DEATH WISH (Episode 12)



Adrian dropped the keys on the table as he slumped into the sofa, sighing heavily…
He shut his eyes, inhaling deeply.. He could hear the door to the room where Maya occupied shut.
He sighed again….
Maya had rejected his offer to go dancing…
It was no big deal..but then why was he feeling hurt, disappointed..
He just wanted to make her happy.
Ever since her attempted suicide, all he could ever think of was ways to make her happy…
He pursed his lips and stared at the ceiling..


Maya stood in front of the mirror, admiring her new hair…
She smiled.. It was soft, straight and shiny..
She looked different…
She turned to grab a towel to take a shower when she noticed three, four, five….hell!!! There were many shopping bags on her bed.
Before she could open them, she noticed a sealed brown envelope lying near one of the bags..
Without hesitating, she picked it up and tore it open…
“Oh my God!” She whisper yelled when she realised the contents of the envelope…
“God!!” She repeated as her gaze fell on a small paper that fell out from the envelope…
She recognised it immediately.. It was a page from her notepad…
She blinked, again and again.. Realisation hitting her…
This was the surprise Adrian was talking about..


Two hours later, Adrian was in the kitchen trying to fix himself some dinner since Maya had locked herself up in the room and he had no idea when she was going to come out..
Maybe she was mad at him..
“Does your offer still stand?” Her voice broke into his thoughts.. He turned sharply to stare at her…
His eyes grew big, almost bulging out of its sockets…
His eyes roamed her body….
She was wearing a long off-shoulder blue shimmering bodycon gown that covered her feet… Her curves were visible and prominent as the gown rests her body..
Hell!! Why would she hide such a gorgeous body in loose clothes everyday?
Her long hair was tied into a neat ponytail, revealing every contour of her round face….
She had no makeup on except for a shiny fruit lip gloss that she applied on the lips….


“Adrian?” She called shaking him out of her reverie
“Yes..yes?” He shook his head vigorously and stared back at her
God!! She was a walking goddess
“I asked if your offer to dance still stands or it’s expired?”
He grinned widely.. She must have seen his surprise..
“Hell no!! This offer has no expiry…let me change..give me a few minutes” he dashed into the his grandmother’s room so fast that she couldn’t help but giggle….


“I’m ready..shall we?”
She turned, amused
“Wow.. That was super fast” she observed taking in his appearance..
He looked casual and cute..
She blushed at her thoughts…
“You didn’t think I would waste another second did you? You practically refused me once so I had to beat you to it before you change your mind.. So before you change your mind again, let’s get going beautiful” he winked and she smiled as they walked out….


“You’ve never done this before, have you?”
Adrian whispered into her ears as they danced to the tune under the dim lights in the expensively decorated restaurant…
As they danced, her steps kept faltering every now and then, making her step on his toes at intervals
“No” she shook her head embarrassed…
“Don’t worry.. I will teach you… Place your hand on my shoulder and the other…in my this. And I will place my other hand on your waist like…” He trailed off as he placed his hand lightly on her waist..

The contact made her body shiver.. She lifted her head and stared into his eyes, searching for what she knew not…
“….this… And when I bring my right foot forward, bring your left forward instead and vice versa. And when I lift your hand to twirl you around, just let yourself go” He completed his sentence staring back at her…
“Can i have this dance beautiful?”
“Yes” she nodded as they they began to sway to the music…

I found love in you
And I’ve learned to love me too..
Never have I felt that I could be all that you see..
It’s like our hearts have intertwined into the perfect harmony
This is why I love you
This is why I love you
Because you love me, you love me
This is why I love, this is why I love you
Because you love me, you love me. I found love in you, and no other love will do
Every moment that you smile, chases all the pain away
Forever and a while, my heart is where you’ll stay..
This is why I love you….


Both the words and tune of the music faded away into oblivion as they stared into each others eyes, swaying gracefully, naturally…
Maya felt her knees growing week under his intense gaze.. Unable to take it anymore, she leaned into him and placed her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat as they danced..
She could feel his heart pounding loudly against his chest..
Or was it hers?
She couldn’t tell..
Probably both their hearts were trying to say something…


Adrian held on tightly to her as she wrapped her arms around him.. He rested his chin on the top of her head and inhaled the sweet scent that engulfed him..
Whatever product was applied in her hair at the salon, he loved the scent.. And he could sniff her hair all day long…
He smiled sniffing more…


Later on, as they sat opposite each other eating in silence…
Adrian for once wasn’t eating… He was staring at Maya’s every move as she ate…
Strangely enough he couldn’t help but feel fascinated by her, by everything she did….
The way she would continuously adjust her glasses…. The way she would fork a fried plantain, push it into her mouth, shut her eyes, wait for a few seconds before chewing on it slowly as if she was trying to make out every ingredient used to prepare the food..

