Whatsapp Adventure (Episode 5)


We bought some snacks and headed to the
Football pitch to watch students on training,
On getting to the pitch, all student were already seated
In many groups, chatting.
Both males and females, seniors and juniors.
I saw Amina with about 5 girls together chatting and laughing.
Then I began to wonder why chuks said she never talks to anybody.

Ok maybe I don’t really understand what he meant,
I kept it to my self and didn’t bother asking him.
We were about sitting down, when I saw someone waving at me,
It was Amina, I didn’t wave back, I kept long face and changed my face direction,
The football training was very interesting, that I felt like playing.

Oh I forget to tell you, that I play football very well,
in my primary school, my school don’t play match, if am not in the no.9 position,
I mean striking. I play very well and there is no match that I don’t score.
Back then am the captain, even in my village game, am the captain.
I remember my mum once bought me a football boot and things she said that day,
Nna you will go to obodo oyibo and play football, so we can watch you on t.v,
Everyone will know you are my son.

My mum loves football soo much, and she is a Manchester united fan.
She never misses to watch Christiano Ronado and Wayne Rooney, every Saturday,
And she believes I will one day be like Ronado and Rooney, and play for man united.
Anyway that was back then shaa.
Even in the seminary school, I still obtainED my title of being the captain, I lead st. Paul junior football team for complete 2yrs.

One thing that amazed everybody in the school is that I never forget to register goal in every match, even if it’s one goal.
Though I use to strike for seniors also when ever they have match,
When ever am with ball, everybody must shout my name in joy,
Until I passes the ball.

When the break was over,
We all headed to our numerous classes.
I was finally back on my desk, when the economics teacher entered,
He taught us for 45 minutes, at the end he asked questions. Six questions, I answered four and Amina answered two. then he asked my name and I answered,
He asked were am from,
I answered,

Teacher. which school are you from,
Me.st Pauls Seminary school Ukpor
Teacher.so you are an ex Seminarian?
Me. Yes sir,
Teacher. No wonder you seem very intelligent,
And why didn’t you finish as a priest?
Me. Long story sir,
Teacher. don’t forget to visit my office anytime you have chance, for the story.

The entire class were surprised and had questionable look all over there faces,, when the teacher left the class
I felt shy in the school for the first time
because all eyes were on me, but I tried to concentrate with my book.
After school, I gently went to the economics teacher office.
When I knocked and entered, he was in his office with a young lady of about 25yrs old, very beautiful and has a huge boobs, and nice back.
She was slim and tall, chocolate in colour.

She is the literature teacher, miss Adebanjo,
When she saw me,
She was so surprised and she asked,
Miss Adebanjo. Is this not the new intelligent boy??
Eco teacher. Oh you have even noticed that?
Miss Adebanjo, yes oo, I wonder if Amina will take the lead this time around.
They were still chatting about me,
When I interrupted with a greeting.

Whatsapp Adventure (Episode 4)

To be continued

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