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DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 10)

DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 10)



Helena sat up in bed rubbing her eyes trying to adjust to the light in the room when she heard him yell again. She turned to stare at him fully awake now.
“Answer me!!” She heard him yell. He was very angry and he was back to his old self.

Wait a minute, why was he naked? She wondered as he put on his shorts. She looked down at her own body and realized she was naked too.
“Christ!!” She muttered, her eyes growing wide as the scenes from the previous night played in her mind……

She was waiting for Grace to bring her some clothes when Arnold entered. Out of surprise and shock, she let her towel fall leaving her naked. And then there was light out and she found herself hugging him, then he kissed her and…….
They had sex!!!
She blinked twice, her mouth wide open…
“Ermm” she stammered getting out of bed and stood before him.

“Why are you naked in my bed. I asked you a damn question!!!”
“I was…err… You came to my room. I mean the guest room. And then one thing led to the other and we made love” she stammered unable to look him in the eyes.
“So you came here purposely to seduce me?”
Her eyes grew wide “No. No Arnold… It’s not what….”
“Oh so now you call me by my name right? What happened to the sir huh!!”
“I’m sorry sir but none of this was planned. It just happened”

“Really? Come to think of it. I now understand everything. From your sudden nice, sweet behavior to your helping me organize a party for Fiona and the shopping. it was all a damn charade just to buy yourself some time so that by the time I realized, it would be very late and I will have no option than to let you stay for the night and…”

“No no no sir. I swear. I just wanted to help. Please, all this is just a misunderstanding. I never planned on sleeping with you. I’m not that cheap”
“Of course you are cheap!!” He retorted and added “Luckily for you, it began raining and you decided to play your last card. I entered your room and you intentionally dropped your towel making it look like a mistake ”
“Oh God no sir. It wasn’t intentional. I.. ” she started when he cut her off

“Tell me Helena, who in their right senses would mistakenly drop their towels in front of a man when they know without the towel, they would be completely naked….. OK fine. Let’s say I believe you. Now tell me why didn’t you pick up the towel to cover yourself when it fell? Huh?” He questioned.
She was quiet. Her eyes pooled, tears gathering in them. She couldn’t say a word. He was already branding her as a whore.

“Answer me!!! You don’t have an answer right? I will tell you. Its because you wanted to entice me, get into my bed and come into my life to inherit a wealth you didn’t sweat for. I detest you, Helena. Because you saw me broken and weak, you took advantage of it and lured me. How cunning!!” He spat.. He was enraged and He felt he had defiled Amanda’s memory.

“I’m not here for your money sir. I…I… It wasn’t planned. One thing led to the other and we made love. Sir I…..”
“Made love you say? It was just sex. Nothing but sex. A one night stand. And wait..let me pay you. I’m sure women of your kind always take money after you render your services in bed… How much do you want?” He asked.
Helena who had been crying suddenly stopped. He was asking her how much money she wanted for her services? Without thinking, her hand moved, made contact with his right cheek and slapped him hard. Before he could react there was a knock on the door. Helena went to attend to it.
“Your clothes. They are dry. I forgot to bring your clothes last night. I..”

“Keep your apologies to yourself” Helena snapped and shut the door in her face. If she hadn’t forgotten to bring her clothes, she wouldn’t have worn that towel and ended up having sex with Arnold and he wouldn’t have had the audacity to call her a whore.

“I’m a whore, right? And I’m sure every whore dresses up in front of their clients after sex right?” She stated sarcastically and threw the bed cover away from her body in anger and fastened her bra, put on her undies and slipped into the dress. Done, she looked around for her bag and picked up her phone lying beside the bedpost and walked out………..


Fiona ran out of her room holding her drawing board. She had spent half of the night drawing a perfect picture for her father. After last night, she was convinced he loved her. She ran into his room but he was nowhere to be found. She walked out in a hurry when she bumped into someone.
“Watch where you’re going. And stop running around like that!!”

“Daddy see. I drew this for you. See” she stretched her arm excitedly showing him the drawing.
“Leave Fiona!” He warned sternly.
“But daddy…”
“Shut up Fiona. I said leave!! Go to your room”
She stared up at him, the fear she felt towards him back in her eyes.
“Get out of my sight!!!!” He yelled much louder and she staggered back, dropped her piece of drawing and ran back into her room…..
Arnold walked into his room, kicking the drawing away and shut the door angrily…


“What happened sis?” Emilia asked Helena, her elder sister for the thousand times. She had run into the house with swollen eyes and disheveled hair. She was sitting on the bed with her arms around her knees and hugged them to herself and resumed crying.
“I said its nothing” she whispered with a croaked voice

“Really? You didn’t come home last night. Probably because of the heavy rains. And you ran into the house this morning looking unkempt and crying. What happened?”
Knock, knock!!
Emilia sighed and went to see who was at the door.
“Thank God you are here. Maybe my sister will tell you why she’s crying”
“Where’s she?” The lady asked
“In her room”
“Okay thank you, Emilia”

She walked past her into Helena’s room. It was still barely 7:00 am so she figured Helena’s parents were still asleep…
She entered the room and found her crying.
“Girlfriend? Why are you crying? I called you many times last night but you didn’t answer. What’s wrong”
“I had sex with my student’s father Sally ” she burst into fresh tears.

“You what?….wait… Are you talking about Mr. Arnold? The architect?”
“Yes. It was unintentional. I swear. It rained. My dress was wet, he asked me to stay till the rain subsided. He came into the room where I was later for something and I was only in a towel. I foolishly dropped the towel and..” she trailed off
“And you slept with him” Sally finished
“The worst part is he accused me this morning of seducing him. He said horrible things to me, Sally.

He even asked me how much money I want him to pay for my services”
“The effrontery he has!!!. I wouldn’t have expected less from him either” she rolled her eyes, pulling her best friend into an embrace and rocking her back and forth.
“Are you going to keep teaching his child?” She asked.
Helena pulled away from her embrace staring into Sally’s eyes wondering whether she should quit to save her dignity or keep the job to help pay her mother’s hospital bills…

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