DEATH WISH (Episode 8)


Adrian groaned in frustration as he moved his hands about on the bed, searching for the pillow. Funding it, he grabbed it and draped it over both ears.
The sound that was disturbing him continued… He groaned again, flinging the pillow to the floor.
“Who the hell is making that noise!!” He yelled, sitting upright and rubbing his eyes…

He opened his eyes drowsily, looking around.
He gasped
Hold on.
He stared beneath him and realized he was seated on the bed, in his room… But how?
“Oh men” he slanged, realization dawning on him.
He had been staring at Maya until he fell asleep by her side.
Talking of Maya, where was she?
Adrian stood up from the bed and walked out only to spot her carrying her bags out.
His heart suddenly sank…
She was leaving…
“You’re leaving?” He said unsure if it was a question or a statement.


Maya stopped dragging her bags and turned to stare at Adrian.
She had woken up earlier to find him laying by her side, asleep.
Staring at him right now, made her heart do a double flip.
His hair looked messy and arranged.
How ironic, she thought to herself.
His dark eyes were drowsy and his lips were a little bit parted as he stared at her waiting for an answer.

“You’re leaving?” He repeated shaking her out of her thoughts.
She nodded
“Without even telling me?”
“I left a note” she pointed to the table in the middle of the room.
“Would you have died if you had told me in person? Because I don’t recall bringing you to my home by writing you a letter”
He was getting angry and he had no idea why.
Perhaps. Perhaps it was because she was leaving.

“I felt it was the best thing to do. I’m grateful for your help. I am but I’m clearly not welcome here and I don’t want to be a burden”
“Burden? Is that what you think?” In a quick few strides, he was standing in front of her, grabbing her by the arm. She winced slightly.
“You think you’re a burden huh?”
“You’re hurting me Adrian please” she whimpered. He stared down at her and caught sight of a lone tear escaping her eyes.
He suddenly let go of her…
“I…” He was cut off by a continuous annoying knock on the door.


Adrian opened the door only for a man who seemed to be in his late fifties to push him back and stormed into the house.
“Where’s my daughter!!!!”
“Whoah!! hold on sir. But you can’t just barge into my home like that!!” Adrian yelled but the man wasn’t listening. He was staring at Maya in an angry manner and she was staring right back at him…


“Dad!! You came” Maya exclaimed happily and ran to hug her father when he pushed her back violently.
“Dad?” Adrian mumbled.
Didn’t she say her father was dead?
“Don’t you dare call me dad, you excuse of a child!!”
Maya winced as she had just been stabbed in the heart.
“Oh shut up!!! So this is where you’ve been hiding huh? In your lover’s house?” He yelled. She shook her head but he continued.

“You’re such a disgrace, Maya Robinson. How could I father a thing like you… After you seduced and slept with your stepbrother, you still have the guts to take shelter in your lover’s home.
You could have just come back to say sorry and I would have taken you back but no!! You rather came here. Tell me, how much does he pay to sleep with you?!!”
Adrian glanced from father to daughter.
“Excuse me sir but you got it all wrong. Maya and I…”

“Shut up young man!! Shut the hell up!!!” Mr. Robinson turned to Maya who was now crying profusely “you’ve brought so much disgrace to me, Maya. I almost lost my company because of the scandal you created. You didn’t even have the decency to apologize”.
“No dad. She. She threw me out” she sobbed
“You’re pathetic Maya. So pathetic. You’ll never amount to anything in this life. Be happy where you are because I never want to see your lying face ever!”
With those words, he stormed out angrily.


Adrian stood behind the door, listening to her sobs.
She had run back into the room after her father left and locked the door…
He raised his hand to knock but then stopped himself.
Maybe she needed to be alone.
He sighed and walked back to the living room, sat down and buried his head between both hands, tapping his feet anxiously.


Several minutes passed and Adrian, feeling uncomfortable stood up from where he sat and walked towards the bedroom where Maya was…
He stood behind the door for a few seconds and when he didn’t hear a sound, he pushed the door open and stepped in…
He gasped in horror when he took in the sight before him…
Sprawled helplessly on the floor was Maya, a knife at her side. Both wrists were slit as thick blood oozed out of both hands staining her clothes and the floor..Her glasses laid near the edge of the bed completely broken.

“My God, Maya!!!!” He screamed and ran to her side… He gathered her in his arms and caressed her cheeks frantically as fear crept its way into his heart. His chest was burning and his hand left her cheeks to rub his chest.
“What have you done Maya. Why?!!!”
She opened her eyes halfway and stared at him…
“Don’t save.. me… Please” she choked before shutting her eyes…
“Open your eyes… Stay with me, please… Please!!” He yelled frantically as he moved away from her body searching for a cloth. Finding none, he picked up the knife she had used earlier and cut a part of the bed sheet. He divided it into two and tied each to both her wrists.

With his heart pounding rapidly, sweat breaking across his forehead, fear etched deep down somewhere in his being, he carried her and ran out like a mad man, screaming at the taxi drivers who had driven right past him without stopping.
“Stay with me, Maya. Please” his voice broke as he flagged down another taxi and slipped in with her,pressing her head to his chest.


