DEATH WISH (Episode 16)




Maya stood in front of the mirror as she adjusted her necklace…
She stared down at herself and smiled satisfied with her look.
She was wearing a red off-shoulder lacy dress that stopped below her knees… The bold ruffles at the end of the dress shook anytime she moved…
She pulled all her hair back and pinned it with two shiny clips…
Knock, knock…
She smiled.
That must be Adrian. He was taking her out to someplace.

A secret, he had said…
She chuckled and walked towards the door.
“I’ll get it… Relax” Elena walked past her to open the door…
Maya turned to glance at herself one more time…
“Is Maya at home?” A male voice asked and the smile instantly fell off her face. She walked back towards the door and frowned.
“What are you doing here? How did you find me?”
“Can we talk?”
“No. I have someplace to be”
He raised an eyebrow “Does this have to do with your little boyfriend at the company?”
“What’s your problem, James?”

“You think I haven’t noticed how you two go to work every morning holding hands, smiling and ogling each other as no one else exists. You think I don’t see it?” He walked past Elena and stepped into the room.
Maya folded her arms on her chest and stared at him in amusement
“Yeah so? How does my relationship with Adrian affect you? Does it reduce your salary?”
“Don’t be sarcastic Maya” he frowned
“Get out James” she turned to leave when he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to him harshly. She groaned in pain…

“Hey, let her go!” Elena shouted.
“You shut up!…” He turned to Maya. “I love you Maya. So much..why can’t you forgive me. It was just a little prank. Common…let’s leave”
“I’m going nowhere with you. You’re mentally deranged to think that James.. Let go of me. You’re sick!” She spat making him angrier as his eyes grew darker.

“I know you are just mad at me… Deep down you love me… I know you do. You’re just hurt”
She laughed humorlessly “I love Adrian. Not you… I will never love a man who manhandles a woman the way you are doing”
“Hey… Let her go!!” Elena shouted searching for anything she could use as a weapon.
She rushed to the kitchen still searching.
Then she saw it, on the stove…
A frying pan… She stared at it.
They had just used the pan to fry some eggs and it was still unwashed…
Should she use it?

A scream from Maya suddenly made her change her mind.
Yep! She was so going to use it.
She grabbed the pan and walked out charging towards James who was now forcing himself on her…
Without a second thought, she lifted the pan to hit him when he spun around and slapped her hard, knocking her off her feet…
He turned to Maya and pushed her against the wall, she resisted…
He pushed her much harder and she tripped, her forehead hitting the wall…
James pinned her to the wall, her back facing him…

“You should never have left me that night baby. We could have sorted things out and we would have been happy… But you left. You left” he hissed planting kisses on her neck, running his hands roughly over her thighs as she squirmed.
“You’re sick James. You need help… Don’t touch me… Let me go…” She cried, tasting blood in her mouth…

“I love you, baby… But you let that guy touch you… You were always flaunting him in my face at work… How does he touch you? Like this?” He grabbed the hem of her dress and ripped it apart, revealing her undies…
“This isn’t loving James.. Its obsession… You’re obsessed. Let me go” he seemed to have been distracted as his hands roamed her body… Seeing an opportunity, Maya spun around quickly and kicked him hard in the groin. He groaned covering his manhood…
“You bitch!!!” He lunged for her…..


Maya shut her eyes, waiting for the impact of his blow as he lunged forward towards her…but instead warm big hands engulfed her in a hug and a familiar scent evaded her nose…
“It’s me, Maya… Open your eyes… It’s me” the familiar voice spoke softly but she was shaking sobbing silently as she clutched to the torn dress tightly…
“Baby it’s me. Adrian”

“Adrian?” She whispered opening her eyes… Her gaze fell on a hard chest. She lifted her head and her gaze fell on his beautiful sculptured face. His dark eyes boring into her…
“Love. You’re safe now. I’m here” he coaxed rubbing her back.
“He wanted to… Adrian… He…” She choked, her head beginning to pound heavily…
“Maya, you’re bleeding” was the last thing she heard him say before darkness engulfed her…


She squirmed slightly as she felt something warm on her forehead, then her nose and her cheeks… Her eyes fluttered open, the pain in her head coming back all too soon.
She groaned…
“You’re awake” she heard a familiar voice.
The same voice that was responsible for sending shivers down her spine each time she heard it.

