DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 8)




“Do you have feelings for her?” Mark asked hoping to get a negative reply. Arnold scoffed
“Arrghh no. Never. I don’t okay. Like I told you she suggested it and I agreed because I know my wife would have done the same if she were here”
Mark smiled, relaxing “cool!! Let’s go Noldie”
Alex shook his head as he watched them retreat into the house. Helena was definitely going to help his friend get back on track and live his life again like he used to. There was no doubt about it…


Nanny Grace walked upstairs to call Fiona when she saw her boss and his friends enter. Minutes later, they descended the stairs with her as she looked around the beautifully decorated room with the huge banner that read
She smiled and then her smile disappeared as quickly as it came when she met her father’s gaze. Helena walked over to her, knelt and hugged her as she began singing a song and the rest joined in except for Arnold. After singing, they took turns in giving her gifts and pulling her chubby cheeks.

“Uncle arrghh” she yelped when Alex pulled her cheeks harder…….
“Shall we cut the cake?” Helena chipped in and they all bellowed. She lit the candles and asked Fiona to make a wish and blow out the candles…
She stepped forward and glanced at her father who was standing at the entrance before closing her eyes for a few seconds and blew out the candles admits cheers and claps. Later, she was made to cut the cake with which she ate with delight….
All the while, Mark kept staring at Helena, watching her every movement. He realised she liked to constantly pinch the bridge of her nose. He smiled. She was such a beauty and he liked her more and more……


It was almost 8:30pm and Arnold was still quiet. Helena walked over to where he stood sipping his champagne.
“Sir? Please go to her” she said as he glanced at his daughter. She seemed to be stealing glances at him almost as if expecting him to say or do something. When their gaze met, she quickly looked down fidgeting with her glass of juice.
“She’s right Arnold. You should go to your girl” Alex chipped in
“You don’t understand. I can’t do this. I never have. What do you except me to say when I go in front of her?”

“Don’t think sir. Just let your instincts take control” Helena placed the gifts he had bought in the toy store in his hands.
“Don’t think” Alex repeated.
Arnold sighed and walked to her. The distance between them wasn’t much but to him, it felt like an eternity walking towards his own child. How strange!! He could feel the constant rise in his heartbeat.
He didn’t realise he was already in front of her when the gifts fell from his hand. He knelt down so he could be face to face with her. It was the first time he had ever gotten that close to Fiona…..he had always kept her at arms length.

He studied her features and smiled inwardly. She was a splitting image of Amanda, she had the same big round eyes with long lashes, chisel shaped nose, a full mouth, chubby cheeks and an oval face. Even she took after Amanda’s glowing fair skin… Arnold turned to stare at his friends who gestured for him to go ahead. He swallowed and turned back to face her..
“Happy birthday” he whispered. She didn’t reply…
“Don’t think!!” He recalled Alex’s words.
“I got you some gifts… See…..this is a teddy bear….and this is a box of chocolates… Very sweet….” He paused when she collected the items and smiled. He continued…

“See this Fiona? It’s a beautiful drawing can draw and clean then draw again. And this? It’s a dress with a crown and magic stick. You like it?”
She nodded frantically, her eyes bulging at the sight of the beautiful gifts. She ran to the table and grabbed a slice of cake and ran back to him. She held the cake, stretching her hand waiting… He turned to stare at his friends again who gestured him to open his mouth. He did and she pushed the cake into his mouth, the icing smearing on his cheeks. Fiona giggled and lunged forward, throwing her weight on him and wrapping her arms around his neck tightly choking him.

She kissed him on the cheeks and mouthed a thank you. He smiled… It felt really nice and relaxing to have her so near. He coughed as she leaned in to him more throwing him off balance and they both fell hitting the cake along. It fell on Arnold’s face and shirt… Fiona burst into laughter……. Arnold frowned for a moment and then burst into laughter as well licking his lips…
“My son is laughing. He is laughing without being forced to.” Alex exclaimed with joy…..
As if realising what he had done, he quickly stood on his feet, the laughter on his face vanishing replacing it with a deep frown as he walked out leaving Fiona who couldn’t stop gushing over her gifts…

“Its okay to smile son. Don’t stop yourself” he heard Alex say behind him.
“Yes Noldie. It’s been seven years already. Let it go and start all over again.” Mark chipped in…
He sighed, rubbing his chin. They were right, he knew it, he had to move on but for some reason he just couldn’t. Something was stopping him. He needed closure so he could move on but he wasn’t getting it…..
“Think about it son. I need to get going. I have a chick waiting on me at home… Gosh!! It’s been a whole week without sex and I feel sad already. I need to empty my….” Alex was talking when Mark hit his arm..

“You woman eater!! Chasing everything in skirt. Let’s go” he dragged him along as they made their way out.
“Bye Noldie!!” Alex yelled from behind the gate…
Arnold chuckled and shook his head.. Alex was a lost cause. A hopeless one. He still prayed for the day the holy spirit will descend into his head and wipe away all those ugly thoughts and probably remove his manhood……
He turned to go inside and saw Helena coming out holding her bag….
“Its pretty late sir.. I will go now…” She trailed off when droplets of rain fell on her. Soon it was raining in torrents, their clothes getting soaked as they ran for shelter….. It wasn’t helping because soon they were both completely drenched. Arnold led her inside the house and he went upstairs to take a shower and change clothes. He hated rainfall…


He came back several minutes later and found her standing and shivering. It was still raining heavily outside and it didn’t seem the rain was going to stop anytime soon. He took a look at her, she was completely wet, her hair and her dress had clung tightly to her body due to its wetness. He could see the shape of her breasts through the dress and her tummy and the curve of her thighs..
He swallowed hard, staring at her…..
“I think you should stay for the night. Its very dark and the rain isn’t helping” he told her

“No sir. I don’t want to be a bother besides I have no other clothes apart from these”
“Grace will bring you fresh clothes. Just go to the guest room opposite my room. I don’t want you getting sick in my house lady. Just do as you’re told or better still walk out that door and stand the risk of getting beaten by the rain”
Helena frowned.. There he was again, giving her orders acting all arrogant. And to think he was being nice and sweet earlier.. She pouted and walked upstairs searching for the guest rooms….

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