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TWISTED PATH (Episode 12)

TWISTED PATH (Episode 12)


By Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

A bead of perspiration formed on Mohammed’s forehead as he raced through the forest. Running by his side was Fatima, whose heart was thumping as an army of weapon-wielding mob followed hot in their pursuit. A machete from their pursuers flew over Mohammed’s head, missing him only by chance. He looked back and realized their enemies were gaining on them. He nudges at Fatima and together they increased their pace. Realizing, they were gradually losing their target, one of the mob threw a rod and it made contact with Fatima’s feet.

She immediately hit the ground at the impact of the rod. Mohammed tried to help her get back on her feet but she had sprained her ankle.
“Please leave me here, go, save yourself,” Fatima said as she saw the angry men still on their trail.
Instead of giving a response, Mohammed simply swept her up, slung her over his shoulder and resumed the race. He had only run a few yards before realizing his energy was gradually waning. He tried to manage till they get to a safe haven by eventually, his energy failed and together, they fell. Within a twinkle of an eye, they were surrounded by the angry mob clamoring for their heads.

Mohammed scanned through the face gazing mercilessly at them for any familiar face he could beg. God answered his prayer when Agent Abeeb came out to face them.
“Mr. Abeeb please help me beg these people to have mercy on us.” He pleaded.
Instead of replying, Abeeb brought out his gun and shot Fatima at the head. Mohammed screamed in horror while clinging more to the body of his beloved.

“I didn’t kill her, you did when you failed to obey instructions. Now you will have to live with the guilt.” Abeeb said before he motioned to his boys to seize him. Mohammed cried as he fought with the men trying to separate him from his dead friend. When the men saw that he wasn’t ready to give in, one of them hit the butt of his gun on Mohammed’s head.

Mohammed woke up breathing heavily, he looked around and realized he had been dreaming. He went to check on Fatima sleeping at the other end of the room, no bullet hole on her head. Indeed it was a dream. She stirred and changed side before she continued sleeping peacefully. He felt the urge to gently stroke her beautiful hair but instead, he sat at the edge of her bed and watched her sleep. Mohammed never knew how he developed a soft spot for the lady.

He stole a glance at the wall clock, it was just a few minutes past two am, sleep had gone from his eyes. Although it was the agency that paired them together, he was happy they made her his handler. A chilled wind blew in from the window and very shortly heavy rain started hitting the roof. The cold that followed made Mohammed adjusted the blanket to fully cover her body. He stood and was about leaving when he felt Fatima’s soft hand grab his wrist.

“Please sleep here, am feeling cold,” Fatima begged groggily.
Without uttering a word, Mohammed slid into her bed, while she placed her head on his chest. As she gently fell back into slumber, he felt solace within him.

The next morning, Mohammed woke up to the blazing morning sun. It was the day he was supposed to go in. He looked for Fatima and found a note that she had gone to market. Getting out of bed, he picked the file and went through it for the last time. Having read it over and over again he had committed all the content to memory. Taking a deep breath he picked up a phone and dialed the number. His heart raced as the call rang. Suddenly it stopped ringing and a machine voice broke in.

“Hello good morning, this is Shavy construction we are happy to hear from you.” The machine voice blurted.
“Zankin 9, Aldafur 17, Mariam 20, Sally 5, Tanrina 075.” Mohammed received and the line went silent for a while. Mohammed repeated the citation.
“Who is this?” A man voice answered.
“This is Mohammed, I just woke up in a very strange house. What’s happening? What about the mission?” He said and immediately the line went dead.

* * * * * * * * * * *. * * * *. * * *

Three cars were traveling on a highway road inside the middle car was Sheikh flanked by guards at his sides. The phone in the hand of one of his securities rang and he handed it over to Sheikh.
“Hello, Jamal what happened?” He asked.
“We just received a call from someone using, Mohammed’s code.” Replied the caller.
“What? How is that possible?”
“Am not sure, he might actually be alive or the DSS is playing a prank,” Jamal said.
“Try getting the call location and then send few men to check it out,” Sheikh replied before dropping the call

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