Everyone is special. We all have our uniqueness and dynamic features that distinguish us from another.
Our gender, color, tribe, religion, and race makes up our personalities and differentiates us from the other.
Our personality is defined by the brand we carry, the value we possess and the reputation we command.
God has created us Beautiful and unique but we are all still the same creatures created and preciously orchestrated by him.

Despite our differences, nature has a way of packing us in one box and making our camaraderie palpable.
We all get nourished by the pale yellow sun that emerges peacefully at dawn. We feel the wrath of the fierce sun at sunset and enjoy its invigorating essence at dusk. We all get blown away by the inertia of stillness that splurges at twilight accompanied by natures choristers enchanting in an organized symphony far beyond the range of consciousness.

We all love to watch the moon as it amazingly travels around the horizon with the stars perched around the galaxy like a chandelier. We all love and want to be loved. We all get emasculated from the changing tempos of life and get energized when we stumble on windfall success to crown our effort.
There are thousand and one ways that nature brings us together, meaning that God idea is unity and not division. Hence the capacity some of us have built, the torrent flowing knowledge we have acquired and the affluence we have gathered along the aisles of togetherness should not disassociate us from each other in as much as we all still fly on natures wings, we’re still the same.

Let us not understand our differences but let’s forget them and move ahead as comrades in the battle with the behemoth called LIFE and defeat him together. Whether old, young, male, female, fair, dark, big or small, peace is the only answer to the myriads of question forming in our minds. Let the peace serum be inserted into our daunted soul to douse our palpable tension.
All that matters is not what you have become but who you really are.


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