“Adrian?” She shifted in her seat and groaned again as the throbbing continued.
Adrian moved to sit by her on the bed
“No.. Sit.. Don’t move”
“Oh, Adrian. My head hurts..a lot”
“He’s never going to hurt you again love. Never… I’m so sorry I couldn’t get there on time”
“At least you came. Thank you. Where’s James?”
He frowned “In jail”
“And Elena?”
“She’s fine. Went home to take a shower”
“Home? But..” She paused and looked around…
That was when she realized she was in a hospital bed…

“I hate hospitals” she whined like a child.
Adrian chuckled “I know.. Me too”
“But I could make you feel better” he grinned, a mischievous glint in his eyes
She eyed him suspiciously “how?”
“Shift..” He ordered but she stayed put.
“Come on shift. Give me some space” he repeated and she shifted to the other end of the bed.
He stretched himself on the bed near her, lying down.

“What are you doing Adrian? This is a hospital” she laughed
“Shut up and come closer. I know you want me to hold you. I know you do. Just come” he spread out his arms, waiting.
She eyed him…well he was right about that. She missed his warmth.
She smiled and snuggled closer as he wrapped his arms around her, planting soft kisses on her face.
“So… How does it feel? Good?” He asked, sniffing her hair.
She snuggled much closer, resting her head on his chest as she nodded.

“I love you beautiful. I do. I’m never going to let any harm come to you as long I have breath in me. I promise”
“I know” she lifted her head up to stare at him, their lips inches apart..
Just a single movement and they would kiss.
Adrian lowered his head and pressed his lips to hers, lingering, savoring that taste he liked so much.

It was intoxicating… Everything about her was.
Her smell, her hair, her lips…
He was intoxicated by her.
He could get drunk just by staring at her…
“What are you doing to me, Maya. How can a tiny four-eyed girl like you have so much effect on me? You intoxicate my love” he whispered against her lips
She smiled and bit his lips. He groaned.
“Don’t call me four eyes”
“My pretty four eyes” he chuckled
“Much better.. Now Shut up and kiss me”
“Ohhh. Someone has become so bold huh?” He chuckled more and kissed her. She kissed him back, forgetting the throbbing pain in her head.


The doctor sighed as he scribbled something on a notepad. He tore the paper out and handed it to Margaret.
“I don’t know why this is happening… The drugs are supposed to improve his condition but his condition keeps deteriorating each day…” He sighed again and gazed at Mr. Robinson who was still unconscious.
“I have arranged for an ambulance to move him to the hospital. I can monitor his health much better from there”
Margaret instantly frowned.

If he was moved then all her plans will be futile. She had done so much to get to where she was.. Just a little push, a little and her husband would be dead…
She frowned deeper.
She had to find a way to stop the doctor from moving him to the hospital.
“I have prescribed different drugs for him. Please do away with the previous ones and let’s see how this goes… I’ll be back with the ambulance Mrs. Robinson” the doctor said cutting through her thoughts before walking out the room…

As the doctor walked out, he shook his head.
Something wasn’t right… Something definitely wasn’t.
In all the years he had spent practicing medicine, he knew what to expect when a patient was being given the prescribed drugs at the correct time and in the correct dosage.
And he could tell when a drug wasn’t blending with a patient’s system to aid in his/her recovery.
But that wasn’t the case here.

In Mr. Robinson’s case, it seemed as though the drugs were either not being administered to him or it was being done in the wrong way.
He scratched his head as he descended the stairs.
But then again, who would not want Mr. Robinson to recover??..
“Let’s just see if he improves after we move him” he murmurs making his way out…


Maya felt content, peaceful, happy, safe and protected as she remained wrapped in Adrian’s arms…
She sniffed, smiling, his perfume evading her nose…
“I love how you smell Adrian” she admitted, sniffing more
His chest vibrated beneath her as he shook with soft laughter

“I know love… You sniff me all the time. And I love how you smell to love” he kissed her forehead.
“You know, I’ve never felt this special before”
“That’s because you took too long in finding me”
“Do you have to be so cocky all the time?” She snorted and he laughed
Before she could throw a hot reply at him, grandma Cecilia walked in and Adrian jumped off the bed, much too quickly that he tripped, hitting his foot against the metal bed.

