“I was able to recover most of the video footage,” Sarah said.

Jack and Newman watched themselves on the laptop screen as they gave Senator Markle the suitcase, containing dollar notes that were to make him sponsor a bill that would be profitable to their fictitious company.

“He probably thinks you are dead,” Newman observed.

“I know. That was why I went dark.”

The video was conclusive evidence that Markle was a bagman. He was the only senator that Jack and Newman lost their wire when they went to see. Discovering a wire on them would have made him shoot them on the spot or get some people to do it for him.

“Good, we have an arrest to make.”

In the weeks that followed, the FBI arrested and put in custody more than ten senators who were accused of accepting a bribe to sponsor suspicious bills. Senator Markle Drinkwater was at the top of this list; he was accused of murder and attempt to murder as well as the other corruption charges which followed.

Eden Watford’s senatorial election bid took a downward spiral with the arrest of his father.



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