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TWISTED PATH (Episode 9)

TWISTED PATH (Episode 9)


By Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

It’s been four days since Mohammed had been placed in custody by the security agency. In those few days, various people had come to render all sorts of questions before him, questions the fog in his memory wouldn’t oblige him to answer. Not remembering anything, he felt helpless and wished there was some kind of drug he could take to bring back his full memory.

Although his cozy room shared no resemblance to a prison cell Mohammed was under no Illusion. He knew he was being incarcerated. Only God knows when they were going to let him go but even if they do, where would he go?. What about Fatima? What exactly have they done to her? All these were the thoughts inside Mohammed’s head as he lay on his bed, fixing his gaze on the ceiling.

He snapped out of his thoughts immediately he heard the door open and sat up when he realized it was Dr. Akpan.
“Good morning Mohammed, how are you feeling?” The doctor greeted as he entered with his bag and sat on a chair beside him.
“Fine, I have been trying so hard but I still can’t remember anything. I feel like am trying to reach something but no matter how long I stretch, I am still unable to touch it.” He complained.
“It’s alright, this is just a temporary thing, your memory will still come back. In fact,t I might have come across something that might help jog your memory.” The doctor said, opening his bag and bringing out a file.

“Sometimes the truth may cut deeper than a razor blade, are you sure you really want to know the kind of man you were before all these happened?” The doctor asked.
“Please doctor I feel so helpless and clueless right now, it will be a relief to know little about myself,” Mohammed replied.
The doctor sighed before opening the file and showing him a few photographs. Mohammed shuddered as he was shown pictures of the victims of the terrorist’s attack.
“What is this? What happened to them?” He asked in horror.

“These innocent souls are the unfortunate victims of a terror attack.” The doctor explained.
“Who attacked them? Why? What have they done?” Mohammed asked in shock.
The doctor took his time before answering Mohammed’s question.
“The only crime they committed was being a citizen of this our noble country. As to who attacked them, I believe pictures speak louder than voice.” The doctor said as he shoved a number of the picture towards Mohammed.
The pictures showed a group of terrorist led by Mohammed himself shooting and maiming people.
“No, this is not me. I couldn’t have done all these.” He denied.

“The truth is a very bitter pill to swallow.”
“What on earth will make me do all these? How could I be so heartless?” He burst into tears.
“Calm down, what’s done is done.” He consoled.
“No, how would I kill all these innocent people, what kind of man was I?” Mohammed cried.
“Mohammed, nothing can undo the harm you have caused in the past, what matters right now is who you want to become.” The doctor explained.

“I want to be a better man, If there is anything I can do as a penance for my crime, I swear, I will do it.” He promised.
“Alright, did these pictures trigger any memory?” The doctor asked.
“No, I didn’t even get a single flash.”
“Just give it sometimes, your memory will come back very soon.” Dr. Akpan assured.
The doctor took his leave but left the pictures on the table. Gazing at the gruesome act he had committed, Mohammed wasn’t really sure he wanted to remember his past anymore.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It had taken lots of severe Interrogation to convince the D.S.S that Fatima was none other than a victim of circumstance. One would have expected that they would let her go after it had been revealed that she had no hand whatsoever in terrorism but no, she was still being held in incarceration. Fatima who had never dreamt of going to jail wondered what would have happened if she had run as everyone else did when the accident happened.

The door to her cell opened and she almost jumps out of her skin when Mr. Clement stepped in.
“I already told you everything I know, please.” She cried.
“Calm down young lady, I have not come to harm you.” He said.
“Words can’t be enough to express our deepest apology on the way you have been treated these past few days. You see things are complicated these days, it’s not easy to tell between friends and enemies.” He spoke further.

“Please I want to get out of here, when will you people let me go?”
“Miss Fatima, you are no longer a prisoner here, you can leave whenever you like. To compensate for the pain you suffered, we want to cut you a deal.”
“What kind of deal is that?” Fatima asked curiously.
“We want you to come work for us.” He dropped the bomb.
Fatima sat there dumbfounded, the proposal had stolen words out of her mouth.

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