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TWISTED PATH (Episode 13)

TWISTED PATH (Episode 13)


By Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe



After the call was disconnected, Mohammed tried the line severally but it didn’t get through anymore. He rechecked the file to see if he had said something wrong or maybe missed a word but he realized what he said was accurate. He never understood why the call was suddenly dropped, maybe the terrorist had known that it was a trick.

Fatima came in with a bag filled with groceries and saw Mohammed sitting on the bed.
“Welcome, I was about getting worried until I saw the note,” Mohammed said.
“I went to get a couple of things in the market, the agency wouldn’t expect us to starve ourselves to death. would they?” She replied.
“You need to be careful. I called in today but something weird happened?” He said.
“What happened?” She asked.
“The call dropped immediately I mentioned the code and ever since then the line hasn’t gone through.” He explained.

“Are you sure you didn’t dial the wrong number?” She asked and Mohammed was about replying when a call suddenly came in through his phone. He looked at Fatima, hesitating to pick the call because the caller’s identity was unknown but Fatima’s encouraging eyes made him pick it.
“Zankin 9, Aldafur 17.” The voice said.
“Mariam 20, Sally 5, Tanrina 075,” Mohammed replied.

“Is this really you Mohammed?” The voice asked.
“Yes, I just woke up here and a lady was telling me I have been in a coma for two weeks. My head is banging, I can’t seem to remember much about what happened.” Mohammed spoke.
“Calm down, are you sure you have not been captured?” The voice asked.
“There is no one here aside from me and the lady. the house is like some kind of hospital.” He replied.
“Ok I need you to sneak out and head to Sambi market, we will have one of our agents meet you there in the next two hours.” The voice replied.
“Alright, I will make it there,” Mohammed replied and the call ended.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Jamal was standing in the terrorist’s control room, having their tech expert trace the call he was making and as soon as the tech guy signaled that he has got the location, Jamal dropped the call.
“Tell me, where the call is coming from?” Jamal asked.
“It’s in a small town not too far from the city. Do you think it is really him?” The tech guy asked.
“Give me the address, I need to send someone to go check it out,” Jamal replied.

The tech guy scrabbled the address on a piece of paper which he handed over to Jamal. Jamal called two of his men and told them to check the address out.

A car parked a few meters away from the safe house. One of the two occupants of the car was gazing at the house with a pair of binoculars.
“I can’t see anything. Maybe we should go in and see for ourselves.” The guy suggested.
“No we can’t, let’s wait for a while, am sure something will turn up.” The second guy advised so they waited in the car. Soon, they saw Fatima walked out of the house and headed for the street.
Since they knew Fatima had gone out, they were contemplating venturing into the house when  Mohammed stepped out.
“Oh, it’s really him see.” One of them said.
“Whoa, we need to tell Jamal about this.” He picked his phone and informed Jamal that it was indeed Mohammed.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Mohammed stood inside Sambi market, waiting as instructed. He stole a glance at his wristwatch, having waited for close to forty-five minutes, he was about losing hope. Suddenly a little boy ran towards him and handed him a note. The note instructed him to get out of the market and start making his way towards the main road. He obeyed and after walking for a while, a van suddenly stopped by his side and he was bundled inside by three hefty men.

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