hatteras Island of all places to plan their vacation? The same place he had booked for his honeymoon with Anne.
She couldn’t have possibly known since they had both accepted not to discuss their past relationships.

He turned on the ignition key and hit the pedals. Just when he had decided not to let the whole thought of Anne getting married with his own happiness, he could see his plan was not working as he had hoped.




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