Dead Men’s Path 6


Eden Watford went through his speech again. Some of the lines did not appeal to him. He did not mean to undermine his speech writer, but the lines were so focused on being politically correct that it lost all of its genuineness. He decided he was not going to read from it. His heart beat a little as he remembered his father’s last minute information that he was going to be at the kickoff political campaign for his son. Eden did not really know what to think about that. His father had been so active in his younger brother’s campaign, heralding him as the one who should take over his senatorial seat when he leaves it. He had beat them to it however. When his father stepped down, he would be there, waiting to climb onto that seat and show him how things were supposed to be done.

Hikinfield had two FBI agents watching his house. He did not know if they were there for his protection or to catch him when he tried running away. He only knew that they were out there, watching his eyes through their big sunglasses, from their big SUVs, looking like the very picture of arrogant. He did not like these guys, bit he had no choice, not if he wanted his freedom. He went to the window, pulled it open and found them staring right at that slot. Creepy things.

Living alone was not as much fun as bachelors painted it out to be. He could not help feeling lonely. Now that he had come close to losing his freedom, he began to miss his wife and the freedom they shared. Maybe she should not have died after all.

As much as he thought that she was extremely useless in his life, he was just them discovering the meaning of companionship. He walked to the fridge in the kitchen and took a cold bottle of water. While the liquid rushed down through his gullet, his mind wandered to the senator Markle and he wondered why the senator had not called him. It was unusual. His arrest too was unusual. He suddenly wondered if the senator now saw him as a liability and a threat.

He cursed himself for not thinking fast about that. He had wanted to call the senator immediately he was released, but the FBI urged him not to make the call soon. When he made the call, he was to say he was lying low, trying not to draw attention to the senator. Besides, who knew if his lines were bugged. It was supposed to win the senator over immediately, but what if he was already making moves of his own.

Something exploded outside. There was a deafening sound and a strong vibration, followed by the shattering of glasses. Hikinfield ran to the window. The FBI SUV had been reduced to smoking debris, bearing the charred remains of the agents who had been watching him.


The senator had other thoughts in mind.”

He ran away from the window and stood in the middle of the room with no plan in what to do . This had gotten more dangerous that he expected. It was frightening; those two dead just so the offender could get at him. His burner cell beeped then. It was Newman. He sighed deeply and took the call.

“Somebody is trying to kill me,” he whispered.

The call spurn him into action. His get scrambled through the floors of his house, finding a place to hide. The ceiling was a good option, but it was risky. What if someone shoots up, right at him? He decided he was going for the cellar and sprang into action. The cellar was located at the other end of the house and he had to run past the entrance door to get to it.

He heard the door breaking into splinters under the assault of an experienced badger. Quickly, he stopped and turned towards the bathroom. Option A had been cancelled off the list. There was no way he was going to get around some mad people who had the mad to kill two federal agents. They would not hesitate to gun him down. He pulled it open and slipped in. His mind worked fast. Maybe he could slip through the bathroom window.

Looking up, he realised it was not quite the best move after all. The bathroom windows were very small. There was no way he was slipping through it; he would have to leave his stomach behind. Footsteps announced that his assailants were inside his house. He shivered and bit his lips. Never before had he wished to encounter an FBI agent this much. He prayed to Newman like a man would to a god.

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