He stifled a groaned and Maya giggled…
Grandma Cecilia raised an eyebrow as she stared at her grandson behaving like a kid who had been caught stealing meat from a lot of soup.
She shook her head and went to sit by Maya…
“How are you feeling?”
“I’m a fine grandma”
“You sure?”
“Yes. Thank you”
“I’m here to grandma. I just hit my foot and you aren’t asking how I’m feeling” Adrian shouted frowning…
Both women ignored him…
He made to say something when his phone rang. He snorted at them and walked out…


He grabbed the phone and picked up.


“Sister Maya?” The voice replied.


Adrian frowned and pulled the phone away from his ear to stare at it.
It was Maya’s cell phone…
He put it back to his ear.
“Umm. Maya is indisposed at the moment. You can leave a message”


“It’s urgent. I need to talk to my sister… Please. I need to meet her”
“Okay… What’s your name?”
“Okay. She will call you back shortly” Adrian replied and hang up.
He strolled back into the room…
“Someone wants to speak to your love. Here” he handed the phone to her and watched her redial the number…

“Hello?….” He watched her frown
“Why are you calling?….why? Okay. St Martin’s hospital..”
She hung up and gazed into the ceiling, a look of uncertainty in her eyes…
“What’s wrong?” He moved to sit by her
“Andrew. My stepbrother. He wants to meet me”
“What?!! How could you tell him where to find you? Have you forgotten he’s the reason you were homeless? Have you?”

“Relax Adrian. I haven’t forgotten. Believe me… He sounded worried and… oh I don’t know.. Let’s just hear him out”
He sighed “how can you be so kind after all he did to you?”
She shrugged and wrapped her arms around him…


An hour later, Adrian was frowning deeply as a young boy, probably seventeen or eighteen strolled nervously into the hospital ward…
“Ugh. Good afternoon” he fumbled
“Go straight to the point Andrew or whatever your name is” Adrian growled and Maya placed her hand on his arm.
“Adrian. Please… Why are you here Andrew?”
“I’m sorry for everything sister. I am really am. I was forced to and..”
“Just say why you’re here” Adrian cut him off rudely…

The boy sighed. “It’s a dad… He’s been sick for close to two months now… He’s bedridden… He keeps calling out for you in his sleep… He needs you, Maya. Please”
He was close to tears now.
“Why should I believe you, Andrew?”
Andrew pulled out his phone tapped on audio and played it for her…
Maya’s eyes widened in horror and disbelief as she listened to the conversation…

“It hurts me to admit but my mother is a monster…you’re the only one who can save dad. Maya I..” Before he could complete his sentence, Maya pulled out the IV from her hand. She flung the bed cover away from her body and sprinted out the door, running as fast as her legs could carry her, ignoring the throbbing headache…

“Maya stop!!!!!.. Maya!!!” Adrian screamed as he chased after her…
“Stop love please!!!”
Maya wasn’t hearing any of it. She continued to run..


Margaret walked back into the room after successfully distracting the men who were watching the cameras in the surveillance room.
She put on her gloves and picked up the official stamp and stamped on the documents she had spread out on the bed…
Done, she gathered the documents and enclosed them in an envelope…
“Why don’t I make it easier and make you sleep forever huh?” She smirked as she moved closer to the oxygen tank…
Hopefully, by the time the ambulance arrived, he would be dead. And the properties will be hers… All hers.
After waiting for so many years.
She smirked, as she turned off the tank slowly, waiting for a reaction…

Seconds later, he was on the bed, gasping for air, his chest heaving up and down.
Smiling, she turned it off, completely cutting off the oxygen supply… He was gasping heavily now his eyes snapped open as his pupils dilated, rolling to the back of his eyes, his fingers digging into the bedsheets.


Suddenly, the door burst open… And
A shot was fired…
Someone fell… A scream echoed across the room. Blood pooled on the floor…
Mr. Robinson lay on the bed, gasping slowly as life ebbed out of him.

DEATH WISH (Episode 15)


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