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DEATH WISH (Episode 9)

DEATH WISH (Episode 9)



Adrian rolled off the girl and began to button up his shirt. His companion sat up on the bed, staring at him
“Why did you stop Adrian?”
“I have to go”
“Why? You’ve been avoiding me for close to a week…don’t you find me attractive anymore?”
“No baby… Believe me,you’re beautiful. It’s just…” He sighed running his hand through his hair
“I’ve been distracted lately… I’ll see you later” he bent over and planted a kiss on her bare shoulders and walked out.

Truth is, ever since Maya’s lips had touched his a week ago in the hospital, his brain seemed to have suddenly shut down. He couldn’t think straight.
He couldn’t even make love to that sexy redhead he had just left in the hotel room. Well, it’s not like he didn’t want to. On the contrary, he had tried but each time he touched and kissed her, all he will think of was the fragile, cute, pretty four-eyed girl in his home.
He sighed again, stepping out of the hotel.
“What are you doing to me, Maya Robinson?” He groaned, flagging a taxi…


Maya groaned in frustration for the umpteenth time as she flung her pen away. She ran her hands over her face…
It was frustrating how she couldn’t do anything properly without her glasses… They had completely gotten destroyed the day she had attempted suicide and now that she had finally been discharged, she couldn’t even write let alone walk a distance without tripping…
She groaned again flinging her notepad to the door…
“Whoa!!! What’s gotten you so riled up” Adrian caught the book just before it fell as he walked over to her
“Leave me alone!!”

“You’ve become so grumpy these last few days Maya. Loosen up”
“Please go away… And give me back my notepad!!”
“What if I say no?” His eyes twinkled and she frowned, ignoring him.
“Anyway, I came because I got something for you.” He reached for his back pocket and brought out a silver coated case. He opened it to reveal a blue-black spectacles…
Maya stared at it wide eyed.

It wasn’t metallic like the previous one. This one was kind of plastic like, with just the frontal part which encased the lens being metallic…
“While you were in the hospital, I took your glasses to an eye clinic and ordered for a new pair of the frame with the same kind of lens of course. Here, put it on and let’s see how it looks on you”
She only stared at him.
“Try it” he urged, pushing the glasses into her palm.


She continued to stare at him
He groaned “fine, I will do it”
He took it from her and put it on for her…
He stepped back to retrieve a broken mirror on the dressing table.
He smiled as he held up the mirror for her to stare at her reflection.
“You look beautiful… And cute” he admired… Her eyes shot up and he noticed the uncertainty in her eyes
“Really?” She whispered
He nodded and moved to sit by her taking both her hands in his.

“Really really… You’re perfect just the way you are Maya. I know I’ve been an asshole to you and…”
“You’re an asshole” she repeated making him chuckle.
“Well yeah. I admit but you must agree with me that I’m a handsome asshole”
She laughed “arrogant much?”
He stared at her.
She was indeed beautiful, especially when she laughed… All he had to do was to pay a little more attention to realize just how beautiful she was…
How her eyes twinkled anytime he called her beautiful.
It made his heart flutter…


Maya stopped laughing and focused her gaze on him… He was staring at her in ways she couldn’t comprehend…
“Adrian?” She called out softly
“Thank you… For the glasses”
“You’re welcome… I..” He trailed off when he felt her yank her hands away from his grip…
He had still been holding her hands all the while.
“I’m not poisonous you know, I won’t bite you,” he said, slightly angry at the way she had pushed her hands away…
“When I get a job, I will pay you back everything you spent on me… I… I have to go take a shower” she ignored him, hoping he would get the hint and leave…

James had also stared at her the same way he was staring at her now but he had turned out to be a deceitful person… Even Daniel, her former boss, was her closest friend until she dropped out of school because her father stopped paying her fees on her stepmother’s insistence… Ever since then, Daniel had acted indifferent towards her, snubbing and humiliating her at any slightest chance he got…

Adrian could probably be like them and she would be better off shutting him out for good…
“Can’t you at least be nice Maya… I’m trying to make a meaningful conversation here and all you are doing is shutting me out… I’m not asking you to pay me anything.. I’m helping you because I want to, not because I want something in return..” He suddenly blurted making her flinch but she composed herself, picked up her towel near the bed and stood up.