The way her lips would twitch in a small smile savouring the taste….
“Why don’t you take cooking classes… You look like food is your second best thing” he observed as he poured red wine into her glass..
“Hmm I guess” she took the glass and took a sip..
Hmmm whatever that stuff was, it tasted good..
She drank more of the wine..
“Thank you Adrian” she placed the glass down and stared at him
“For what?” He shrugged innocently
“Everything.. You gave me shelter and food, took care of my hospital bills, took me to a salon for a makeover, bought me these cute glasses, bought me a dozen office clothes and a few beautiful ones like the one I’m wearing… And… And you got me a job!!” She said the last part almost screaming, unable to contain her joy knowing she had finally gotten a job..

“Don’t thank me Maya.. You deserve much more.. And as for the job, you got it because of your talent.. I saw your notepad and decided to take it to my boss since the company also deals in magazines.. And well… Hey…. That’s enough… There’s alcohol.. You will get drunk” he reached out trying to stop her from pouring herself more wine..
“What can I say? This stuff is good” she poured more and gulped it all down..
“You will get drunk Maya… I don’t think I’m ready to see a drunken Maya”
She giggled and gulped more
“Ohhh this stuff is creating bubbles in my belly” she giggled more
He facepalmed…
And here we go…
“Finish your food and let’s go” he told her but she wasn’t listening. She was staring at him..

“Has anyone told you you ‘re hot? Your hotness can fry an omelette!!”
Her question threw him off guard and he chuckled
“You’re drunk aren’t you?”.
A sober Maya will never compliment him..much less in such a manner..
“Just a little” she giggled again, gulping more wine and then continued “why are you wearing a shirt the same color as my dress? So that people will say we are creating some couple goals… But we’re not a couple yet right? What if we become one, one day and we have lots of kids.. You know, triplets, quadruplets and…..”
“Okay that’s it… You’re drunk…let’s go” he stood up and led her out after paying their bill.


Maya giggled continuously as Adrian pushed the door open and led her into the bedroom… He made her lie down after which he took off her shoes… Done, he moved to her side to prop her head on the pillow when he heard her sniff loudly…
“Did you just sniff me?”
She nodded “you smell so good. I could sniff you all day”
He chuckled “you should get drunk more often.. That way i would get more compliments from you… You’re cute too”
“Really? You think I’m cute?” She sat up and pulled him to sit by her
He smiled brushing a strand of hair away from her face
“You’re more than cute Maya”

“They say I’m not pretty… They always laughed at me in school…. Some seniors will pull my hair and call me four eyes…”
“Hey…shhh… Its okay… You’re beautiful just the way you are… All those who mocked you are fools.. If I knew who they were, I would go straight to their houses and beat them black and blue”
She stared at him with hopeful eyes “will you really beat them?”
“Just say the word.. I will even break their legs”
She giggled and rested her head on his chest….
“Can I tell you a secret?” She yawned sleepily
“Tell me”he stroked her hair, loving the feel of her body pressed against him..
He felt at peace, content and happy

“Shhh…its a secret..don’t tell anyone okay”
“I like someone” she pulled away from his embrace playing with her fingers…
Adrian frowned…
“Adrian.. I don’t know his surname but I like him…”
His face softened, a smile breaking across his face
She nodded, yawning again “don’t tell him okay… Its a secret… Shhh.. Don’t tell him… He’s so cute and..” She yawned again, closing her eyes as she drifted into sleep…
He caressed her cheeks, watching her sleep….
“Guess what? I think I like you too beautiful”
He sighed “sleep well beautiful” he kissed her forehead, and took off her glasses, fighting the urge to kiss her lips again…

He stared at her calm face, allowing his thumb to trail over her lower lips
“You’re gonna be the death of me one day” he kissed her cheeks, avoiding her lips and then covered her with the duvet before walking out…

DEATH WISH (Episode 11)



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