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This stranger keeps staring at me when I need him to move fast. I don’t want to go with those guys dad sent to get me. I wonder how dad knew I was coming back to the country. He must have had someone watching me in Canada. He must be wondering why I finally wanted to come back home after insisting on studying abroad ever since mom died five years ago. I can’t really remember the details of that day but I always had panic attacks when I try to think about it.

That house gives me the creeps and my doctor said it must have something to do with the memory of that day. The only thing I remember is that I was alone with my mom that fateful day and I think there was a man. I remember mom asking me to hide under the bed and that’s where I draw a blank. The only reason am back here is because of the cryptic message I got last week.

That was enough reason for me to suppress my instincts of not coming back. I need to know what happened that fateful day because it changed me. Ever since that day I have several phobias. I have been trying to get over them even learning krav maga and judo just to feel safe. The most frustrating is my fear of being touched. That’s the reason I threw this guy at the airport. When he touched me, I just freaked out from the electricity buzzing between our skins. Just weird.

“Umm, excuse me” I heard the stranger say and I snapped back from memory lane. I didn’t turn to look at him though. I don’t want to be recognized. What would people think when they see Chief Badmus’ daughter wearing a hoodie and baggy boy Jeans. Certainly not good press for dad. My eyes clocked a figure coming towards the car and I panicked when I saw it’s one of the guys dad sent. I quickly turned and grabbed the lapels of the stranger’s shirt and pressed my lips to his. I felt him go stiff but I just pray in my mind that this contact doesn’t make me freak out and blow my cover.

Hopefully, my security detail will get embarrassed by the public display of affection and walk away. I saw the body guard divert his eyes as he saw us and moved away. I heaved a sigh of relief. That was close. I was about to pull away from the stranger when his tongue brushed my lips. An involuntary shiver ran through me and I moaned. This gave him the opening to slip that damn tongue into my mouth and that’s when I lost all sense of reasoning. This guy kissed me senselessly and even though it’s my first kiss in five years, I still know a great kisser when he’s kissing me.

A knock on the car’s window startled me and I jumped back. The stranger turned back to see an airport security man frowning down at him.”You are blocking other cars. You need to move your car” the airport security man scolded him. I just looked out the window embarrassed and also exhilarated. I not only let someone touch me, I let him kiss me and I loved it. “Am sorry. We are leaving now.” I heard the stranger say before he started the engine again. We zoom out of the airport and I was happy that I got away from my dad’s people. “You can drop me off here. I’ll just take a cab” I said after a few minutes.

“This place is so lonely. My mom trained me to be a gentle man so my conscience won’t let me rest until I see that you get home safely.” The stranger answered. “Umm, I’ll be fine. Just drop me off here” I insisted but I just heard my door click shut. Am beginning to panic. I hate being in a closed place. That’s another of my phobia. My breathing was getting heavier and I think am gonna pass out. “Please stop the car” I breathed out “Am not___oh my God. are you okay? You are clenching the seatbelt so tight your hands are turning red.” The stranger said and I shook my head continuously.

The car swerved off the road and came to a sudden halt. I heard the car door open and the stranger got out. He opened my door in seconds. “Wait!” I yelled. He stops short and I quickly zip my sweat shirt up to my nose to conceal my face. I slipped out of the car and breath in the fresh air. I joined him and sat on the bonnet of his car. Air started to return back to my lungs.”Thank you” I said to the stranger who was looking at me strangely. “Why do you have to cover your face?” he asked. “Umm well I don’t want you to see my face,” I said. My left eye was twitching like crazy. That always happens when I lie.

“So why don’t you want me to see your face? Are you ugly?” He teased and I stole his idea. “Yea. Really really ugly. With a nasty scar. You don’t want to see it. It will turn your tummy.” I said and he narrowed his eyes at me. Now that am looking at him I saw that his eyes aren’t black. They are like chocolate. What a weird eye color for a Nigerian. “Just take it off. Come on. I Won’t laugh. Promise. Scout honor” he said raising his hand up. “Where you ever a scout?” I asked and he laughed. “Not really” he answered and grinned.

My belly did a little flip. Dimples. Not just one but two awesome dimples. I have always been a sucker for dimples. I felt his hand on my face and I got a bit stiffed. He caressed my cheek bones and I felt my self relaxing into his touch. “Can you atleast tell me your name?” I heard him say “Umm sure” I heard myself answering. What?! What am I saying. My voice was a bit muffled because of my sweatshirt so am hoping he didn’t hear me. “So.,” he said waiting for my name. I can’t give him my real name.”Corolla” I said. My eyes were twitching like crazy. It always does that when i lie.

Why did I even use corolla? That’s the first name that comes to mind probably because that’s the name of his car. “So corolla, why were those men after you?” he asked and I knew it’s time to bolt. “Oh! look at the time. I have to get home now” I said while peering down at my watch which is still canada time but he doesn’t know that. I hurried into his car and shut the door. I can hear him chuckling but I paid him no attention. I will let him drive for a while then tell him to drop me off at any house then i can take a cab home. I have some naira notes in my purse. I slipped my hand into my hoodie’s pocket but came up empty.

Where is my purse? No no no How do i get home now? “So, your address,” the stranger asked and I reluctantly gave him my dad’s address. Fifteen minutes later and he is pulling off in front of dad’s gate. “Nice house,” he said and I nod frantically while trying to get the seat belt off.”Well, my boss is a rich man” I said and ran out of the car as soon as I got the seat belt off. I hurried to the gate and was about to press the intercom when I remembered what I was wearing. Dad’s gonna freak out. Hes already worried about my mental health.

I cant let him see me like this. I turned back to see the corolla still parked there. He’s probably waiting for me to go in before he leaves. Too bad because my luggage is with those guys dad sent so I have to sneak into the house. Hopefully, I can find something to wear. I walked to the corner of the house then scaled the tall walls. I maneuvered my way up and In minutes, am inside the compound and sneaking into the house.

MIRAGE (Episode 2)

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