MIRAGE (Episode 1)




Everywhere is eerily quiet but I know it’s not going to be for long. My eyes are currently scanning the room for any sign of funny business. I pressed the distress button on my Lockett to alert my team that I would be needing help.
Chief Okonkwo couldn’t have sent just three men to get the goods. A lot of his money is riding on this. This is probably a setup.

Oh! You are probably thinking ‘what’s this nut job talking about?’. Well, let me make things clear. Am an NDLEA officer and this is a drug bust. Oh and that’s a secret to these guys standing in front of me with approximately 3 hidden weapons each. If you ask me, I’ll say they are so over-active. Am just one guy. Just one bullet would do but they had to bring three each. Now am mad and that’s not good. I was just going to apprehend them and get evidence against their boss Chief Okonkwo but now I think these guys need a serious ass whooping.

“You have the merchandise?” the tallest of them asked in a very deep voice. That’s probably his bad guy voice. I just grinned cockily.
“Do that again?” I said and his thick brows furrow in confusion
“What?” he asked then looked at his two partners who just shrugged.
“I mean that hard guy voice you just pulled. I have been trying to get mine right to no avail” I said.
“Listen, clown, my partner here just asked you a question so you better answer before things get ugly”one of them spit out and I turned to him.

“Well, I thought it already turned ugly when you walked into the room. OBJ”one of them laughed but Mr. OBJ didn’t find my joke funny as he pulled a gun out of his trousers. I can’t delay them anymore. I think I just made this guy mad.
“Am gonna put three bullets in you and then find out how funny you are dead.” he sneered. The first guy who looks like their leader grabbed his hand and lowered the gun.

“Where the fuck is the damn goods we came here for. Look here’s the fifty million Chief offered to pay for it” the first guy said and the last guy dropped a briefcase on the wooden table between us. He slides it towards me and I opened the case. Neatly arranged inside were dollar notes. I grabbed a key from my pocket and raise it up.

“This is the key to that truck full of cocaine. Now I’ll hand it over if you drop all your weapons on this nice little table and walk twenty steps back. Just for security reasons.”I said then smiled.
The leader looked at both partners and nod. They started coming off their weapons then moved twenty steps back except the ugly OBJ. My Lockett started beeping silently alerting me that my team were on the scene now

“Done. Now hand it over” Mr. OBJ said and I grinned
“But you are still hiding a gun in your leg holster,” I said making a wild guess. The guns on the table are just eight. Someone wants to pull a fast one over my eyes.
“Fuck you! This guy is just one, let’s just shoot a hole in his brain and take the keys off his dead body” he said and his partners nod.

“Well, I tried to play nice,” I said at the same time I pushed the table with my leg and grabbed the briefcase. The table connected with the leg of the only guy holding a gun and the impact made the gun slip off his hand. He bends to pick it up but i was faster. I jammed my knee against his forehead and he staggered back momentarily blind. His partners started coming closer and I useu him as a shield. Holding him in front of me then slipped my gun out of my belt holster and pointed it at both of them.

“Wait for your turn guys, “I said then used the butt of my gun to hit the back of my hostage’s head. He slumped to the ground unconscious.
The other two guys were already close to me. I saw one throw a punch towards my face and I dodged then land three consecutive blows to his stomach. He cried out in pain and I smiled satisfactorily as I saw his partner run out of the room. Chief Okonkwo must have sent idiots while the main goons kept watching outside. My team will take care of them.

They are most likely outside doing just that. I snapped my attention back to the scene as I saw one of them standing up. He rushed towards me and tried to throw another punch but I moved back just in time and gave him a flying kick which took him to the ground. I got down with him and straddled his waist.

“You. Should. Have. Brought One. Gun. Then. I.would not.be.this.mad” I said between blows.
A blow to the back of my neck stunned me and I turned but not quick enough as I was being held from behind.
“You piece of shit! Who are you? As soon as I saw you I knew there was something wrong because you aren’t who he usually sends to pick the money. Who sent you?” he asked still pinning my hands behind me.

I threw my head back with force and it connected  with his mouth. Nice. His hold loosened and I twisted out of his hold. I turned back quickly and got in a nice uppercut to his chin before I clamped his hand behind him and handcuff him.
“You are under arrest for trafficking of illegal drugs and anything you say would be used against you in court so be advised, “I said, at the same time the door busted open and officers filled the room. I saw my boss, ivy in front and she was holding the goon who ran away. He was in handcuffs.
“You must be getting old. One got away” she said and I smiled

“I just wanted to leave a little fun for you” I teased.
“Don’t forget the real drug goons tied up in the back. I had to take them out so I could take their place” I continue and she smiled. She may be my boss now but we always banter. We have always been close from childhood and the reason why am not her boss right now is that I want to be in the fields not behind a desk. I have to get the man who ruined my life and I am so close to that now.
“Great job Noah. Dinner after I finish up the paperwork?” ivy asked and I shook my head.

“I have something planned. Tomorrow maybe”I said and she nods.
My phone started ringing and I moved outside to answer it.
“Boss. I think my cover has been blown. I am on my way out of town now.” Victor’s voice soundes from the other side of the line. I can’t believe this. I have been trying to get into Chief Badmus’ house for years now and now that I finally got Victor in to get inside information so I could apprehend the bastard that ruined my life, he’s leaving town?
“Did you at least get any info in the one week you were there concerning his drug empire?”I asked frustrated
“No boss. Everyone was so occupied with preparations for his daughter’s return from Canada so I–”

“Wait! He has a daughter and she’s coming back to the country?”I asked cutting him short.
“You know what victor, send me the details of her flight then get somewhere safe and lay low for a while, “I said then ended the call.
I dialled ivy’s number and she answered at the first ring.
“I knew you couldn’t resist dinner plans with me”
“I need my vacation days now. Can I get at least a month off work ivy?” we said at the same time.
“What’s up with you Noah? You never go on holidays” she says
“Just want to clear my head. This last case was so tiring. So can I?”
“Sure. You haven’t been on leave since you started four years ago….”
“Thank you, Ivy,” I said and ended the call.

I guess I need to impress a rich snub to get my revenge. No problem

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