“I’ll go take my bath now”
Adrian lost it, he grabbed her by the shoulders, pushing her backward until her back hit the wall…
“I hate it when I’m being ignored in such a disrespectful manner, Maya… When I ask questions, I expect to get answers” he sneered at her, his former arrogant self-setting in..
“Let go, Adrian… You’re hurting me”
“I…I… I just want to talk… Can’t you see? You don’t know how scared I was when I found you here lying in your pool of blood. I just want to make sure you’re okay. I made a mistake when I left you alone to cry. You had ended up slitting your wrists and I don’t want that again.

I don’t want you to be alone and start having suicidal tendencies again”
She scoffed “well you’re not my father to be hovering over me like a bee so back off!!
“Why are you being so difficult? Why are you being so defensive? Please loosen up”
“So that you can take advantage? Hell no!! Do you think I don’t know that all this nice attitude of yours is just charade to get to me? I may be quiet but I’m not so stupid not to see through your fake attitude!” She flared up, not realizing that she was talking about James…

She had bottled up so many emotions and Adrian’s recent nice and sweet behavior towards her triggered the memories of James. She was angry, partly because he had deceived her and mostly because she had started to have some feelings for him…
“Just get the hell out and leave me alone. I don’t need your concern. You can shove them into your pocket!!!”

Adrian stared at her, his heart constricting tightly in his chest… He shut his eyes for a millisecond and opened them again…
“I’m sorry… I should have asked for your permission first before showing any concern” he stated sarcastically, loosened his grip on her and walked out, banging the door behind…

Maya gasped realizing what she had just done…
She had been utterly rude to the person who gave her shelter, paid her hospital bills, replaced her glasses all in the name of protecting her emotions.
She rushed out to find him but he was long gone.


“Hello, are you still at the hotel?… Okay, I’ll be with you in half an hour… Bye” Adrian hung up and flagged a taxi.


Adrian stepped inside the hotel room, shut the door behind and walked further to meet the redhead sprawled on the bed, naked, waiting for him…
She smiled at him
“Changed your mind handsome?”
He nodded while taking off his clothes… Naked now, he jumped onto the bed and as soon his lips met hers, he kissed her much harshly and fiercely, his hands roaming her entire body… He trailed his fingers back up her body and when he got to her perky bosom, he grabbed her left bosom and pinched her nipples rather harshly…

She groaned into his mouth, like his feistiness…
Adrian broke their kiss and began to trail soft kisses down her chest till her thighs where he stopped… He immediately spread her legs apart and buried his head between them, his tongue immediately finding her clit…
The pretty redhead moaned loudly, arching her back off the bed as she held his head tightly between her legs as he let his tongue lick every juice out of her.
Adrian was angry as he continued to pleasure her with his tongue…

This was the first time he had ever truly cared about the wellbeing of a woman apart from his sister, Tessy and his mother…but what did he get? Rudeness and rejection from her.
How dare she!!!!
He groaned in anger as he pushed his tongue inside of her, going in and out, lapping her juices.
“Oh my God, Adrian!!” She moaned in ecstasy, her legs quaking.

Adrian didn’t stop, he pulled his tongue out and began to twirl it in circles over her wet core, replacing his tongue with his fingers, he entered her, pushing in and out, rather harshly…
She seemed to like it as she gave out another loud moan, clutching the bedsheets tightly, her head thrown back, eyes closed and mouth slightly opened.
“Oh my God… I’m gonna… Oh God. Adrian!! Shit!!!” She groaned, feeling the sensation rise up her toes, settling on her abdomen…
She could feel the tension rising there and settling there……

“Adrian!!!” She groaned as he continued to increase the speed, flicking over her core, up and down and in circles.
Unable to take it anymore, she gave out a loud moan, her back arching off the bed, her head thrown back in ecstasy as she felt the rush… She quaked and jerked as he sent her over the edge, until she came down, sweat breaking across her face, her breath hitching…


They lay in bed entangled between each other’s arms…
She was smiling… Whereas, he was in deep thoughts.
“My God Adrian… That was wild and fierce. I loved it..” She kissed him bringing him out of his thoughts
“You did?” He forced a smile
“Yes… I mean you didn’t even touch me with the little man..” She paused, eyeing his erect member
“I would have loved it but damn… I didn’t know you were so good at pleasuring a woman with just your mouth…Only a few men go down on their women…. ” she grinned
“Hmm. I’m glad I made you happy” he planted a kiss on her forehead.


Maya paced the length of her room, checking the wall clock again.
It was past 8 pm and Adrian had still not returned.
She was beginning to feel guilty.
Maybe he had purposely stayed away from home just to avoid her.
“Please come back, Adrian. I’m sorry” she murmured palming her face…

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