It’s in making up that God actually made all
women the same. They all can waste a decade
just applying a few things on their face. I sat,
pressing my phone and waiting for Shania to
finish wearing her makeup.

“Can we go already?” I asked, little anger
showing in my voice.
“Hey! Don’t sound like that one. Ok just give me a
minute” she said.
“This is what you told me five minutes ago.”
“I’m done already.”

We left some five minutes after she said that she
was done already. As we walked out of my
lodge, it was just like we stole the show.
Everybody got their eyes glued to us. She
noticed it and made matters worse by slipping
her hand into mine and we walked down like a
couple. We didn’t say much as we both enjoyed
the attention we were getting.

When we got to my department, I pecked her
and with a big hug, I asked,
“When are we seeing again?”
“You have my number, so it’s up to you.”
“Then be expecting a call from me after my
“Don’t worry I won’t pick if you call.
Moreover, I miss my room” she said making a
funny face.

“That’s not fair, my own room will be lonely
without you.”
“Then you are welcome to my own house” she
said laughing.
We talked some more before parting. As I
entered my class, I pulled out my phone and sent
her a message.

‘Thanks for everything, the cooking, the
company and the ………. I’m so grateful and wish
we can do this more often. Have a nice day
She replied to my message after calling once and I
didn’t pick her call.
‘The few days with you was so splendid and one
of my best. Thanks for all the fun hun’.


It was just as hectic as my normal Mondays as I
walked out from my last lecture for the day.
I pulled out my phone when I felt a vibration
inside my pocket. It was a message from Cindy.
I was surprised and a bit nervous. I opened the
message and it read
“Hey what’s up, sorry I have not been reachable
for a while now. I have not been around. Hope
you are good?”

I hissed after reading the message and slipped
back the phone into my pocket.
“I think I have to toughen up,” I said to myself as I
walked on going to my house.
Some things are easier said than done. When I
got to her hostel and wanted to walk past.
A part of my mind started urging me to call her.

After these whole days of calling and not getting
a reply, I think I need some explanation.
That was the excuse my mind was giving to me.
I pulled out my phone and dialed her number.
“I’m in front of your hostel,” I said into the phone
as she picked the call.
“Ok my room is 335”
“I don’t think I can come inside, just come out
ok” I said with a straight voice.

“I’m tired and I don’t have the strength to walk
down the stairs, so please just come up ok” she
“Well then, I think I have to be going. Just wanted
to check on you” I said and dropped the call
before she could say another thing.

Before I could take a step forward my phone
started ringing and it was Cindy calling.
“Yes?” I said as I picked the call.
“Did someone annoy you or are you angry with
me or something?” she asked.
“Nobody annoyed me and am not angry with you
or anything. I just don’t want to enter your hostel
and since you can’t come down then going was
the next option.”

“Hmmmmm!! Ok am coming down” she said and
dropped the call.
She came down looking as cool as always, but I
wasn’t going to allow this beauty of a girl to
intimidate me. I was determined to be plain and
“Good evening, what’s up?” she greeted.
“Am good, how are you?”
“Fine jare, how was classes today na?” she
“Normal, just as it has always been. Did you
have any today?” I asked.

“No, actually I was supposed to have one but I
didn’t go”
“Why, are you ok?” I asked.
“Yes am fine, just being lazy”
We talked for a while without bringing up the
the main issue of her absence in school. I wanted
her to bring it up but it seemed she would rather
I ask before she would anything about it.
But on second thought, I changed my mind.
We ain’t dating yet and so it’s all her business. I
don’t want to start acting the jealous boyfriend
Time check at 7 pm. “I think I should be on my way”
I said standing up.

Heaving a sigh, she stood up too “Are you sure
you are ok?” she asked as we both stood looking
at each other.
“Yea, I’m fine”
We said the good nights and parted as I left for
my lodge and she headed back to her hostel.