Whatsapp Adventure (Episode 4)



She collected the novel and left with no
Sign of appreciation, not even
*thank you* seems rude,,
As she moved from my desk to hers,
I saw her backyard dangling and struggling
As if it wants to fall off,
But i sharply kept off,, because
I always keep off whenever I see devil zone

As I was about fixing my eyes back to my novel
I saw one of my roommate chuks, rushing to my desk with a questionable look
All over his face,

Oh sorry I forgot to tell you,
I had two amazing roommates,
We are 3 in a room, yes 3 in a room but not on same bed
We have our separate bed one by one,
But we do share one wardrobe,
Chuks,Daniel and I.

Chuks, was another Igbo guy in that school and also my roommate,
He is from Enugu state, tall, fair in complexion,
Has pointed nose and gap teeth, when we talk about handsome guys, chuks is one of them,
And he is intelligent.

I heard his family is rich, because all his clothes and shoes, are very expensive.
One thing about him is that he plays a lot,
Even during lectures, he never pays attention, but one thing that makes me love him is that he never forgets to read his books, from 12 am to 4 am every night, and he never gave up his third position in the class.

One thing that baffles me is despite his family wealth, he chops the Igbo language like that of ijebu garri
And he kept on telling me he has never spent up to one week in Igbo land
*how possible*??

Dan, is a Yoruba guy, has an average height, round face, and chubby nose,
He is very cool to be with, he never keeps something in mind for somebody,
He is always straight forward, and he forgives easily,
Dan is that kind of person that can give out his only shoe and walk on a bare foot.
He is not that intelligent and he is willing to learn,
He is in good terms with everybody.

Ok let’s continue joor,
I pretended as if I didn’t see him as he approached.
he called me and I raised my eyes to meet his,
Chuks. Wetin that winch find come near you?
Me. Who??
Chuks. The fool that just left?
Me. You don’t call your fellow human being that kind of name,
Beside she came for a novel.

Chuk. What!!! Do you still remember we still have book library in this school??
Me. Yes, but not everybody are allowed to enter the library.
Chuks. Guy that girl has the right to enter there any day anytime, and take any book she wants,
Because she is one of the top students of this school and also the number one in this class.

How do you mean, number one in this class??
Chuks. She has won the first position in this class from jss1 to this sss1,
And because of that, she’s always full of her self and always feels as if she is the first daughter of the president
Me. Hmm, but being the leader of this class, is just the fruit of her labor,
If you work hard you can be ahead of her.

Chuks. Tony forget that you are the first person she has ever been nice to and asked something from, am surprised, or has she changed during the holiday??
Me. Na you sabi that one,
Chuks. Abeg let’s go outside and buy snacks, its break time jari,
As I got up from my seat, I looked to the direction of Daniel and saw Him waving at us to wait for him.

Whatsapp Adventure (Episode 3)

To be continued.


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