“Babe, what sup?” I said into the phone.
“Sorry it’s not Precious, it’s her rummy.”
“Oh! How are you? Where is she?”
“She is sleeping, she has not been feeling fine for a
while now.”
“Ah! What is wrong with her” I asked worriedly.
“She has been running temperature for a while
now, but she is a bit ok now.”

“Ok no problem, am coming to your hostel.”
Over time, Precious and I have become a little
close. She keeps the seat for me during our pol.101
the class which she is re-writing. Above that, I have
been to her hostel a couple of times but never
invited her over to my house. She has also
assumed the role of a school mother to me as
she always cooks and gives me in a food flask
almost every evening I happen to visit her.

I walked into her room and met a pale looking
Precious sleeping.
“When did this start?” I asked her roommate.
“That should be three days ago”
“Have you guys gone to the hospital or is she on
any medication?”
“No, she has refused to go to the hospital or take
any medication. I have begged her to take some
drugs but she blatantly refused. Even to eat is a
big problem for her. She has refused to eat
almost everything I prepared since the sickness

I looked at the sick girl lying on the bed and felt
pity for her as she was looking so pale.
“Please help me pack a few of her cloths,” I said
to the roommate.
“Where are you taking her to?” she asked looking
“To my house” I replied still looking at Precious
on the bed.
“Are you sure you can take care of her? She can
be very annoying and stubborn when sick.”
“Don’t worry, I can handle her.”
I tapped Precious to wake up. She woke up and
looked at me surprised.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.
“I heard that you are planning suicide and came
to check if you have succeeded. How can you be
sick and have refused to go to the hospital or
take any medication? You know what, we are
going to my house and I don’t want you to argue
it one bit”.
I expected her to argue with me or pull some
resistance, but to my surprise, she just stood up
and said: “Let’s go”. I collected her bag from her
roommate and led precious out from her room.

We boarded a cab which took us to my lodge.
Fifteen minutes later saw us in my room.
“Welcome to my house,” I said as I led her to my
bed. She mumbled something like a “thank you”.
I left her on the bed and went out to get some
things for her. I bought malt and milk and a bottle
of Lucozade boost. I also bought food from a
café. I went back home only to meet Precious
sprawled on the rug in the pool of her own puke.
I rushed to her and carried her up and settled
her back on the bed.

Her temperature was running very high.
I wanted to boil water to clean her up but on second thought, I decided against it. With the way
her temperature was running high, I will need to
use cold water. Carrying her to the bathroom
after getting her out of her clothes. I sat her down
on the toilet seat before I started bathing her. At
first, it was a tug of war as she refused that I bath
her with cold water. I had to plead with her and
made her understand that the cold water will
help calm her high temperature. She bent down
with hands clasped around her b0s0m while I
poured water on her body to calm her

After using four buckets of water on her, her
temperature calmed. I dried her up and carried
her back to the room. I helped her into one of my
pajamas, mixed the malt and milk in a cup and
she drank it after I had to beg her to. I also gave
her a cup full of the boast I bought. I tucked her
into the bed with my duvet. She thanked me with
a weak smile and within some minutes she slept
off while I settled to clean up her puke.

After cleaning up the puke, I went out to get
some medications for her. When I came back, I
met her still sleeping peacefully. I checked her
temperature with my hand on her forehead and
it was ok. She was even sweating a little.
After over two days in my house, she started
getting back herself and the fourth day, she was
very ok. Her stay in my house got us closer than
we were before.



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