Two hours later, grandma Cecilia walked into the hospital throwing her eyes about, searching for him. She increased her pace when she spotted him pacing to and fro in front of one of the theatre…
“Son, how’s she?” She asked as soon as she was near him
“I don’t know grandma. I don’t know… The doctors haven’t said anything… I don’t know what’s going on..I..” He trailed off, choking.
“Come. Sit” his grandmother beckoned for him to seat and he did, running his fingers through his hair, frustrated that he had ever been.

“What if something happens to her grandma?”
“Shhh. She will be fine. You’ll see” she assured smiling at him.
The door suddenly burst open and a female doctor walked towards them…
“Can I see the family of the patient?” She asked
“Ermm…we… We are her family” Adrian hurriedly answered…
“Ok .. Have you noticed any changes in her health? Something like loss of appetite, frequent tiredness, dizziness….”

“Yes…” He cut her off, recalling the incident earlier that day.
“Well, the thing is she’s anaemic. Her blood level is very low and she lost more blood also after slitting her wrists so she needs a blood transfusion as soon as possible… Before that can take place you have to make a deposit of ….”
“No need doctor… I will donate mine. I’m O+” Adrian cut her off yet again..
“Very well then, follow me” she turned to walk away and he followed…


Another hour later, Adrian was seated by Maya, his hand holding hers and the other gliding over her cheeks softly, brushing a hair away from her face in the process.
He saw her stir slowly, her fingers moved. Quickly, he took his hands off her face when he saw her eyes flutter open.


Maya blinked repeatedly as the harsh rays of the sun shone through the hospital window, piercing her eyes… It took more than a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to her surroundings… Suddenly, she jerked and set up. She moved her hand to where the drip had been inserted and started to pull on it, ignoring the streak of blood appearing on her wounds.

“What are you doing Maya!! Stop it!!” Adrian shrieked reaching out to stop her but she slapped his hands away
“Stop it please!”
“Did I not warn you not save me? Did I not? So why the hell did you bring me here?!!” She screamed into his face and he frowned
“You wanted to die so bad?”
She scoffed and turned away. He grabbed her shoulders and turned her to face him…
“Answer me, you wanted death so bad?”
She pushed him away harshly
“Get lost!!!”

“Do you even know what death is? You don’t get to breathe, you don’t get to smile or laugh, you don’t get to talk… Nothing!!! You become absolutely useless and motionless”
“Like I didn’t know all that. Tell me something new” she rolled her eyes
“Did you do it because of your father?” He whispered, she turned away, quiet
“Did his words get to you so much that you wanted to die? Talk to me please…”

Adrian sighed and moved from his seat to sit by her on the bed. He released her shoulders, and touched her face with both hands, slowly turning her face to meet him
“Is this about your dad?”
He sighed
“It’s fine if you don’t wana talk about this but let me tell you this, do not… I repeat do not ever let anyone make you feel useless… Be it your father or anyone. You’re worth more than what you think Maya. So much more. You are what you think Maya… I don’t know what happened between you both but that shouldn’t be a yardstick for you to attempt suicide. It’s no Maya… Stop dwelling on what others think of you because trust me if you do, you will die a thousand time each day.

Ask yourself, is it worth it? Is it worth taking your life because of how your dad treats you? There’s much more to life Maya, so much more and believe me, you would regret it if you don’t live your life to the fullest now that you have the chance..” He blinked, realizing that he was talking more to himself than to her.
He stared at her, her eyes were shiny from unshed tears.

“You’re beautiful Maya… So beautiful… The fact that you’re different doesn’t make you any less beautiful”
“You know, you suck at telling lies. You just wanna make me feel better” she sniffed and he chuckled.
He stared at his hands that were resting on her cheeks and for some reason, he wanted to caress them and he did… She didn’t move away as he caressed her cheeks.

“I wish I was lying but I’m not… You’re beautiful… I love your thick curly hair. I love your big brown eyes, your beautiful lips… You’re perfection, Maya… Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise. Anyone who thinks you’re aren’t pretty is stupid and mentally sick!”
She laughed slightly and he smiled. Her laughter was like music to his ears
“Then I guess I can say you’re stupid and mentally sick because you used to think that way of me”
“OK fine… Yes but I’m back to my senses now”
They smiled at each other…

“Promise me you won’t ever do this again… Never”
Her face fell “I..”
“Promise Maya”
“I promise,” she said and then there was silence.
“Good… Because I swear girl,you’re heavier than 10 bags of cement. What do you eat!! I won’t be able to carry you like that again”
She gasped “I’m not heavy!!”
“Yes you are a girl”
“I’m not!!”
“You are!”


Grandma Cecilia stood behind the door smiling as she listened to them bantering back and forth…


“Okay fine. I give up… But on a more serious note, I hope you will take whatever I said seriously” Adrian said. She was quiet
“Will you?”
“I will. Thank you for your kind words” she learned to him to kiss him on the cheeks, putting her weight on her hands… She winced in pain and shifted only for her lips to brush against his in a light kiss…
So light it was that it sent shivers down each others spine…
They stared at each other.

DEATH WISH (Episode 7)



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