DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 13)



Arnold parked his car and watched them sitting outside clad in black clothes. Ever since Helena was discharged from the hospital five days ago, she had refused to see him and it had gotten him worried. He had gone to bed that day thinking about her throughout the whole night.

The day after her discharge, he had asked the driver he assigned to pick up Helena to take him to her house, where they parked at a distance, watched her with a young girl probably her sister for almost an hour before driving back home. The day after, he had done the same thing, and it continued. Even today he was back at the same spot watching her from afar.

This time, she was nowhere to be found. He could only see an elderly man sitting with a young girl. He waited for almost an hour but she seemed not to be coming out of her house. He checked his time, it was 9:00 pm. He sighed and rested his head on the seat closing his eyes……


Nanny Grace was drying her apron on the dryline when the cell phone Fiona found fell. She picked it up to see if water had gone into it but luckily, the part of the apron where she had washed was just the hem. She sighed and entered the house, looked for her charger and plucked it. Ten minutes later, she checked the phone and it had begun charging so she switched it on…

She was going through the phone when she chanced upon a video.
“Nanny I’m hungry” Fiona came from behind her, interrupting her
“Food is on the table Fi,” she answered and turned her attention back to the video. She pressed play and all she could hear where voices arguing and no visuals…. Fed up, she made to pause it when Amanda came into view, followed by a man in a hood. Grace recognized her because she had seen her photos in her boss’s room. They seemed to be arguing

“You’re a monster!!! An inhuman!!!” Came Amanda’s voice followed by a slap on her cheeks.
“Shut the hell up Amanda!!!” The male voice screamed. For a second, Grace thought she knew who the voice belonged to but then she couldn’t see the man’s face.

“When Arnold comes back from his trip, I will tell him everything. He will come to know he’s been dining with the devil all this while. You scumbag!! You’re a murderer!! You disgust me!!! How could you murder your friend’s girlfriend and made it seem like she disappeared!!!” Amanda yelled, her hair completely disheveled.

“Shut your mouth, Amanda!! Else I would shut it forever. If you had chosen me, things would have been better but no, you chose to love Arnold over me. What does he have that I don’t huh!!”
“My husband is more of a man than you. He possesses qualities that you don’t even have a quarter of. Arnold is a thousand times better than you!!’ she spat and he slapped her again.

“You moron!!” Amanda whispered, tears gathering in her eyes, and he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her but she resisted. That was when he turned and faced the camera, Grace gasped when she saw who it was.
“Jesus!!!” She exclaimed and covered her mouth, turning her attention back to the phone.
“Let me go!!! You’re hurting me!” Amanda cried while struggling with him and then sent her hands into the wardrobe.

Probably she paused and saved the video and shove it further into the wardrobe because that’s where the video ended…
Grace got up from where she sat, her hands trembling, wondering what to do. She had been smiling and talking to the devil himself all this while? She picked up her phone and dialed Arnold’s number but it wasn’t going through.

“God!!” She muttered. If her assumptions were correct, then the man in the hoodie could have had a hand in Amanda’s death because from all indications, she knew he was a murderer and was already threatening to tell her husband….
“I’m going to wait till he gets back. I will have to tell him everything. Today” she muttered.


Arnold rubbed his eyes and massaged his neck, sitting up. He didn’t realize when he fell asleep. He checked his time, it was ten minutes past eleven.
“Shit!” He cursed under his breath. He had a business meeting at exactly twelve. He looked outside but this time, it seemed everyone had gone inside. He adjusted his shirt and sparked his engine to life and drove towards his office. He would return the next day, but this time, he would not leave without speaking to her…


Helena watched him through the window as he drove off. She sighed and slumped into the chair. She had spotted his car parked a few meters away from their house four days ago. She had ignored it. The next day almost at the same time she saw his car parked again and that’s why she had refused to go out today when she saw his car parked again at the same spot. He had spent three hours parked there without coming out.

She wondered what he wanted and was tempted to walk up to his car and ask him what his reason was for coming there but like they say “once bitten, twice shy”.

She stretched herself on the sofa and closed her eyes only to dream about that rainy night, in the guestroom, in his house, in each other’s arms as they made love.


Grace sat in her room, pacing to and fro, occasionally peeping out the window to check if her boss was home but surprisingly, he was not.
It was 8 pm already and it was unusual of him because even if Arnold would get home late, it was usually a few minutes past seven… Tired of pacing, she sat on her bed and waited till sleep came knocking at her door…


“Sir I have something important to tell you,” Grace told him at the dining table the next morning.
“I have an an important meeting this morning Grace. When I get back you can tell me” he answered shoving a sandwich into his mouth and gulping down half of his coffee. He stood up, adjusted his tie and picked up his suitcase to leave when he stopped.

He turned to look at Fiona who was staring into her food without touching it. After what happened with Helena days ago, he was determined to put his past behind him and move on because he realized the more he held on to the past the more he kept hurting more people. Like Fiona. And staring at her right now, he wanted to make things right. It wasn’t Fiona’s fault Amanda died. She was still his child after all. He walked to her and bent down.

“Fiona?” He called and she lifted her head.
“Why aren’t you eating?” She shook her head. He sighed, it wasn’t going to be easy to get her to love him.
“If you eat, I promise to buy you anything you want”
Her face lit up.
“Promise” she confirmed and he kissed her on the cheeks and walked out smiling. Kissing her felt good, really good……

DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 12)



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