TWISTED PATH (Episode 14)



The moment Mohammed got into the car, he was subdued and blindfolded. It took over two hours before the van could pull over again and the instance it stopped, he was shoved out. The blindfold was lifted and he squinted as the morning sun invaded his eyes.

Mohammed scanned his new environment with his eyeballs, nothing looks familiar, they were standing outside an isolated bungalow. He was ushered inside and when they got in, Jamal was already waiting for them.

Jamal took a long look at his former boss, he saw not a glint of recognition on Mohammed’s face. He wondered what happened to the valiant soldier who could sacrifice his life for the mission.
A glimpse of fear appeared on Mohammed’s face as Jamal suddenly stood up and approached him with a knife.

The pointed tip of the knife traced its away from Mohammed’s chest down below his waist. Jamal was about unzipping Mohammed’s trouser with the knife when he suddenly stopped and burst in laughter.
“I have been wanting to do that for a very long time.” He said.

“What happened to your brother?” Jamal asked.
“I don’t know, I can’t remember much about what happened. The nurse said am having amnesia.” Mohammed explained.
Jamal signaled to one of his men and a scanner was brought out. Mohammed’s face lit with fear as he saw it, he knew there was no way it wouldn’t detect the tracker at the back of his neck. “Am sorry brother, I have to do this, trust is too expensive to earn these days,” Jamal explained and Mohammed nod.

Although Mohammed maintained a calm expression but deep down fear was oscillating in his mind, he tightened his fist, ready to fight his way out of the house. Miraculously the scanner swoops through his body without detecting anything. A wave of relief washed down his face even though he couldn’t fathom the exact reason why the scanner failed.
Jamal smiled in delight as the scanner confirmed that Mohammed hadn’t been turned. He gave him a wide hug again before ushering him to the dinning.


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Inside the Sambi market, Fatima sat a few yards away from where Mohammed stood. As she acted as if she was buying a mat from a local seller, she occasionally shot her gaze at him. When she saw him receive something from a little boy, she was alerted and followed closely as Mohammed left the market. Leaving a reasonable distance between them, she tailed him up to the point he was grabbed. Immediately the bus zoomed off, she picked up her phone.

“Hello sir, the fish is in the net.” She said.
“Alright, you have done a great job.” Mr. Clement replied before dropping the call.
Back at the agency, Mr. Clement sat together with Abeeb and other few selected agents with their gaze fixed on the monitor screen as it displayed two dots moving along the city map.
“Mohammed is truly on the move. I need his tracker deactivated now.” Clement ordered.

“But we will lose him if we do. We can track him to their hideout and mount a heavy strike on them.” Abeeb argued.
“Shut up the crap agent, can someone please deactivate the tracker before this operation hit a rock.” Mr. Clement barked and soon one of the dots on the screen disappeared.
“You won’t find it funny the next time you question my order.” He warned.
“Am sorry sir.” Abeeb apologized.


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Mohammed felt somehow strange, dinning with a team of the murderer, he scanned their faces one after the other trying to find out how they became so sinister.
“So tell me about the lady.” Jamal suddenly broke the silence.
“What Lady?” Mohammed asked.
“I mean the nurse lady, tell me about her,” Jamal asked again.

“She is a very kind and generous lady,” Mohammed replied.
“I bet she is also beautiful, maybe I myself would visit her to get a token of her generosity.” He joked and everyone laughed.
Jamal’s phone suddenly rang and he excused himself from the dining to pick the call.

“Hello, sir.” He greeted.
“Is it really him?” The voice of the phone asked.
“Yes, but he has memory loss. He couldn’t even remember who I was.” Jamal replied.
“Did you sweep him?” The voice asked.
“We swept him clean, he has nothing on him.” He replied.
“Just keep an eye on him and update me as things progress.” The voice said before the call was terminated.

TWISTED PATH (Episode 13)


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