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Write My Story (Chapter Nine)

Write My Story (Chapter Nine)




After forcefully having his way with Dinah that evening, Shechem wakes up from his s*x-induced nap to stare into Dinah’s grief-stricken eyes. He knows that what he did was not fair to the maiden, but he could not help himself even if he had tried. He feels like they were meant to be. The moment his eyes landed on her defiant ones by the creek, an urge to have her came upon him, so he had sent his men to get her for him. Now that he had had her, he needed her in his life.

“No my love, don’t look at me that way.” He says as they lay facing each other on his bed. Her hair is shielding her beautiful eyes, so when he raises on hand to adjust her hair and she flinches, he decides to go the other route. “What is your name damsel?”

In a calm voice slurred with grief and pain, Dinah responds with the only question that has been in her heart since his forceful way with her, “Why did you do this to me?”

Shechem smiles as he asks, using his long finger to stroke her shoulder, “You don’t understand do you?”

“Understand what?” she closes her eyes in self-disgust when his hand flitting left her elbow to settle on her hips.

“The moment I saw you, I felt this connection and this strong desire to have you. Deep down in my soul, standing there, looking at me with so much defiance, I knew you were the one for me. So my fair sweet maiden,” Shechem smiles, “What is your name?”

“Oh? Is that the question you asked Amah after coming and coming in her thighs?” Dinah asks and tries to mimic the women she had seen by the creek.

Shechem is confused and does not really understand what she is trying to say. Maybe it is because she is still angry at her lack of consent. “My dear, I know of no one named Amah. It is you I want to know.”

Dinah scoffs as she rolls away deftly and sits up on the bed, “That’s good to know. I feel better now.”

“Please.. please my love,” Shechem begs and stops trying to reach her in his big bed as she keeps moving away from him, “What is your name I pray you. Tell me about you, anything.”

“Hmph, should this be coming before or after what you did to me? Should it?!” Dinah asks in cold anger.

“I’m sincerely sorry, my love.” Shechem continues calmly like a shepherd to a frightened sheep and sits up. “I’m so sorry, I was carried away, I.. I, I followed my emotions. You know emotions are dangerous and deceptive sometimes and I am but a mere prince, human like you and not immune to my emotions.”

“Yes I know,” Dinah answers in a monotonous voice then stare through him in glassy eyes, “Just like the ones I had earlier today. But now, it’s all gone.”

Shechem is puzzled but keeps speaking as he slowly approaches the side of the bed she had taken refuge in. he could not even as at now go a minute without her by his side, “I don’t really understand that.”

“You don’t have to.” Tears spill down Dinah’s cheeks and Shechem who is closer now dabs them with the bedspread. “I am dead already, all my emotions are gone, I can face my people no more. I have nothing to live for. You have taken from me my passion and my virginity.”

He gathers Dinah to his body closely and begins to rock her back and forth, “I am sorry it had to be that way, but this, this…. This feeling I have toward you would not take from you anymore. I love you. Please tell me about yourself, please my love.”

“I am Dinah, daughter of Leah wife to Jacob, Son of Isaac, son.. son of Abraham.” She ends as she hiccups while sobbing.

It takes Shechem a couple of minutes to process what she had just said then he freezes while rocking her, “Oh the gods!” he curses.

Shechem relinquishes his hold of Dinah stands up from the bed and starts pacing his chambers. “What have I done? What have I brought upon my city?” he runs back to join Dinah on the bed with the worry of a true prince concerned about his people, “Your God, your God, would he destroy my people? Would he destroy me?”

Dinah simpers as she toys with the bed line, “No, he won’t.”

Shechem sighs in relief while placing his hands on his face, “Thank the gods of my land.”

Dinah laughs scornfully at his words. He looks at her perplexed and worried.

“What is it my love?” he moves closer to Dinah as he kneels by the bed, then holds her right hand as he looks up at her.

Dinah looks straight into his eyes as she says, “He won’t because before he gets to you, my brothers would have your head off!” then she starts weeping,

“Oh no! What have we done?”

Dinah withdraws her hand quickly, “Not we, I had no say in this! What have you done?”

“But, wait … wait, isn’t it your father that bought lands from my father of recent? The one with so many livestock and servants?”

“Yes, he is.”

As Dinah confirms his question, Shechem smiles and stands from his position, “Oh my love, this is simple! My father knows him and …. and we can say this,” he says as he spreads his hand towards the bed, “was all a mistake. I could even ask for your hands in marriage!”

Dinah was expecting everything but, “Marriage?”

“Yes, I love you so damsel Dinah. I cannot do without you; the gods have made it so.” Shechem walks towards the bed and climbs it then he kneels facing Dinah. “Explain to me why you were in the city yesterday without your brothers who come out to buy things. I never knew your father had a lovely damsel like you hidden. Tell, why were you here?”

“It doesn’t matter more, my pride and dignity have left me.”

“No, it matters to me. I would make you my wife, your words count.”

Dinah sees a window of hope with a light ray shining down on her. She stares blindly at the light and opens up to Shechem, “ I … I… I actually came here to join our people together. I wanted friends and people to play with, I wanted my God to be your people’s God. But,” she becomes sad and gloomy, “look where I ended,” the look she gives to her surroundings is one of disdain, “My God was not with me. He never was, always with my father, not me” she cries, “not me. He always leaves the women, now I feel totally deserted.”

“Hush my love, not anymore.” Shechem hugs her to himself. Then with grim determination, he gets off the bed and starts donning his garment.

“I would do what your God couldn’t do for you; our people would unite, we would get married and you would be mind,” Shechem promises.

Dinah smiles in regret as she lays back on the bed with an arm over her face, “Don’t bother yourself.”

“I would …… I would my love, anything for you. Wait for me, my love.” He moves towards her again and hugs her tightly then leaves the room in haste.

“Oh God, why me? Why did you desert me and let this befall me? My people won’t accept me because I have been defiled. Vindicate me O, Lord. Help me out of this mess I am in an as you helped Sarah out of that King’s lair. I am the least of the maidens and damsel in our camp now, how would I face my father or my mother?”

Daddy’s Girl


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