Women Like Me Are Victims


His hands were so huge it covered my mouth and nose, pressing my head down to my bed after he forcefully pushed me on the floor and dropped me on the bed.

My effort to scream came to no avail, his hands stopped every form of life forcing it’s way out of me. He was so aggressive, so rough and so strong, I could feel the strength in his bones on me, he pressed his body against mine on the bed

I heard the sound of his belt and of a zip unzipping, fear came out through my eyes, I tried to scream again, but his hands had all too much control over me, I tried to push him off but strength was not on my side, tears came rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably, they we’re hot and my eyes were hurting.

He forcefully dragged his trousers down, then I felt his hands inside my flare blue skirt, he removed by pant and teased my clitoris with his hands, he gave out a sound that was unpleasant and irritating to my ears and his red eyes closed for that second.

Then he spread my legs with his other hand, the right one still on my mouth, for a second I didn’t feel his hands on my leg again, then I felt something hard and big forcing its way into me.

It was too big to enter so he forced it inside of me, I felt a sharp pain! I screamed out loud biting his hands with my teeth, my eyes wide open and tears running down my cheeks, I had never felt anything like that in my life, I immediately felt some liquid between my legs but he did not stop, he slapped me for screaming and brought it out and took it inside of me, he did it continuously until I could scream no more. Tears were falling off with no energy to push them out, I was there on the bed weak, blood coming out of me, thinking I was going to die, wanting to die because how can I bear seeing my father every day for what he was doing to me.

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My mother was crying outside because she could not tell anyone, the shame was too much for her to bear and the man of the house should be respected no matter what.

Alex, she protected the bastard, her husband, she said she has no family to go to so I should forget what he did to me.

Alex, she told me to forget! I cannot urinate again Alex, it comes out uncontrollably, I lose a lot of customers every night because my vagina smells and looks disfigured, she told me to forget.

I am not the woman for you, allow me to enjoy my body selling so I can feed myself, you deserve a woman that is not broken like me, I have nothing to offer, not even good s*x, I will not know how to be a mother to your kids if I can give birth.

Allow me to wallow in sorrow and self-pity.

Women like me are victims and I’ve given up on moving on.

©Funke Olotu


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