DEATH WISH (Episode 11)



Maya was seated on the couch, her head held in between both hands, in deep thoughts….
She didn’t hear him enter, neither she did she hear him hover over her, watching her intently…

“Are you okay?”
His voice startled her and she jumped back in fright…
“Relax… It’s just me” Adrian walked closer, only for her to move back….
“Hmmm…. I will serve you dinner now” she stated making her way towards the kitchen..
“You know, you aren’t my maid to be serving me” he shrugged taking off his suit and tie…
She turned “what?”
“I said sit Maya” he repeated as he sat down and patted the cushion gesturing for her to sit… She sighed and took a seat beside him…

“Now tell me, what’s bothering you”
“Nothing” she turned away
He raised an eyebrow
“Seriously Maya? You’re like an open book… Will you tell me what’s bothering you?”
She sighed “I still couldn’t get a job”

“That’s not a problem… I’m not pushing you out of my home and.”
She suddenly flared up “Exactly!!! Your home!!! Your home!!! Not mine… For how long do I stay here feeding off your salary? For how long do I deprive you of the comfort of your own room and bed? How long?”
“I’m not complaining Maya”
“But is still doesn’t make it right Adrian”

He smiled as she continued to rant on… He still hadn’t told her he had taken a page out of her notepad and taken it to his boss for review.. He was still waiting for her poems and articles to be approved before daring to tell her about the surprise he had in store for her…
Wait? Surprise? Since when did he begin to think about surprising…
“Because you wanna impress her” a voice said in his head
“Or maybe you like her and you wanna be in her good books” another said…
Adrian shook his head..
“Shut up… I just thought she had a rare talent so I….”


Adrian’s head shot up to see her staring at him like he had just grown horns.
“You were saying something about talent and…”
He didn’t realise he had said it out loud..
“Oh ermm… I was actually thinking. I have a lot of presentation to work on…” He lied..
She nodded slowly..

“Why don’t you go to your father?”
She stiffened at his words, her face growing pale..
“No” she breathed
“But why? He’s after all your father. Why don’t you go to him?”
“Do you have secrets Adrian? Do you have skeletons in your cupboard?”
He suddenly stiffened too as he nodded
“Good… I too have my skeletons, so I suggest you don’t ask me that” she snapped and walked out on him…
Adrian stared at her retreating back..
“What the hell!!! I was only showing concern.. Why does she always have to put up such defence?” He lamented throwing his arms in the air, exasperatedly….



Adrain marched excitedly into the room where Maya occupied, forgetting to knock..
As soon as he strolled in, she jumped back in fright…
“Don’t you know how to knock? What if I was naked?” She snapped at him but he was too excited to mind….
He walked over to where she was previously seated in front of the dressing mirror….
“Were you combing your hair?” He inquired….
“Hmmm.. How do you manage to comb your hair anyways?”
“Don’t you get tired?”


Maya watched him as he continued spew nonsense… She would have found it funny in another instance but right now, he was being extremely weird…
What the hell had gotten into him?
“Adrian are you okay?”
He stopped talking and faced her, smiling…
“Today is a holiday… So no going to work”
“Is that why you’re all smiley today?”
“No… I will tell you later.. But for now….hmmm.. I can’t have you stressing on getting your hair combed every morning”
She frowned..
Okay, this was getting weird…

“What’s with you and my hair? You suddenly showing interest in my hair. Do you have a fetish for hair?”
“Well… No..but I wouldn’t mind having a fetish for your hair”
“What? Adrian? Are you okay?”
“Come with me” he grabbed her hand and began to walk towards the door, puling her along
“I’m not coming with you…. Where are you taking me? Let me go!!” She screamed but he was hearing none of it…

Getting to the door, he locked it with his free hand and proceeded towards the main road to catch a cab…
“Adrian where are you taking me?”
“Shhh.. Just get it into the car”
“No… I want to know where….” Her screams were muffled as he pushed her gently into the backseat of the car…


She stepped out of the cab to find herself in front of a spa. It was a three storey building painted in white and blue..
She gasped and turned to him, he was still grinning sheepishly…
For a second, she wished she could slap the smile off his handsome face…
Wait! Did she just find him handsome?
No!! Stupid…. “Why did you bring me….” She didn’t finish her sentence when he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her inside….

She was still contemplating on how many more stairs they had to climb when he finally stopped dragging her… She lifted her head to find themselves in front of the hair dressing department….
“What are we doing her Adrian? What’s all this?” She questioned, still trying to wrap her head around the whole situation….
“Shhh… You’ll see” he chirped like a five year old waiting for his Christmas gift.
She frowned..
“What’s with you today? Why are you acting like a teenage boy going on his first date? What’s making you this happy?”
“You!!” He blurted out before he could stop himself…
She stared at him, taken aback by his proclamation…


He stared back at her, his eyes boring into her beautiful big brown orbs….
Then he felt it again…
The stupid abnormal beating of his heart began again…
Why did he have to feel this way only when he was near her…
At this point, all the smile he had on had vanished,replaced by a face void of emotion…. His eyes being the only thing communicating to her as they stared at each other…..
“Adrian” he heard her call out softly… He loved the way his name rolled off her tongue…
It was like music, soothing music to his ears…..

“Oh Adrian, is this her?”
A female voice interrupted their moment. They turned to find a young redhead smiling at them as she pointed to Maya…
Adrian cleared his throat…
“Ummm yes.. Do you think you can do something about her hair?” He asked.
“Sure thing.. Please come” the lady replied…
“What? no!!! I won’t let you cut my hair.. No one touches it!!” Maya shrieks, backing away
“She isn’t going to cut it…. Just go with her. Don’t you trust me?” Adrian smiled
She eyed him “you’ve been acting like a psycho today so no I don’t trust you”
He laughed and pushed her inside..
“Do with her as you please” he told the hairstylist who smiled and disappeared with Maya….
Finding a seat in front of the salon, he sat down and began to read a newspaper he found….



“So what do you think?” A voice said and he dropped the newspaper to stare at the hairstylist…
“What do I think abo…” He choked on his words when he saw her emerge from behind the lady….
Her head was bent down and she was fidgeting with the ends of her now straightened hair…
“Look what they did to my hair Adrian” she whispered before lifting her head to meet his gaze and that was when his heart did the double flip again….
He sucked in his breath, his lips slightly apart, his heart clenching in his chest as he took in her new appearance…..


Her curly, thick hair was now completely straightened falling freely over her shoulders… Her hair was divided at the front, flowing on either sides of her face….
The thick hair that used to cover her forehead and the sides of her face were now gone…
And now, he could see every line and contour of her face… Her chubby cheeks, her slightly bushy eyebrow her long curly eyelashes flattering over her big eyes… Her slightly pointed nose and beautiful rosy lips…
Those lips…. Those lips he had kissed and tasted….
He could never forget how she tasted…


“Doesn’t she look beautiful?” The stylist asked, smiling, proud of her work
“Wow….you look just….wow….you’re gorgeous!” He breathed
“I told her same but she was doubting me” the stylist replied
“Thank you”
“You’re welcome… Please bring her here often” she stated and disappeared into the salon….


They stared at each other, their gaze lingering….
“You’re so beautiful Maya”
“Why are you doing all this Adrian?”
“It’s a secret but I will tell you..on one condition”
“Can I have a dance with you? Just one?”

DEATH WISH (Episode 10)



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