DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 5)



Arnold glanced at his watch and hit his steering wheel in anger as he cut at the intersection nearer to the hospital he was headed. It was a few minutes to four o’clock and he has had to cancel the important deal he was about to seal with some clients only for him to get a call that his daughter had been rushed to the hospital.
How incompetent were the staffs of her school!!,he fumed. How could they let a little girl get sick and pass out like that… He drove into the premises, parked and alighted….


Helena was pacing up and down in the reception when she saw him walk in towards the receptionist who told him to have a seat and wait. He was strikingly handsome, she observed.
“Fool!!” She hit herself for thinking about such things as she walked towards him.
“Ermm sir?”
“Yes?” Arnold rolled his eyes hoping it wasn’t one some gold-digger who had come to throw herself at him like they always did.

“Sir, your daughter is..”
“Yes I know my daughter has been rushed here, anything else?. And do not come in my way again.Excuse me” he cut her off rudely and walked away, heading to the doctor’s office.
Helena stared in shock with her mouth wide open.
“How rude!! I mean I only wanted to tell him the ward in which Fiona is” she muttered throwing her arms in the air…………

Few minutes later,Arnold walked back to the reception searching for the lady who had spoken to him. He couldn’t find the doctor in his office and he had been told by one nurse that, the Lady was the one that brought Fiona…. He saw her in a corner sipping coffee. She must be her teacher..

“Which room is my daughter in?” He asked coldly. Helena turned to face him, still sipping her coffee. This man was handsome and cute but damn rude and had no manners also. After being rude to her some minutes ago, he had come to ask her a question without a “please”. She ignored him and walked past him to her seat ..

“I asked you a question lady”
“Can you be more polite sir?. You were rude to me when I tried to tell you earlier and now?.. Don’t you know how to use please or be nice to ladies”
“Listen. Do not test my patience lady. Just tell me”
Helena stared at him for a few seconds, eyeing him and crossing her legs.
Arnold stared at her frowning, several seconds had passed and she made no sign of answering.

“For Pete’s sake lady, don’t you know how to answer when a question is been thrown at you?”
“Correct mister. You are right. You didn’t ask me a question, instead you threw a question at me so I decide whether to catch it or let it drop on the floor by my feet” she stated sarcastically wiggling her index finger at him.

Arnold placed both hands on his tiny waist, staring at her in awe. No woman had dared talk back at him like that. Most of them threw themselves at him at the slightest chance, something he didn’t give a hoot about and had gotten used to but here was this woman rubbing shoulders with him. Not that he cared about her, he cared about no other woman but she was something else.

The person who hired her to teach in his daughter’s school must have been blind or drunk. He shook his head and sighed.
“Please show me to Fiona’s room dear teacher” he answered in a sarcastic tone. She noticed the sarcasm with which he spoke but she didn’t mind. The bottom line was, he had asked politely and that’s all she cared about.

She smirked and then got up, placing the cup of coffee down and walked past him.
“Follow me” she said, turning left and entering the ward……


She was telling the doctor her name when her teacher entered alongside her father…
“You are her parents right?” The doctor said to both of them as they entered and they stared at each other frowning. Helena burst into laughter, Arnold’s frown deepened.
“Hell no doctor!!!!. This man can never be my husband. I’m Fiona’s teacher and he’s her father”
Arnold scoffed. Who says he wanted her as his wife anyways.

“Oh okay. Well sir, you need to get her something to eat. She is starved. From what she told me, she hasn’t eaten anything since last night and as you know children don’t have that capacity to go hungry for long hours like we adults thats why she passed out. Please get her something” he advised and walked out.

Helena sat by her bed and brought out three cupcakes and juice from her bag and fed them to Fiona. Arnold stood at a distance, his arms folded in front of him, watching them, he felt awkward. He should have just kissed Fiona’s cheek’s or ask her how she was doing or asked her if she wanted anything, chocolates, toys but he just couldn’t. He didn’t know how to be affectionate towards her…..he had never been.
Soon, they were laughing and giggling. He sighed and walked out of the room……

DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 4)



Arnold sat in his study together with his two best friends,Mark and Alex. The two friends had been chit chatting for several minutes but Arnold seemed absent minded, he was constantly tapping his feet and glancing at his wristwatch .
“Hey dude!!! Hey!!” Mark snapped his fingers in front of his friend
“Are you waiting for someone?”

“Yes. I’ve hired a teacher for Fiona. Her exam results came out very bad last week. And I’ve been waiting for her, its thirty minutes past five already.”
Alex and Mark, glanced at each other, evil smiles playing across their lips.
“A she? It’s the first time you’ve been anxious to meet a woman.” Alex said tapping jaw.

Arnold scoffed “Hey don’t get ahead of yourselves. I’m not interested in her okay. You both know I hate it when people get late for meetings. Ive loved and always loved one woman,Amanda so stop getting ideas.”
“Well I thought there was a little hope but we are back to square one. You’re missing out on a lot man”
“Yea I know what you mean Alex but fortunately I’m not a womanizer like you. You’ve dated almost every girl in your vicinity. You chase everything in skirt.The sad part is they keep coming back to you”

“Look its not my fault my mama gave birth to a handsome, charming man. The ladies just love me” he boasted licking his lips.
Mark who had been silent, chuckled and rolled his eyes…..
Knock, knock!!!
Nanny Grace waited for approval before entering.
“Sir? You have a visitor”
“Let her in” he answered……


Helena rolled her eyes taking a good look at his house. She stared in awe. It was beautiful and magnificent. His large living room was painted white, two golden chandeliers hung from the ceiling and a 32inch flat screen plasma hung on the wall. Five huge sofas with lots of pillows arranged on them. She walked slowly beneath the smooth tiles towards the study where Grace had directed her. Stopping at the door, she adjusted her fitting knee length yellow skirt and tucked in her white sleeveless blouse. She then wore the black coat she had been holding over her blouse and run her fingers through her straightened hair and knocked.

“Come in” she heard. Taking in a deep breath, she opened and ushered herself in. Arnold was a rude, grumpy man, that Grace had told her when she entered the house and she had witnessed it herself at the hospital weeks ago. She had accepted to give Fiona extra tuition because she was a lovely child and she needed extra money to cater for her mother who was suffering from a stage three cancer.

“Good evening. Sorry I’m late” she apologised.
Alex and Mark stopped talking and turned to see her, standing there in all her female glory looking like a damsel. Their mouth dropped open, as their eyes scanned her head to toe.
“Holy cow!!!!” They both exclaimed in unison….



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