DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 12)



Fiona ran around the house playing with a ball she had plucked out of an empty roll-on. The ball fell from her hand and bounced into one of the guestrooms. She followed it and entered the room. She searched under the bed for a few minutes before setting her eyes on it. She stretched her hand and pushed the ball from under the bed. She picked it up and made to leave when she decided to check out the room. The walls were painted white and a king sized bed in the center of the room, a bedside lamp stood on a wooden table near the bed.

She walked to the wardrobe and opened it. It was empty. There was nothing interesting she could play with. She turned to shut it when she spotted a white object in the darkest part of the wardrobe. She moved closer and picked it up, twirling it between her fingers. It was a cell phone…
“Oh God. I’ve been searching everywhere for you. Come on let’s go give you a bath…… What’s that???” Nanny Grace asked fixing her gaze on the cell phone.
“I saw it here” Fiona answered pointing to the wardrobe.

“Let me see it” Grace collected the cell phone and tried switching it on but the battery seemed to have been exhausted. It seemed untouched for a very long time because there was dust on it. She wiped it and shoved it into the pocket of her apron.
“Let’s go have a bath. I will charge the phone and let you play games on it okay?
“okay” she replied to her nanny and followed her inside her room to have a shower…….



He was sitting by her on the bed, smiling lustfully and caressing her face while she slept. She looked more beautiful even in her sleep.
“You shouldn’t have allowed that good for nothing touch you. The same body that’s supposed to be mine only. I won’t let history repeat itself, my queen. Soon, very soon, I will make you mine” he whispered bending till his lips were inches away from her’s and inhaled deeply, taking in her scent.
“You smell good” he smiled.

He took her hand in his and kissed it. Her fingers moved and she stirred.
Not wanting her to wake up and see him, he dropped her hands and dashed out of the ward just before Alex and Arnold entered alongside the doctor.
“She’s in shock. So you should know what and what not to say around her” the doctor advised and checked her pulse…
They nodded and he walked out. Arnold stared at Helena who was still unconscious and slumped into the chair behind him, burying his face in his palm. He was feeling guilty for what he had done.

“Are you happy now?” He raised his head when Alex’s question broke into his thoughts
“I said are you happy now? Seriously Arnold, what has come over you. I feel like I don’t know you anymore. When Amanda passed away years ago, you became distant, I understood you because you were dealing with your wife’s demise. I thought you would get better with time but no. As the years progressed, you became cold towards those around you, grumpy, spiteful, you got angry at the slightest thing, fired your workers at the slightest mistake and now look what you’ve become, an insensitive heartless person.

I mean can’t you recognize a slut when you see one? Even if Helena was truly a slut, she still deserved respect. There was no need to humiliate her like that. She only asked you to lend her some money. You could have just said a simple yes or no to her but you chose to give her the money, make out with her, then take back your money and insult her the way you did. Meanwhile, it was the both of you that had sex, not just her. She didn’t force you to touch or kiss her Why Arnold?” Alex reprimanded his friend

“I’m sorry. Believe me, Alex, I feel guilty already. I hate my self so much right now”. Alex sighed, pulling an empty chair and sat by him.
“Why are you feeling this way? Because of how you behaved with her or because you’re angry at yourself for the fact that for the first time you have been attracted to another woman to have gone as far as sleeping with her or because you feel you have betrayed Amanda’s memory”
The look he saw on Arnold’s face made him chuckle
“Don’t be surprised. I’ve known you for several years and I can tell what you’re thinking. Its time to let the past go. It’s not a sin to fall in love again. You deserve to be happy”
“I know that. I do but sometimes I feel like there’s something I need to do before finally moving on….”
“Something like?”

“I don’t know Alex. It’s weird. I feel like I need closure. What if she was murdered?”
“What? Arnold come on. You and I know her condition was already out of hands. Besides who would want her dead?”
“I guess you’re right. I’m probably thinking too ….”
Arnold trailed off when Helena coughed… He stood up to sit by her side, taking her hand in his…


She blinked twice and opened her eyes. They felt heavy and her head was aching badly. She coughed and looked around. It was a hospital. She tried lifting her hand to touch her forehead when she felt it. Someone was holding her hand. She raised her head and saw him, anger flashing in her eyes
“How do you feel? Does your head hurt? Should I call the doctor?” He asked and she immediately pulled her hand away from his grip, yanking his hand vigorously away from her…

“Listen I’m sorry about yesterday. I’m really sorry… I was….”
“Sorry? You’re sorry Arnold? Will your sorry bring back my mother? Will it? I pleaded with you but it fell on deaf ears. I needed that money to save my mothers life. I had gone to everyone I knew for help but they all turned me down. You were my only hope but what did you. You rained insults on me and treated me like a slut. For a moment I thought that kiss we shared was genuine but it was all a ploy. The doctors refused to treat my mother and she ended up dying. All I wanted was for you to lend me some money”
“I’m truly sorry Helena. I am. I judged you wrongly. I’m sorry. Really sorry” he apologized…

“I don’t want any more problems. You should leave” she told him.
“Get out please” she repeated.
Slowly, Arnold stood up and walked out, Alex followed. He knew it was all his fault and somehow, he wanted to make things right, no matter how much she rejected him.


He came out of his hiding and watched them leave Helena’s ward heading towards the reception. He smiled, pulling his beard softly.
At least Helena had the sense to kick him out including that womanizer friend of his who acts like a loyal dog to him.
Arnold was his greatest enemy, he had always gotten the best of everything and he? was always left with the worst in life but not anymore.
“History won’t repeat itself. Never!!” He muttered and put on his hood, covering his face and walked out, strolled into a corner to change his clothes…..

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